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  1. Vamps! I've had rum luck with them. Like chaos or dwarves the potential is great bug then they all die on me.
  2. I'll be a complete inconsequence until tv2200 anyway. Give me another 8 seasons to fester...
  3. Racism begets racism lads. Eye for an eye, leaves us all looking like captain blackbeard,
  4. waiting in game will be there til 22:30 before I bail.

  5. You might still be deliberating about Underworld Galenth, which is cool, cos they're pretty nifty. But here's my two-bits... Nurgle work best as a positionals team. They may not look like it, but all that mutation access means you can see if you get any juicy skill ups and build accordingly. I never found them boring. With mutations and a few skillups you can build them any way you feel like. Not many bash teams can build a leaper, a decent ball-getter, and a safety etc. Contrary to most folk, I build one of the Nurgle Warriors as the killer (including Jump Up and Piling On). Trust me on that. Just don't leave him near the sideline. That means you don't 'waste' one of your swiss-army Pestigors as a killer and you can use all four of them for different roles to make up for having no naturally skilled players involving the ball. My theory behind it is yeah, a killer Pest gets ST4 Blitz with his Claw and Piling On, but a NW killer gets ST4 all the time, even on defence. I lucked out tho. I got a ST4 Rotter, kept him alive, got SH, KOR and Blodge and he did the ball-stuff. That kept the elves off him and the entire rest of the team to have fun.
  6. Coach name (ingame): Jakerbeef Team name: It Smells Like Team Spirit Race: Nurgle New team. Returning coach (returning from BB1, haven't done BB2 OCC yet)
  7. Nice one Waleed Cheers for the headsup Pidpad.
  8. Same question I guess. Tho I've played maybe 2 game of bb2 ever. Keen to get back into the OCC with a new race and revitalized enthusiasm. I did kinda miss you sods for a few months. Even you Waleed! Im guessing new season is about 7 weeks from now?
  9. Very true Tys. Any long-running team I've had suffered a few rebuilds along the way. My OCC nurgle team went through a rebuild, at one point lost all but 1 of their original NWs and the BoN. My UKBBL orcs went through about 3 rebuilds. Long time since they had one of the original XI. My OCC Norse went through umpteen rebuilds. Never were the same after they had to replace the Yeti.
  10. Yer lookin' at one! Occasionally I can evade the bugger for a while but Nuffle gets to me eventually.
  11. That Blitzer is a fantastic build.
  12. I've heard it will be First Person?
  13. Speak for yourself. I can't get rid of the buggers. I've two orc linos in ukbbl that look like this- 5359 - Block, Tackle, DP 6349 - Block, Guard Not that I'm complaining like.
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