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  1. Ruszi

    Signups S19

    Coach name (ingame): Ruszi Team name: Pale Penguins Race: Dark Elves
  2. I avoided the pure bashkill teams, in my div only 1-2. I played risky, bear gfi score to level, handoff to blitzer without gfi to level. I was lucky in these situations at end of games. My team looks pretty good.
  3. Was an excellent report from the game, thanks the game and have fun and good games the rest of season
  4. Gg, wp, sorry if i been grumpy whinge master. Have a good rest of season, win this league, i will catch calcium.
  5. @JuxuR i am not sure i can play at thursday 07.00 or 07.30 UTC, but i can play any time at Thursday afternoon. I send a message here, if i able to play at 07.00 UTC, if the information to late for you, and you cannot play, no problem at all, we find another time at afternoon. okay for you?
  6. Coach name (ingame): Ruszi Team name: Ugly Axe Music Band Race: Orc
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