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  1. @Ratamoreally fun game dude!! the kislev seemed to fail nothing first half, really tough to counter them when that happens! but i did do a shocking attempt at protecting the ball to let you sack, that was not the best play from me "oh shit, i don't have a player left for the back of the cage"! my 3rd touchdown was fun though! but not that outrageous with the strong arm accurate thrower bombing it from the half way line... but the 5+ dodge and gfi without reroll was! should have left the blitzer in scoring range rather than marking your guy, should have known you'd take the catcher
  2. @Asiemoagelis good luck to you too!! was a really close game. i made some mistakes... thought i'd thrown the game for a while. only the one snake dodge for me (lucky boy!!)... but that turned into a CAS'd catcher!! (not so lucky boy!). But i defo got away with the a lot of dodges. I thought scoring was off the cards, you played really well... and trimmed some TV for my next game!
  3. Might have seen my issue on discord before i left with multiple badger69s. but i can't find a link for the discord to rejoin again. PM the link if better, thanks
  4. Pidpad got it sorted, Pro elves are in.
  5. Unfortunately it's still not letting the team join. if it would be easier, i have an old CCL 1900tv wood elf team i could nerf about 300 off removing a couple of bloaty lineman. Team is "Death by Dodging"
  6. not working yet... the gremlins be playing games! ticket i have is for Tier 4B (custom teams aren't ticked on this competition's settings from what i just looked at)
  7. cheers. just used it put says i can't use a custom team. made a custom team last time when i was a sub in Tier 2, and it worked. something i'm doing wrong?
  8. @Tys123 @Smiling Tom @Rymdkejsaren Yep I can't sign up. But team is OCC Death Takers if you can find it.
  9. Maybe a bit late but still looking for replacements? I have a 1510 pro elf team i could play with (well i'd copy and paste it from a spin and win league)
  10. Badger69

    Signups S12

    New team: Coach Name: Badger69 Team name: Athletico Mince Race: High Elf Signed up as a reserve last season but not played any games with this team yet. Thanks!! (Nearly missed the deadline!)
  11. No worries!! All done
  12. Apologies for delay. Team is up and "Freshmeat Fairies". Its 30 tv under 2030, but i think that's cause I cant't increase the fan factor to 12.
  13. Still looking for a substitute for this? If so I'll take it on. Not played with chorfs before but gotta learn somewhere!!
  14. Thanks. Got the team ready: Coach Name: Badger69 Team name: Athletico Mince Race: High Elf
  15. Thanks wismerhill!! just the watched the replay of our match... who can forget the why bother moving your catcher play! or why bother pressing blitz when you blitz... and that thrower now has safe throw just to spite that fumble! all good fun, thx for the match
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