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  1. Returning team, played last in division 3. Coach Janster Team Name Grim Anklebiters Race Skaven
  2. Janster

    Signups S17

    I want to try my luck again. Coach name : Janster Team name : Grim Anklebiters Race : Skaven
  3. I hope he keeps hosting it, if not Orca should host it, I don't think it requires much resources.
  4. Going to have to recommend Galciv 2 + expansions, it's a very solid single player experience.
  5. Hi there, fell asleep on couch after long day, I'm here now though

  6. So I am home now and will lockj in in 10 minutes

  7. Despite what some may think, that's still a lot. also on the subject.
  8. I bet you drive over the speed limit ALL the time Hobnail.
  9. He fought off an entire orc team solo, I have never seen anything like it..EVER.
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