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  1. Oh no, I feel so guilty now about killing so many of an endangered species!! Don’t tell me, there will be an old world wide Kislev body part trade ban 🤣:P
  2. As a dorf coach I am so triggered by this 🤣 Masterful!! 😁
  3. Ha! Christ, that made me laugh out loud! Lol
  4. Hmm, far enough. I must say, I do like the bc carrier and gang fouling potential! it’s the whole point of chorfs really. BCs knock em down. DP hobbo makes sure they don’t get back up again
  5. I heard from reddit, as I was looking for a league which would be primarily in UTC 1 or 2 evening hours. Relocation with work into Europe meant giving up my old table top group, so a league was the next best thing.
  6. Hey @bantha. Chorf me up there aren’t any other takers
  7. Ha ha ha. Awesome @Doomy77 But how do you get all the mess cleaned up out after the Chaos goat sacrifices Asking for a friend
  8. Okay, I can take one for the team (or forum) Cheers
  9. Ooooh, that’s such a grudging!!
  10. Ha ha awesome :) each match day gets better and better
  11. I’m finding the experience really good so far. For me, the best part has being understanding why I haven’t won, or a play I’ve structured might not have been the best apprach. Early days but I’m noticing the difference in my matches. Every game might not be a win but the losses are being more competitive (except for the occasional quadraskulls... But that’s just the joy of blood bowl :P)
  12. @bob152 @wismerhill Done :) the hollower knights are ready to rumble.
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