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  1. Hey @cpervert No worries - tonight at 20:00 utc looks good. See you on the pitch, buddy! Cheers Nate
  2. Hey @cpervert I'm good mate. So, yes, lets get this done :) I'm away next week on a work trip until Friday 17/09 So I can either do, this Friday or Saturday night 20:00 UTC, Monday night at the same, or Saturday 18/09 onwards in the evening. Do any of these work for you? Cheers Nateguy
  3. Hey @thunderstruck Hey man. Its showing a disconnection and the timer has run out;, so t ended up an auto concede. I am around the rest of this evening but we will need a reset by @ratamo so we can restart/re play etc. Cheers
  4. Hey @thunderstruck Hey man. Its showing a disconnection and the minute timer has started. Im still here :) Cheers
  5. 19:30 UTC on Tuesday? Perfect :)
  6. Otherwide next Tuesday at 19:30 looks good. Let me know :)
  7. Hey @thunderstruck is tonight good for you then? Say 20:30 or 21:00 kick off? Cheers
  8. Coach name: Nateguy75 Team name: We got all the horns! Team race: Underworld
  9. Every fricking time! Fork you nuffle
  10. The only good elf is a gang fouled elf 🧝‍♀️🥾🥾🥾😉
  11. Congrats. It’s good to see the other dark and emo kind of team win 🤘😃
  12. Do it man! No guts, no glory. And whats the worse that can happen rolling *that* much dice every turn?
  13. Bull centaurs, chainsaw gobbos and trolls. That’s where it’s at peeps
  14. My two cents are that we have a great, welcoming, inclusive and (very) non toxic community at the OCC, and it really is a special place in the wilds of the internet. We are also very much a community, and not here to support one persons brand, income stream etc. I’m not wanting to throw shade on any other leagues in the BB community (I participate in another league adit has the similar vibe, culture and great people like OCC), but I’d hate to lose that. My person view is that moving everything to discord (or Reddit)...if that’s an end proposal, isn’t great and is a risk factor, to what makes OCC special.
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