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  1. I now know what I need to feed my cpomb chorf!
  2. It’s not about winning… it’s about looking good while winning
  3. IF you enter the pitch like this... IF you intercept the ball like this... IF the press interview you post game like this... AND if you rock leather pants like this.... THEN YOU NEED 'Death From Above' Hairspray!!!! from the R-ELF-lon New Hair Metal Range 'The modern hi-performance hair spray for the modern Wardancer', from the R-ELF-lon New Hair Metal Range When you fail a leap.... AND the opposition do this... Then you need the 1000% assurance that only Hair Metal 'Death From Above' can provide!!! So on and off of the pitch... dead, alive, piled on, gang fouled or just plain dub skulled to death.... Your hair will ALWAYS look like this.... Death From Above' Hairspray from R-ELF-lon Because you are an elf (of course you are worth it)
  4. Awesome!!! I’ll take 11 👍👏👏👏👏
  5. Leap is always a thing of beauty…. When it snake eyes! 😆
  6. Welcome all your cra-cra-crazy centaurs, hep hobbgobbos and marvellous minos to Hashut's Hep Happening Hour, li-li-live to you from the peak of Zharr-Naggrund!!! Brought to you by Orca Cola Radio (mark 2), this is the hour of power, for all kool Dawi-Zharr kats with the hats, here for the devilishly delicious dirt on season 24 and the lasted banging bawdy tunes, presented by non over than yours truly... Foulmaster Fllash! So, to business folks. And the season 23 champions!! What else to say, but that style, beauty, grace and love for the true art of Blood Bowl, triumphed! As Hashut always intended, my freaky, fabulous friends, as the big bad bull all planned! And well, as the cunning cool connoisseurs, cool, and Hashut hailing hat hipsters that we are, let us cast our eye on the the next season of the champs. But first, a word from our sponsors... Lil Timmy's hobbo fouling boots... 'Foul early, foul often, and foul 'em frequently right in the *bleep*. Little Timmy's - you'll feel the difference!' Ten teams in a tumultuous tangled tumble; with two of these chorfs! So sorry, not sorry, to you braggart bretonnians, weedy wood elves, naughty, naughty nurgle and slow coach semi-skaven, battling for barely worth it bronze place, is all you can hope for in your season 24 trophy space. Nix, nada, nyet and nopeski is what this this little foulmaster is saying!! Word. In Hashut's Book! And now, bringing you the new new and the baddest bitchin beatz on the block with this banger... Give up you bad bad boys and girls to the lithesome, lyrical, lake loving lady setting the charts on fire... Bretonnia Spears!! (Let me) GFI, one more time... (Bretonnia Spears) Oh, Nuffle, baby How was I supposed to know That something wasn't right here? Oh, Nuffle, baby I shouldn't have fumbled and let the ball go, no And now the ball stealing elf is out of sight, yeah Show me How you want it to be Tell me, Nuffle 'Cause I need to know how Oh, because The scoreline is killing me (And I) I must confess, I still believe (Still believe) If I don't get in the Champs, I'll lose my mind Nuffle, give me a sign Let me GFI, baby, one more time! Oh, Nuffle , baby The reason I breathe is you But those elves, have got me die-ced Oh, Nuffle, baby There's nothing that I wouldn't do To win how I planned it... Show me How you want it to be Tell me, Nuffle 'Cause I need to know how Oh, because... The scoreline is killing me (And I) I must confess, I still believe (Still believe) When I can't sack ball carriers, I lose my mind Give me a sign Let me GFI, baby, one more time Oh, Nuffle, baby (Oh) Oh, Nuffle, baby (Yeah) Oh, Nuffle, baby, how was I supposed to know? Oh, Nuffle, baby I shouldn't have let the G-foul on the AG5 Elf go, no All this Elf BS, is killing me now (killing me) Don't you know I still believe That you will be here and give me a sign So let me GFI, baby, one more time! Says how it surely sincerely is sister! For these teams fight in the ferocious fixtures of Match Day 1!!!:
  7. Only Silver star and sponsor award in the one season for me. Funnily enough, both of my bounty hunter and rubber punch awards have alternated but not occurred in the same seasons.
  8. I may be able to partake in some additional chorf shennangins. If you twist my arm 🤘👍 let me know!
  9. Well, it is another 3 seasons or so of CPOMB…. Maybe I should finally do that reroll to nurgle! 😝
  10. So, looking like 2023 now!
  11. So who won? 🏆 don’t keep us hanging here guys! :)
  12. Dirty gaze sounds win win! One needs those free fouls to keep up with @Gobas! 🤣🥾👍
  13. Hey @Leman_X_Russ - apologies for the notice but a bedtime crisis with one of my kids. Can we put this back for 30 minutes? Should be able be online for 21:00 utc. thanks!
  14. Hey @Leman_X_Russ How about Modnay night at 20:30 UTC then? Cheers Nate
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