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  1. I may be able to partake in some additional chorf shennangins. If you twist my arm 🤘👍 let me know!
  2. Well, it is another 3 seasons or so of CPOMB…. Maybe I should finally do that reroll to nurgle! 😝
  3. So, looking like 2023 now!
  4. So who won? 🏆 don’t keep us hanging here guys! :)
  5. Dirty gaze sounds win win! One needs those free fouls to keep up with @Gobas! 🤣🥾👍
  6. Hey @Leman_X_Russ - apologies for the notice but a bedtime crisis with one of my kids. Can we put this back for 30 minutes? Should be able be online for 21:00 utc. thanks!
  7. Hey @Leman_X_Russ How about Modnay night at 20:30 UTC then? Cheers Nate
  8. Well, are we playing tomorrow?

  9. Thanks for the game mate. ‘‘Twas a comedy of dice errors at the end , which is the best kind of blood bowl I still can’t believe I removed more of my own team than you did Str + pesti? Noice! claw cave troll for me :)
  10. Perfect, see you on Friday buddy!
  11. Hey @brocCooLi Hope all is well. When do you want to do this thing? weeknight evenings generally work for me. How about Tuesday or Friday at 20:00 UTC next week? cheers Nate
  12. Hey @cpervert No worries - tonight at 20:00 utc looks good. See you on the pitch, buddy! Cheers Nate
  13. Hey @cpervert I'm good mate. So, yes, lets get this done :) I'm away next week on a work trip until Friday 17/09 So I can either do, this Friday or Saturday night 20:00 UTC, Monday night at the same, or Saturday 18/09 onwards in the evening. Do any of these work for you? Cheers Nateguy
  14. Hey @thunderstruck Hey man. Its showing a disconnection and the timer has run out;, so t ended up an auto concede. I am around the rest of this evening but we will need a reset by @ratamo so we can restart/re play etc. Cheers
  15. Hey @thunderstruck Hey man. Its showing a disconnection and the minute timer has started. Im still here :) Cheers
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