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  1. Yeah it was just normals so I fired him, although maybe I could have given him DP and fouled every turn with him or something.
  2. Yeah, two thralls leveled up, and of course one immediately had an armor bust. For my ST4 wrackle thrall, I'm debating between strip ball (which I no longer have) and Frenzy. I think I'm leaning towards strip since neither of my next two games have teams with Sure Hands.
  3. MD3: I'm down to 4 players by my Turn 3 with 2 regen fails on vamps (one ST busted), so uh... this probably isn't going to end well. This is without any removals from Bloodlust. Post-game edit: That was an extremely depressing game, haha. Turn 1 was a -ST injury on my blodgestep pro strip vamp, which I didn't apo because it was turn 1 and I was hoping regen could do a thing (regen was 0/3 this game). Armour that game was 38%, so uh... that was fun. And despite rolling a 4 on the winnings, spiraling expenses means my treasury is at 0, so this will probably be
  4. Well, The Clans United take their first loss of the season, against Dark Elves who were 700k+ down. It was a pretty swingy game, with him rolling enough 1s in the first half for me to get up 2-1 (on his drive), and then me rolling enough 1s / skulls in the second half to remove enough players for him to tie it up. Then, after making the (poor) decision to go for the win rather than the draw, I tried to set up a sideline cage, failed the dodge to do so, and then got surfed. The crowd decided to throw the ball to the vamp half rather than the elf half, and that was game. Looking back
  5. I made a huge mistake in not counting squares properly and it very nearly cost my the match, but Sage rolled a 1 on his final GFI, and I didn't snake the dodge out. There were a lot of plays that were either made or broken by the 1s.
  6. Well, Vamps turned out to do okay. There were some snaked dodges early on, but after that, they were all extremely well-behaved, and slowly removed some elves from the pitch. My opponent got very unlucky on some of his very good plays that I didn't see/messed up on, and the vamps managed to pull out a win, and help the elves trim some TV.
  7. I would also go for Leader. Having cheaper rerolls is just such a nice thing as a vamp coach, and often leads to being able to maintain numbers because it feels okay to use a RR on a bloodlust if you've already done most of what you want to for the turn. I imagine my game vs. The Sage tomorrow will be a Wood elf win, since he has a surprisingly healthy and insanely agile team.
  8. Khemri are one of the teams I do worst against, so that should be interesting, haha!
  9. I did lose a good vamp player in the final game I played with the team, so we'll see if I take too much attrition in the championship to develop another one.
  10. That IS rough. But pulling out a win vs. Raspel is pretty impressive, given the state of your team, versus his insane blodging sauruses. That is too bad about Lucky, I might have kept him with MA5, given that you have +MA pieces to make up for it, but it's a tough call, because MA5 is soooo slow.
  11. Coach name: Razzle Storm Team name: The Clans United Race: Vampires Note: This team previously finished second in 1A in S16, and would like to come out of retirement!
  12. Coming back next season for some Vamp action! The Clans United are coming out of retirement
  13. A very dicey win against Nurgle today, with a total of 8 dubskulls (5 for me, 3 for him, but his last dub skull was pretty key to me winning). Managed to turn a 1 into a 6 on the winnings, so I'm slowly getting the money saved up to get back to a 6th vamp!
  14. One of the not-as-developed vamps, blodgestep Strip ball one. Not a huge loss, but I won't be able to afford a new vamp for a bit due to winnings.
  15. Last game was... a lot of failing. I defended first, got a blitz, and then proceeded to push my opponents around. After failing the 2+ catch on the kickoff, my opponent fireballed, KOing the MA8 vamp. His first blocks were pushes, a KO, and a dead vamp which I apo'd into no cas. I bloodlusted a blitz, rolled some more pushes, then KO'd the DP thrall. Some more good dice from the opponent, and I was out 7 players by the end of my turn 3, after a 1/9 to get the ball back. So I left players on the ground, who eventually got fouled out, or tried to dodge, and snaked into KOing themselves. First tw
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