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  1. Hey @thunderstruck Thanks for the great game and apologies for the dicing. Nuffle picked a side to give all the pows to in that one! cheers Nateguy
  2. Hey @thunderstruckhow about tonight at 19:00? Otherwise Sunday at the same time is good.
  3. Do it man! No guts, no glory. And whats the worse that can happen rolling *that* much dice every turn?
  4. Bull centaurs, chainsaw gobbos and trolls. That’s where it’s at peeps
  5. Nateguy75 The Feast from the East Far East Association
  6. My two cents are that we have a great, welcoming, inclusive and (very) non toxic community at the OCC, and it really is a special place in the wilds of the internet. We are also very much a community, and not here to support one persons brand, income stream etc. I’m not wanting to throw shade on any other leagues in the BB community (I participate in another league adit has the similar vibe, culture and great people like OCC), but I’d hate to lose that. My person view is that moving everything to discord (or Reddit)...if that’s an end proposal, isn’t great and is a ris
  7. Bumping (and hijacking!) this thread, but what’s peoples view on the potential for human development in a bb3 league? If nothing else, having disposable 30k foulmesiters on the pitch could be fun :) Or disposable cage bursters! the potential redrafting cap could be be kinder to ability teams too...
  8. He juts needs leap or AG5 and he'll be perfect
  9. And here is my contribution to this merry thread. Tier 3b, meet passmaster Buund : Elfing soon in season 20 in a venue near you
  10. Thanks @james cook Boflok is a key part of plan team short hairy elves
  11. I’m with Bevan. It’s very clear to me, and having a quick look at other leagues, they use very similar phrasing to us, and there isn’t any controversy. Thats my two cents :)
  12. Oh no, I feel so guilty now about killing so many of an endangered species!! Don’t tell me, there will be an old world wide Kislev body part trade ban 🤣:P
  13. As a dorf coach I am so triggered by this 🤣 Masterful!! 😁
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