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  1. No CPOMB, what is this monstrosity?! but seriously main, very well played and congrats! 👍:D
  2. orcaHow: How-to instructions you can trust* *but probably shouldn't So, you suckers want to know how to be the best ever at blood bowl? Its easy-peasey-lemon squeezy with the.... FAVOUR OF NUFFLE! And how do you win the favour of Nuffle, O wisest of the coaches in Tier 3A; I hear you ask? Stick with me kiddos, and let me tell you how to win the favout of Nuffle if 5 easy steps.... The OCC way! STEP ONE.... You gotta have lots of fun! Sorry, sorry... I meant you gotta have the right stuff! And how do you have the right stuff? STEP TWO.... Be a red suit! That's right, Nuffle loves the Tier Admins. Thats why we win ALL our matches. Always STEP THREE... Dress the part Nuffle never bestow his favours on coaches who don't dress as sharp as they play! SO go go on, dress the way that show you respect Nuffle. Respect Nuffle.... Respect Nuffle hard! And this brings us to... STEP FOUR... Pick the right team! Nuffle only ever favours coaches who coach a team worthy of his affection! And what is the worthest of all the blood bowl teams for Nuffle's love? The team of choice for the true Blood Bowl connaisser! STEP FIVE.... Reap Nuffle's bounty! Follow these simple steps; and you oto can coach like a king, because....
  3. orcaHow: How-to instructions you can trust* *but probably shouldn't Hey there my fellow young coaches! It's your fellow hip and happening Coach Nurgle McEasyMode here, to give YOU the low down and step by step on what makes blood bowl the sport of kings and grants you ALL of Nuffle’s red delights – CPOMB! In 5 Easy steps! So to start teaching YOU the one bowl technique that makes life worth living… lets start at the top. One - C means you ‘Cee-ing’ the lucky opposing player that you are going to send to Valhalla! Two - P means Rick with a silent P – is what you want to hear the other coach say as he realises his ball niggled ball carrier is within ranged of your blessed Chorf Blocker/Pes8gor/Nurgle Warrior/Mino/Beast of Nurgle! Three - O means Of course you are going to pile on the Niggled player ;rst! And posi8on your players so that in the unfortunate result that CPOMB only results in a stun! You have the gang foul set up nicely Four – M stands for MUTHAFLIPPER! See P – this is what you want to hear as the APO roles DEAD DEAD Five – B stands for BANZAII! The perfect war cray as you decide to PILE ON TO GO AGAIN!!! So there you have it, my fellow aficionados of blood bowl as Nuffle meant it to be Played! And remember, whatever else you do on the pitch. Don’t be…
  4. And hello dear listeners - Tis, I Chester McElfFace with your favourite weekly hour of advice power. #Can't stop, won't stop!! And tonight, we are solving your traumas, with none other than THE big guy himself, the Lord of the Red Dice, the Duke of the Dub skulls, the patron saint of the Apo who loves to dead - dead, the God of No (GFI), Nuuuuuuuffle! On our advice special - What Would Nuffle Do? Thank you so much for deigning to join us on radio Orca Cola tonight, your holiness. I trust the Virgin goat sacrifice was up to your exquisite standards? Nuffle: Chester: thank you, thank you, thank you for your condescension O Mighty One… and now to our first caller… Cheesy McNurgle. It's great to have you back on the show, Cheesy How is life in Blood Bowl EZ mode? Cheesy: CPOMB! GANG FOUL! SPAM FOUL APPEARANCE!! Chester: Nice to know Nurgle never changes! So, Cheesy, what's your problem? Cheesy. Nuffle, why do all the other coaches not want to come around to my house for tea, and say they didn't receive invitations to my birthday party? I just wanna have friends and not cry my self to sleep every night any more!!! Nuffle: Chester: BOOM! And the big dawg tells is as it REALLY is! And over now to our next caller, Elfy McElface! Elfy: Nuffle, is that really you? Nuffle: Elfy: Quad skulls?! Oh sh!t, it is you! Anyway sir, my question is, hat do you think of Elf teams using GFI to get that last minute BS touchdown, to win the champs and defeat honest, hardworking, salt of the earth teams who really derseve the win (like dorfs and chors - the most honest, hardest working, sexiest and coolest coaches in Blood blow)? Nuffle: ONE, ONE, ONE, ONE, Chester: And there it is folks, straight from da boss mang . GFI - just don't efling do it! And we have time for one last caller, all the way from Tier 2 C. So, Nateguy75, what is YOUR question? Nateguy75: Hey Chester - long time listener, first tile caller! My question to Nuffle is... why you gotta hurt me so bad? Nuffle: Chester; And there we have it folks, what Nuffle REALLY thinks of Blood Bowl coaches! Is it the cyanide coding, or its it that Nuffle really is an aspect of our Lord and Master Cthulhu? Nuffle: Chester: Who really knows? And we are all out of time and virgin goats to sacrifice, so we ain't finding out tonight! All the best listeners, and tune for next weeks episode, at the same goblin time, on the same goblin channel! And remember - if you ain't gang fouling BEFORE the T8 and T16 touchdown, its not real BloodBowl!!
