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  1. My last game was something. My saurus did a 6+ Intercept and a skink did a crazy 6+ pass on a turn 16 for a score. There was a 3-0 win. My current record is 7-0-0 and I pretty guaranteed a promotion. I have +2MA skink. Unfortunately my TV is currently >300k then most of other teams in my league.
  2. This is my second season with this team. First one was pretty successful. I lost one saurus, but still manage to get a second place in a division. I was lucky to get a Block skill on my Krox and +1 MA on one of my skinks. Current season is still pretty good. I am on a first place with 4-0-0 record. But I still have to play with a Chaos team and with crazy Orc team, that has 7 MB players and insane Black Orc with 6 ST.
  3. New team: Coach Name: LaserBrum Team name: Mother Earth OCC Race: Lizards
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