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  1. I will have to drop out unfortunately. I am little time outside of work at the moment and am struggling to play 2 games a week as it is
  2. @Ratamo going well so far (3-0-0), id like a little more blitzer spp but not the end of the world. My availability is a little rubbish at the moment though, so struggling to fit my next couple of games in potentially but will see what happens. Managing to score in 2/3 turns relatively consistently on my offence so far, and often managing to to either turn opponent over or force another quick score so i can get 2 scores in a half as helped the SPP generation. Got a tough run of games coming up soon which will stunt the development of the team a little, but if i can get through them unscathe
  3. appreciate the advice and support buddy :) Im going to have a longer look at the thread when i get a chance at work and see what nuggets i can pull from it. But at the very least, it cant go any worse than my opening game in reBBL. Dead bear and 6spps :)
  4. Hey, Im a new guy to kislev, only played about 10 games in CCL as warmup but gone fully in with this team and one in ReBBL as well. After a few practice games i feel like although the bear start is probably slightly weaker overall, its the most fun, the viewers on Twitch love it, and its an early access to Mighty Blow. Anyone else got any tips and tricks for starting off with Kislev?
  5. i would like to sign up to help new palyers if you are still looking for people. I specialise in Khemri and Vampires but could do other races with basic knowledge if needed. I have not coached anyone previously in BB, however have coached previously at Microstakes poker. Ive been playing the game for around 2 years now in both CCL/TT/League formats.
  6. Can i be a pain and change my team to High Elfs please. Coach Name: JamesJenks92 Race: High Elfs Team Name: HELfire and Brimstone
  7. New team, returning coach, sorry my mistake for the confusion
  8. Returning Coach Coach name: JamesJenks92 Team Name: OCC Vamps Race: Vampires
  9. Hey sorry, gonna have to cancel tonights game. Brother-in-law has been bitten in face by a dog and is in ICU so going round to look after the kids. Apologies. Will sort out another time when i know more on whats happening.
  10. Hey, just placing my interest in signing up in case you have any drop outs or ability to let in a late entry Coach Name: JamesJenks92 Team name: Hu-Mans Not Hot Race: Humans
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