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  1. NEW SEASON! Division 1A Week 1 - POMB THEM ALL vs APEX PREDATORS Game stream The 1st week of the new season saw the divisions two most dangerous teams step onto the sacred turf to cement their status as the pinnacle of bash evolution...And the rest of the division happily sat back, hoping that they would tear each other to shreds! My opponent @Rinjarni took a wizard and an extra apothecary, and was gifted a bribe thanks to my stadium enhancement. I won the toss which is normally vital in a murder squad bash mirror...sadly Nuffle had different id
  2. SEASON 17 DIVISION 2A WEEK 1 : POMB THEM ALL vs NUFFLER'S OF THE PAST @hauptmann Game replay with commentary NEW SEASON HYPE! Here we go then, a new season in the lofty halls of division 2, within touching distance of the top division and my personal goal of mixing it (and murdering) the big dogs! It's an interesting division I find myself in, upon 1st inspection I thought it was a total slaughterhouse, but as with most bash teams they appeared scarier than they actually were, and the longer I analysed the division the more I thought that the el
  3. SEASON 16 DIV 3A Week 9 - POMB Them All vs Lustrian Kites @Borke Game link No pressure on this game lol... Going into week 9 my team is on top of division 3A with an unbeaten record of 5/3/0 - This season barring a few mishaps has been amazing, my dice have been great and even when I've been under threat of losing I've found a way to at least tie the game. A draw is enough here to take the division title...But although my head is saying 'Play for the draw' my heart is saying 'WIN CALCIUM WIN' Before continuing a bit of context. My op
  4. Season 16 - Div 3A Week 8 - POMB Them All vs Couronne Criossants @Kia Sidhe game link Sooooo I can't help but think I was due a game like this, my season up to this game has been rather incredible, everything has worked and other than the odd bad turn I've had my way...That makes this no less frustrating! My opponent opted for a wiz, which is always a good option for faster teams, but I was ok with this, this meant that he couldn't afford babes and I fancied removing a few opposition players...I was wrong! The entire 1st half saw me
  5. DIV 3A WEEK 7 POMB Them all vs Woodoo Oceana (@james cook) Game link Elves. Bloody elves right? Gimme a stand up fight against a murder squad any day, at least you know what you're going to get! I guess the same applies to any competent/good elf coach, the tactics have been well established, and a lot of pure bash coaches struggle to make the adjustment between bash & elfball...So my hatred on elves is not based on anything other than my weakness to effectively deal with them I wasn't particularly surprised when James took a wiz, even
  6. Hi. I'm CalciumCas. I've been playing BB since 2nd edition (circa 1990) and immediately fell in love with the mix of gridiron and fantasy with added chainsaws! With the advent of online gaming I found FUMBBL in 2007 and up until 2015 I racked up over 5000 games including 23000 fouls, which got me a reputation of being a below average yet dangerous player. Since 2015, it's been all about BB2, and recently I have joined a number of leagues (after resisting league play for years) including here, ReBBl and the SFL. I wish I'd joined leagues years ago..I love them! My 1st love is Bash, I'm all abou
  7. Season 16 - Div 3A - Game one - Calcium vs @Grufff (Welcome to Scarrytown) Game link This is not the kind of 1st game of the season either coach was looking for! Arguably one of the most dangerous teams in Div 3A (as well as mine of course) this game is the kind of bash vs bash affair that every lycra wearing handbagging elfballer in our division was loving...Hoping we would tear each others team apart! Sadly for the rest of the division's coaches it didn't play out that way. The game itself was a crazy affair, and Nuffle wanted to have a big s
  8. I thought I could hold your team hence the kickoff but nuffle really had different ideas this game. BB eh?
  9. "The only journey is the one within.”― Rainer Maria Rilke Well...Here we are. Hell has finally froze over and CalciumCas has finally decided to step foot onto the hallowed turn of the OCC following a surprisingly successful 2 seasons in another league. To say that I never thought I would play leagues would be an understatement, literally for years I thought it wouldn't be a good idea for me to enter a team with my rather bashy playstyle. I already have friends here (HARGRIM made me join!) and chances are I have a few enemies too, that's fine, it all adds to the fluff when we inevit
  10. Hi everyone, I'm looking forward to playing here, I've heard good things about this league so kill all mens and see you on the pitch! 

  11. Calcium

    Signups S14

    New coach, joining following a recommendation from DimmyGee Coach name (ingame): Calcium Team name: POMB Them All Race: chaos
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