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  2. Well no, i dont i just imagined it would be nice, if I didn't have to restart my team every time I change the race ^^ But I see what you mean and i guess the planning and organisation behind OCC must be a challenge as it is. This would surely just complicate things. Thanks for the quick response.
  3. Hey Guys, AFAIK, I cant switch between existing OCC teams between seasons and back: Season23: High elves A Season24: Chaos XY Season25: High elves A again but why is that ...? If both teams fulfill the requirements, and are exclusive OCC teams ....? I see why someone cant really have multiple "non-substitute" teams playing actively - worst case scenario you`d have to play against urself ^^ But switching races between seasons with a max. of even just 2 teams to choose from, can make things more fun. If I`m sick of playing my AG-based team rn but don`t wanna straight up delete it yet - this could be a solution - no ? just a thought
  4. Ah good to hear. Nice to know that you put so much afford into such matter Hopefully that wont happen to my games tho ....
  5. lel, just checked. Thats wild! 3 Levelups with the first game interested to know what todo if im on the receiving end of it. Is there even a way to fix it ?
  6. Coach name: Joiny Team Name: Victoria Cannonballs SV Race: High Elves i hope im not too late to have a chance at a spot :) Been a while and im hyped
  7. Good Evening fellow Chaos Loayalists, This Page is dedicated to one of Khornes best teams - the Field Bullies. Sadly i'm not that experienced with writing down such texts but who would complain if the Gods themself task you with this ? The reason this report start with MD7 is, that the Coach himself wasn't sure if his team would get this far without being smashed to pieces. Luckily the Chaos Gods smiled upon the Field Bullies and they were able to get 7 Level-ups so far - with 2 Wins 2 Draws and 2 Losses ( but they will get what they deserve soon enough we promise) Making a quick Rundown of the season upon now: MD1 facing the hot but deadly Amazons of team "Iconic Iron Ladys" with their coach @Tribal Terror - Not much to say here - The coach was still thinking about a decent strat while the match already started, making this a easy score of 0-2. Big Boris - the Minotaur of the team was close to ripping the coaches head off after that mess. MD2 the Team went against another Chaos Team - "There Can Be Only 1s" and @Eldarin - ending in a draw. This would be all to tell if "Mu`mulgors" - one of the opposing Beastman - didn't decide to get too close to "Little Dwarf Johnson" the No.4 Chaos Warrior. Johnson must have had a bad day since he ripped Mu`mulgors left foot off and gave it to Big Boris who needed a mid-Match snack. Coming to MD3 - "Praise RNGesus" - a Cheater team also known as Goblin team and their shifty Coach @Aemar Canderin were laying in their own blood that day. Sending 5 Players of them into the hospital - one with a crushed hand. Even his Star Player - making a total of 4 illegal Weapons on the field - couldn't make a difference. In the end the Field Bullies could celebrate 3 Level-ups and the first win of the season. MD4 coming up next or how i call it - The inspiration for the thread title Playing vs "OCC We <3 Trees" - @Sparky73 - Wood Elves - 6 Injuries - another Foot-Feeding-Time for Big Boris. Playing the 2nd half with 4 Elves. Not the deadliest match off all time - okay there was no death - but a really nice boost with 20 Spp nicely split upon the team and one LevelUp for Clifford Claw - a nice and loyal Beastman with the wish to be granted some Claws someday. Thats it for this entry - since the enemy of MD7 is waiting @Innovation 1992 and his Nurgle team "Deadly Toons: Reanimation" Update in the Next 24h Sincerely BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD! p.s. i kinda had to rush this thing but feel free to help me improving my writing
  8. Not the Goats - but Big Boris`s little Brother wanted revenge: Small Boris At the end tho The Field Bullies kept to the Strategie and went hitting stuff - instead of the boring "normal gameplay" Thats BloodBowl how it should be played - getting rid of this whole ball thing and go killing the opposition Anyway Theres always a 2nd time - "Hipster Gummy Bear" will go down soon enough FOR BIG BORIS - who is rn recovering from that nasty breath of the Troll that took him down.
  9. Coach name (ingame): Joiny Team name: Undead Lightning II Race: Necros
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