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  1. Well done @Nibenon! I recall playing against you in tier 6 with your old necro team and knew then you were a coach who had real potential! Great job!
  2. Great job mate - I tried and didn't really get close last season ... I guess that makes you... the Bretter coach!! ... crickets I'll see myself out.... Seriously though - congrats!!
  3. @james cookNice work as always mate! Just a point to note as you seem to be saving these stats for the long run... For some reason lately Goblinspy has been placing standings by rank rather than points, so in a few cases this means some people are placed lower or higher on Goblinspy than they actually got through points... for example there was a very brave Bretonnian team who had a dashing and intelligent coach who came 7th in S20 but they appear to be 8th on Goblinspy. In the same way you can see the Dark Elves actually came 4th. If you check across to the points though it will be clear.
  4. The opening blitz put me in a bad position but was pleased my silly Dolfar gambit almost paid off. If I had scored then and kept the wiz I reckon it could've been a very different game. Still i scored when I shouldn't have so I can complain too much. Fouling the bull was very tempting but it cost me a reroll which was critical in the end... plus i messed up the blitz. I should have put a guard there and blitzed the peasant up to make it a 2d and give me a better shot at dodging through to bother his back field. It was a largely academic exercise so long as I didn't lose 6-0 though! I had hoped to win as I had a shot at staying in the championship next season if i did and it looks like there will be far fewer kill teams from what I can tell. Anyway - congrats again!
  5. You're home - let me be one of the first to congratulate you!
  6. I mean, he would have to be playing someone SERIOUSLY incompetent to have a chance of winning amirite?!! Checks to see who @Fantus' final round opponent is.... oh dear... oh dear, oh dear....
  7. @LordJair @Kjelstad As far as the skill of coaches in our division goes, we have the reigning OCC Champ, a recent former champ, a streamer who competes at a high level and another streamer who is the current Chalice Cup holder. I've always said it's better to be lucky than good though! Speaking of lucky, Varrus the Thrall is still very much alive and kicking - I watched him get punched, fouled and eventually KO'd by Vampire bite in his last match. After that he very sensibly stayed on the sideline.
  8. Surprisingly I managed to beat him 1-0, which you probably already know... makes the final week of the championship a nail-biter!
  9. I watched the replay - your score was glorious!
  10. Nice work as always @james cook! Was a crazy game too - down to the last couple of turns when you almost popped the ball out for another steal! The rivalry continues!
  11. Varrus

    Signups S18

    Nice work @james cook - are these times all UTC?
  12. Hey @Spydyr thanks for the compliments and for the tough and well fought game! I won’t comment in detail as I don’t want to ‘spoil’ the result for anyone keen to watch the YouTube vid, but I watched your VOD on twitch after the match and wanted to clarify a couple of points: A couple of times you seemed curious why I wasn’t using my ‘dirty player’... that’s because he was a kicker!! :-D I sure wish I had picked a dirty player in hindsight though! Also so you were very complimentary about a brave (foolhardy?!) play I made, so I wanted to outline my thinking behind it a little. The guy I used had built in Rerolls for almost every action he was attempting during that sequence, so it wasn’t quite as ballsy as you may have thought. Also, at this end of the season after some heavy losses, I am probably injecting a bit more ‘yolo’ I to my plays than I would usually too. Anyway mate - thanks again for the game, the very cordial chat we had during the match and your gracious words! I hope to play you again soon. All the best for next season!
  13. Varrus

    Nine Lives

    @Juriel - great to see these reports coming out again! As always a very enjoyable read!
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