  5. Hey @Pidpad per our convo - 19:00 UTC onwards is perfect on Monday 08/08. cheers nateguy
  6. Thanks for the feedback! And sure, no probs :)
  7. Host: Welcome, gentle listeners, to our old world famous radio OCC Agony Aunt Call in Hour with your house, Chester McElfFace! Where our special guest Aunt, every week, guarenteed to blunten YOUR trauma... Now give us a big OCC Radio round of applause to this week's guest aunt; Cheesy McNurgle! The world famous Nurgle coach and thrice times world cup cup with his hand picked Nurgle team... 'Nurgle is EZ mode' ' And how are you this fine evening, Mr Cheesy McNurgle? Cheesy: CPOMB! GANG FOUL! SPAM FOUL APPEARANCE!! Host: Well, I assume you are saying that , yes, Chester, your hair is the most glorious and elven in all the league; and I am very well thank you'... or; you are just shouting out your game plan which hasn't changed for your last 567 matches and given your 78% win rate' Right, lets open the lines to our first caller! Hello, Mr Orcy McOrcCoach, what is your problem? Orcy: Mmmn, right, you see, its a bit embarrassing. My team is bloated, TV bloated because of my AV9 and six legendary players. How can I win my matches when I give away fireballs every match?! Host: Over to you Cheesy McNurgle! Cheesy: CPOMB! GANG FOUL! SPAM FOUL APPEARANCE!! Host: As you can see, just play against a Nurgle side and all your bloat problems will be solved! Right, on to next caller! Halfling: Mmm, hello? Long time listener and first time caller, Halfling McHalfingCoach here. My problem is, I just don't understand why coaches hate Nurgle teams so much? I mean; its not like they are woodies or high elves, who juts pull off that BS and prance through umpteen dozen tackle zones all the tile! Cheesy, can you shed some light? Cheesy: CPOMB! GANG FOUL! SPAM FOUL APPEARANCE!! Host: And there you have your answer! Three little reasons why all the coaches just love Nurgle! And we have time for one final caller... and its a doozy! Nuffle, what is your question? Nuffle: First, I'd just like to say, I'm such a big fan of your show Chester.... and oh my god, your hair, I juts love it so much I could build a house there, and just shower you in sixes! Host: Why thank you Nuffle, and yes my hair truly is magnificent! And dear listeners, that's how I pull off all my Elf BS on the field... Coz Nuffle knows, I've got the SIX appeal! But anyway, back to your question, big N... Nuffle: Okay... so, Cheesy, what are you going to do when Blood Bowl 3 comes out? Cheesy: GANG FOUL! SPAM FOUL APPEARANCE! No... CPOMB????! Argh!!! Host: And there you have it... Cheesy has just exploded! And what's that sound? Nurgle teams in all the eternal leagues on the interwebs combusting at the same time!! Oh the Humanity! Anyway, That's our show tonight. Joining me next week, when we solve your elf hair care problems with our next mystery Aunt, on OCC radio!
  8. I now know what I need to feed my cpomb chorf!
  9. It’s not about winning… it’s about looking good while winning
  10. IF you enter the pitch like this... IF you intercept the ball like this... IF the press interview you post game like this... AND if you rock leather pants like this.... THEN YOU NEED 'Death From Above' Hairspray!!!! from the R-ELF-lon New Hair Metal Range 'The modern hi-performance hair spray for the modern Wardancer', from the R-ELF-lon New Hair Metal Range When you fail a leap.... AND the opposition do this... Then you need the 1000% assurance that only Hair Metal 'Death From Above' can provide!!! So on and off of the pitch... dead, alive, piled on, gang fouled or just plain dub skulled to death.... Your hair will ALWAYS look like this.... Death From Above' Hairspray from R-ELF-lon Because you are an elf (of course you are worth it)
  11. Awesome!!! I’ll take 11 👍👏👏👏👏
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