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  1. And another new spot is very likely to open. Wood Elves with TV somewhere around of 1200 with loners counted in.
  2. I agree with my young padawan on this: we need a gimmick team in vein of Slannlev, no matter the theme. Some hybrid that can bash, but has starting skills designed to counter elves and passing. Leaping is just a bonus,frankly.
  3. If you want board games, I have heard that Gloomhaven has pretty decent PC version coming: https://store.steampowered.com/app/780290/Gloomhaven/
  4. Started playing Wasteland 3 few days ago. Combat is not top-tier, but it is good enough. Humour is not as bad some say, but not nearly as good as some other people say. It could be a lot better, but as a co-op RPG with tactical battles, I'd take it any day of the week, there are so few of them. As for co-op suggestions @Doomy77. Original Baldur's Gates and Icewind Dales are still on my mind. Satellite Reign was fun in SP and has co-op, but I don't how well it works as such. For the King I haven't played but I know it has co-op. Secret of Mana exists too, if you are into old console classics. On more shooty side there is Borderlands.
  5. New spot is open. It is TV1420 orcs this time, see details above.
  6. @JamesJenks92 is currently leading 6B with 3-0-1 record and @Joey Wevs is on the bottom of the same with 0-1-3. Both teams have some development, but are lacking in blitzers. With some luck and skill, both can be turned into a beautiful teams. I wouldn't be surprised of a Kislev winning a division there, and at least @JamesJenks92 if not both Kislevs will be promoted, as it is T6. @scaurus2000 has 1-0-2 record in 4A with this MD's match being unplayed and against flings. It has some horrible injuries but also a bear with 3 doubles and three statups. Only concern I have with it as a team is the lack of blitzers. I'd expect that they earn a couple of more wins and will promote to T3. @Ratamo has respectable 2-1-1 record in 3A where @tubragg is in the 9th place with 0-2-2 record. Both teams have received a beating but in Tubragg's case it is of more permanent variety. Both are still viable teams, good even. I trust Ratamo lifts himself up from the bad dice he has had recently and stays high enough to be promoted... I hope Tubragg gets a moment's rest for the team and stays in T3. @Ugh (Oook!) is in 3B with 1-1-2 record and clearly diminished team. Surviving players are good and with some luck the team might turn around, but it requires little of time to be truly great for the tier it is in. I don't see them going promoted, but a skilled coach will keep them in T3 unless dice decide against it. @Ruszi is leading 2B with 3-0-1 record. Team is good and almost void of any permanent damage. Looking at it, I don't really have any complaints... except the lack of stadium enhancement (and the boring human cheerleaders). I expect to see these guys in T1 next season... and I hope not my division, if I fail to climb back up to champs. And then there is me, @Bouffon, in 1A. My record is 2-0-2 as I previously told, and I have just dropped to 4th place, and will drop to 5th perhaps, depending on the last unplayed match. My team is somewhat roughed up, but all the truly excellent players are still alive and well. I should be able to earn my ticket to champs, but it is far from sure.
  7. Somehow my 2-0-2 record, after my win today, makes me 3rd in my division. Likely to drop to 4th or even 5th after the last two matches get played, but I have a real shot at being in the top 3. I have but two real kill teams to meet, and the one I meet next week has but one AV7 clawpomb without tackle and only few guards. Worst part about them is their annoying clawmb blodge tentacles minotaur, but it will feel the POMB after I remove the AV7 killer... if things go according to my rough plan, that is. After that it is more agile teams, but those are the things Kislev were invented to win more often than not. Let's say I end this season with 6-1-2 record!
  8. Bouffon

    league Awards

    But has dummy ever won a perfect season?
  9. Not very well, but I can still turn it around. My money problems might get solved, if the team survives rest of the season.
  10. Some of you may know Chaos Invitational (or AD Invitational, as we call them here) from their interleague tournament. Some of you may have even represented OCC or some other league in it. Still, knew you them beforehand or not, their brand new Chaos Ladders might interest you.
  11. Thanks @Ratamo. I have tried to mention OCC to my CCL opponents if they have been polite enough and there has been a natural opportunity to do so. This applies especially to new coaches. I spot those because I always check my opponent with Spike's s!coach command. As for myself. Well, I bought the game because my gaming group decided to start its own Blood Bowl league. I got hooked fast and decided to search for proper leagues after CCL proved to be, well, CCL. I stumbled upon someone mentioning OCC as really nice league in some forums, likely bbtactics, and decided to join it.
  12. Season 5 was: @Bouffon, @bob152, @juvesak @RTSD, @Ozone and @Dimmy Gee, bob was our captain. We didn't win but lost only because of the last match of the playoffs.
  13. Guard on 2+ leaper is much better than a guard on 3+ leaper for sacking purposes. Faster and dodgier guard has other purposes too. Still, I would take the strength. It makes your ball carrier harder to block/blitz down and allows it to do some blocking and blitzing itself and so on. Not to mention that catchers level up really easy, and 1/6 levels is doubles (=guard) but only 1/36 is double sixes (=+ST).
  14. Hi coaches, Tier 5 is in need of a substitute coach to take over TV1420 Orcs. Copy of that exact team or any team of similar playstyle and TV that have games played outside of OCC are accepted. Substitute teams may not win any awards or continue to play next season, it is for the joy of Blood Bowl only. Contact @Bouffon, @Gobas and @SniperKrizz if you are interested.
  15. Thanks. The original link works, so copypaste must have warped the link if there are issues with it.
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