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  1. Varrus

    Signups S18

    Nice work @james cook - are these times all UTC?
  2. Hey @Spydyr thanks for the compliments and for the tough and well fought game! I won’t comment in detail as I don’t want to ‘spoil’ the result for anyone keen to watch the YouTube vid, but I watched your VOD on twitch after the match and wanted to clarify a couple of points: A couple of times you seemed curious why I wasn’t using my ‘dirty player’... that’s because he was a kicker!! :-D I sure wish I had picked a dirty player in hindsight though! Also so you were very complimentary about a brave (foolhardy?!) play I made, so I wanted to outline my thinking behind it a little. The guy I used had built in Rerolls for almost every action he was attempting during that sequence, so it wasn’t quite as ballsy as you may have thought. Also, at this end of the season after some heavy losses, I am probably injecting a bit more ‘yolo’ I to my plays than I would usually too. Anyway mate - thanks again for the game, the very cordial chat we had during the match and your gracious words! I hope to play you again soon. All the best for next season!
  3. Varrus

    Nine Lives

    @Juriel - great to see these reports coming out again! As always a very enjoyable read!
  4. They can make a skaven team a bit more robust by adding a big guy who attracts a lot of the opponent's attention. But that, combined with frenzy and AV8 means that more often than not mine die in the first few games. Use with caution.
  5. Varrus

    Nine Lives

    @Juriel that’s great to hear! I look forward to the fruits of your labour when the muse has one again been upon you!
  6. Varrus

    Nine Lives

    @brocCooLi great thanks!!
  7. Varrus

    Nine Lives

    Hey @Juriel Just wanted to say I've enjoyed reading your team blogs very much - in particular the 'Marvelous Brets' (obviously I may be a bit biased towards them though!). I hope you are just taking a pause on the Nine Lives blog and not letting the tough start to the season take the wind out of your sails! My start in 4B has been even worse - so at the least you can probably look forward to trouncing me when we meet on the pitch later this season! By the way - I started listening to your OCC podcast too but the recent server switch seems to have broken the podcast links. I assume I can mention this to an admin, but as I am still pretty new, I am not sure which one. Do you happen to know? Take it easy and good luck with the team (except for our match of course!)
  8. Varrus

    The OCC Crew

    Thanks for the game @brocCooLi - it was bloody, tense and with two turns to go we both had a chance to win... plus you were a really pleasant coach to play against as well! So - all the ingredients for an awesome game of bloodbowl! One more thing. You forgot to mention the referee - the most anti-foul referee I’ve ever seen!
  9. Thanks @MrStarck - i'm disappointed we won't be in the same division to enjoy another game! Good luck - you have some scary looking teams to face but i'm sure you have the potential to soar!
  10. @MrStarck Oh I forgot to say that as someone attacking a cage, I would least like to see a blodge ball-carrier so I think dodge is the correct way to go for the doubles. There isn't THAT much tackle for a while and it will make him much safer for a long time and maybe even allow some amazing Khemri dodge plays! In my opinion Guard will put a valuable and delicate player in harm's way too much or be too situational to be worth the TV cost. By the way - once you get another normal skill roll on a Throw-Ra you should definitely think about Kick-Off Return. It will help a lot to get the ball safely caged on offensive drives.
  11. Hey @MrStarck - thank you for your kind words and the really entertaining game! It was indeed a thrilling and fitting end to the season for us! I too enjoyed chatting during the game and analysing some elements as we played. Did you realise our match lasted almost 2 1/2 hours!? It didn't seem so long when we played! I have reviewed our game and although I was trying some new tactics and wasn't playing as conservatively as I usually might, I have to say that after another look I confirmed my earlier suspicion that I was very lucky to scrape a draw against you! I think you have a really good grasp of how to coach Khemri! I won't dwell too much on my own coaching, although I saw a lot I could do better, but since this is your team review, I have some minor thoughts to offer in case you are interested. For offense I would say you are very strong and it is probably the best part of your game. You control the pitch really well and my only suggestion is that against faster teams (especially those with Kick) you may want to consider setting up your skeletons a little further back in case of a bad kick off result. That way you can screen the Throw-Ra's a little if they fumble the ball or have to run backwards to retrieve it. I haven't coached Khemri much, but I once lost 4-0 as Orks against some well-coached pro-elves who kept kicking deep and cutting my thrower off from the rest of the team! If the kick is ok and the Throw-Ra's look like they can get the ball up to a cage then you can still move the skeletons forward to maximise your 3 die blocks. Overall though, on offense you should start looking at really small things here and there to improve, because all the important things you already get 100% right! For defense I think you were also strong, but possibly over-committed on your left on turn 9 and then had to send both sweepers to the far right flank on turn 10. If I hadn't misplayed my turn 11 so badly I might have caged pretty well on my left quite far forward and scoring could've been fairly easy (Instead I tried to cut back into the centre and created a mess that I was very lucky to escape!) Finally you asked me during the game why I chose to kick first and on reflection I think I gave you an incomplete answer - I was hoping to take advantage of a deep kick, but I also knew that offense is really a strong part of your game, so I didn't want to give you a 2-1 grind if I could avoid it! Thanks again mon ami avec les testicules d'acier et bonne chance avec ton equipe!
  12. @MrStarck Looks like your plan worked well based on the result. Congratulations! I’m a bit sad that my final game will be against your team though!
  13. Varrus

    Signups S14

    Hi there - new coach (never played in a league before but played lots of COL and CCL). Coach name- Varrus Team name- The Southern Sentinels Race- Bretonnian
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