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  1. Bouffon Unholy Trinity Alliance of Goodness
  2. 2-1 for elves, almost 1-1. Still, I had utterly bonkers luck again first half. I would love to play one game where at least one of these things didn't happen: my gfi to score doesn't fail, I don't lose a vampire (or two or three) to cas and regen failure before turn 3, I get a blitz and only remove my own thrall with it or a thrall gets MVP. Any one of these things could stop happening any day now, I hope. To be fair, I had some good turns second half and this was probably my third best match with these vamps so far (after my two wins), those elves were just better. Heck, my armour
  3. I am finding these vamps hard to enjoy. I had over 50% overall armour breaks last season, and 53% for the first match of this season just now. And it was 100% until turn 7, I think, and like 80% until turn 14. My vampires went to KO from almost every hit against them and my GFI casually failed almost half the time. No permanent injuries or even MNGs, but development was, like it has been for almost all my games, very minimal. Thrall got MVP (9/10 so far for thralls) and vampire did a casualty and a pass for a total of 8, 3 for vamps; I failed 2/3 of my easy spp farming passes.
  4. Okey, I forgot to report stuff happening here; me and my mercurial moods. Anyhow, OCC didn't even get to the playoffs. That said, a new season is starting and OCC warband is likely to need some fresh blood. @Kubusta already contacted me in Discord about joining, but we need at least one more and probably like 2 or 3 new names. Anyone is welcome, no need to actually be good at this game.
  5. 2-1 defeat against elves of Ruszi. Very fun game even if I had 2 blitzes against me (out of my 2 receiving drives) and buttload of bloodlusts. Vampires, unless they are totally wiped, can always attempt something. Would have been 2-1 for me or 2-2 if I hadn't failed a scoring GFI and 1-1 if Ruszi didn't have a AG5 witch elf that did a TD with a casual 2+, 2+, 2+, 2+, 2+, 2+, 2+ (skill reroll (dodge) available for 4 of those and team reroll on top of that). Got passing vampire (no previous levels) and wrestle thrall for my trouble. No permanent damage.
  6. Yeah, I was not expecting a win in any of my matches so far, and I only suffered one bad injury in this one. I just like complaining aboit things and I have been having a bad series of games lately.
  7. Everything that could have gone wrong went wrong (except casualties, only one niggling 0spp thrall) and it ended with roll of 1 for money. If you want some numbers, let's just say that my armour failed 47% of the time and I had only like 6 stuns in total, rest were KOs and casualties. Orc armor also failed quite often, 30% of the time, but I caused only stuns. I don't really mind it for this team, but I have now been diced 7 or 6 times since my last week's match (one was an edge case where I think I was diced but just might be salt), and I have horrid history with these kind of str
  8. Just for your information: Ratamo's toaster managed run it with 15 to 20 FPS with everything set to lowest. That is not good but it is surprisingly high for something that designed the same time as rudimentary steam engines.
  9. Dodge didn't exactly win me the day, but it helped me at least twice, and I won in the end. Hard earned 2-1 over some UD, and I must put most of the blame on dice. One MNG on a thrall, six for money and normal skill on a vamp. Orcs next, dear me.
  10. I understand it is much better optimised now, but I have also seen you streaming once... you need a new computer for sure. Also, I am quite surprised that I wrote something this coherent while alt-tabbing between the game and writing it. I was doing a solo hunt and camped in an outhouse for 20 minutes or so after sniping one hunter down.
  11. It is a hard game that can and quite often will take up to an hour of your time. That out of the way, I'd consider it a modern underappreciated gem. What is it? It is a battle royale game... please don't run away, you'll make noise and they'll hear you, and we wouldn't want that. It is a battle royale game that either went into development before battle royale games became a big thing or its developers just hated BR games and is thus utterly unlike other BR games. It is a game with a perfect name: there is a hunt and then there is a showdown. Basic idea is this: there i
  12. I value bloodbanks that can dodge to support vamps. Still, you are right that is is more for the thrall than the team. I'll decide between it and leader when I see how my next opponents look like after their 1st match.
  13. I'd argue now is the best time to take a dodge: new teams have no tackles (no dorfs in my division) and blocks are few. But yeah, leader is also an option, but it just feels off to me at the moment.
  14. In news today: 3-0 victory for vamps, proing 4 vamp starting tactic viable. Underworld of @Synthric offered tough opposition but dice was against them and UW are tricky team to coach. Level for a vamp and a thrall, six rolled for money. Most splendid opening match for OCC's newest vampires. EDIT: Thrall rolled 5+5; dodge, guard, what? I want opinions.
  15. Dawn is arriving to Altdorf as slowly rising sun pierces the distant horizon. The warm light of sun's yellow-orange rays slowly dissipate the morning mist that drown this majestic city. While Altdorf never really sleeps, this new new day wakes up those denizens whose rhytm follow that of the sun: hawking cries of merchants fill the streets through which slumbering columns of workers and students marching towards their workshops and university halls. All this with the background music of cathedral bells calling the faithful for morning prayers. And as city awaken
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