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  1. @Tupi Stuff of legends!! Congratulations!!
  2. @Suido@Mongloom Guys give me a shout so that I can learn beforehand what I need to in order to be of any real help. Love the OCC! Cheers guys
  3. Count me in. You guys do an amazing work, I like the OCC a lot (been here for a mere 5 seasons only) but I have no intention of leaving. I'm not really savvy with forums and all that but i want to help.
  4. Ok @Ynwe, of course. By the way, how does it work? Will the mentor play some friendly matches against me? Will he discuss with me a review of the matches I played before? I have no idea what will happen during the mentor programme, hence me asking. BR,
  5. Hi @razta! Are you still up for it? Thank you so much for your help. I haven't opened Discord in ages (admit it with guilt). I will type you there when I get back home today. Thank you so much because any help will help me really!!
  6. Hi @Ynwe, I have no momentum going forward, I struggle to score. Most of the time I end up scoring with the most unlikely dice rolling but I know that only works occasionally. I don't seem to be able to pin my opponents' players so I can bash them out of the pitch. I do regular development of my players, around skills that affect dice block first, block, tackle, guard. I like MB to add some removals but MB doesn't work if you don't knock them down first.
  7. Hi guys, I'm new to the mentor programme. I've been around OCC for 6 or 7 seasons, several races. I do usually well in tier 6 and then get smashed to bits in tier 5. I've been around BB since '94. I'm playing Orcs. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks, Dolbain
  8. Good stuff Andy!! Post the rest of the season when you can! Thanks!
  9. I loved this bit... Bash is for the brainless... rubbish sissy elves! Blood bowl IS bash ball! Elf ball has no blood so it shouldn't even be allowed on the BLOOD Bowl pitch! :) (that said, I'm an Orc coaching Skaven!)
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