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  1. I heard from reddit, as I was looking for a league which would be primarily in UTC 1 or 2 evening hours. Relocation with work into Europe meant giving up my old table top group, so a league was the next best thing.
  2. Hey @bantha. Chorf me up there aren’t any other takers
  3. Ha ha ha. Awesome @Doomy77 But how do you get all the mess cleaned up out after the Chaos goat sacrifices Asking for a friend
  4. Okay, I can take one for the team (or forum) Cheers
  5. Ooooh, that’s such a grudging!!
  6. Congrats! Was a fab game to watch!
  7. Ha ha awesome :) each match day gets better and better
  8. I’m finding the experience really good so far. For me, the best part has being understanding why I haven’t won, or a play I’ve structured might not have been the best apprach. Early days but I’m noticing the difference in my matches. Every game might not be a win but the losses are being more competitive (except for the occasional quadraskulls... But that’s just the joy of blood bowl :P)
  9. @bob152 @wismerhill Done :) the hollower knights are ready to rumble.
  10. No worries - what's the team name/which sub division? Should be able to do it before my match tonight
  11. Hey @wismerhill I could be up for this, you still need someone. i can’t guarentee quality coaching, but I can guarantee bashing anything that moves
  12. Thanks @wismerhill Looking forward to it Juts as heads up... I;m planning some new anti WE tactics that play to everyones' love of the dwarfs.... Its called... let the Elves score. Seriously. bear with me! If I let you get 4TDs in the first half, that, in return should give me 20 guarenteed blocks ( three blocks on the LOS plus one blitz), when I receive. Given my 6 dwarfs with guard, and 6 players with MB, the probability is that I'm looking at inflicting 6 and a bit depitches ( and at least 3-4 cas). Possibly more as I'll be gang fouling every turn (1-2 depitches,) AND using my MB PO Blitzer (2-3 depitches) to blitz or on the LOS Totting, up, that should be... 8-11 Welves thrust back on the shelf All I then have to do is get my dwarfs to waddle their little socks off and score 4 TDs in the second half. Simples
  13. Hi @wismerhill - quic question - can you do a reset (as admin) for any tier or should we go to the tier coached. ?


    The reason for the question is @KhaZil and I just  had a disconnected for MD 5 - we can still play but need the match reset etc. 


    @Mongloom @Ozone - FYI

    1. wismerhill


      If @KhaZil can confirm I can do that

    2. Nateguy75


      No worries.  The concession was a win for me, so I'm sure he will :)





    3. wismerhill


      just read the 6a thread, its clear. reset is done

  14. Anytime. Blood bowl is all about the dolla dolla bill (y’all) : P
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