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  1. I promise! Lies, obvious lies, i'll hit as much as i can. As for the rest, thanks a lot. Watching my past games against amazons, i can easily say that i usually end-up winning if Nuffle helps me out. I usually get my Tackle stuck against some Stand Firm Blodge Blitzer and suddenly everything goes into the trouble zone. I'll try to de better this time, otherwise Kenraali Ratamo will hunt me down!
  2. Vampires took care of themselves, here's a win! We get a Bribe. 1. We win the toss, chose to receive. Changing Weather : Nice. The plan was simple : break Thralls, hopefully Vampires seek some blood out in the crowd, and all is good! LoS blocks yield a KO on a Thrall, and we pick-up the ball. We keep basing Thralls with Tomb Guardians. This is where Crunky Chops is a little bit selfish : he takes all the 1's for himself. Pro Vampire fails Bloodlust and Pro, then proceed to Badly Hurt a Thrall. Stacking some funny looks and assist, a Vampire manages to get 2d on a Tomb Guardian... but fails Bloodlust, Badly Hurt on another Thrall... Finally the Block Mighty Blow Vampire blitz into... double skull. On my T3 Pain Killer Dealer sends a Thrall in the KO's box while a Tomb Guardian produces another KO'ed Thrall. With only 1 Thrall left on the field, things look grim for the Serial Sinkers. Crunky Chops tries to make things happens and will make me work for a TD, even stealing the ball a couple of times with some funny looks and some elvish moves. T5 Apo has to intervene, the AG5 Dodge Vampire is threatened by an actual eternal death, but all is fine in the end. We score T8, Serial Sinkers's one turn attempt fails. 1-0 Khemri at halftime! 2. We win the toss, chose to receive. Extra Rerolls for Serial Sinkers. Out of the 6 KO'ed players, 2 Thrall (including the Leader) chose to stay out after two KO rolls, making second half a 9 vs 11. After a quick KO on one of our star Tomb Guardian, they infiltrate our left flank. It's a quick score on T2. 1-1! 3. We win the toss, chose to receive. Both teams get a reroll. Both KO'ed Thrall still don't want any of those LoS blocks, staying out. 9 vs 1. 3 stuns on the LoS, we move the ball to the middle of the field. Still on the same plan, the blitz grants us a KO on a Thrall, leaving only 3 of them on field for 5 bloodthisty Vampires. Forcing the Vampires to dive a decent cage to get the ball loose, we manage some hits in return : Blodge Sidestep Vampire gets KO'ed. Another turn of funny looks and Crunky Chops gets the ball loose... but it's caught by Not the Face III, a lowly Skeleton, who runs away screened by his team... until the Blodge Pro Vampire extract himself from the screen with some funny looks, putting an end to his attempt to run away. T14, Crunky Chops men manage to run past my lines again, regaining control of the ball. Trying to put the game to bed, a long pass is attempted from the AG5 Vampire to the M7 AG5 Vampire. Decay and Death, waving at some bugs humming around his face happens to catch the ball! Slowly moving up the field, he manages to score on turn 16, even with Crunky Chops excellent attemps to knock him down : Nuffle was on my side. 2-1 Khemri! Conclusion : I'd like to thank @Crunky Chops for the game. Great opponent and coach! Watching Vampires letft me astonished on how deep their possibilities are.Despite the result and the numerous KO, it was a tight game that could've easily ended on a draw. Looking back at the game, i don't think i would change tactics and would hit Thralls again. What can i say, AG5 Vampires are scary! Thanks to @Juriel again, i encourage people to try the OCC mentor program. There has to be someone out there that can teach you something useful! Onwards to pondering about the future game : The TV should be like this : 1840 TV VS 1830 TV Even on TV, no inducements. AG5 Blodge Sidestep Catcher, STR4 MA7 Blodge Leader Thrower, Blodge Mighty Blow Dauntless Guard Blitzer and Dirty Player Linewoman are all players that need to be taken care of. Although i'm under no illusions : i probably won't be able to touch them. I really need to work on the non-block Linewoman, getting them out of the field. Also need to get my Guards together. I've one extra Guard, which isn't that big of an advantage, so the first team to loose one will take a good option towards victory. We'll see how it goes, see you next time!
  3. MD6 was a draw! We got a Bribe. 1. They win the toss, chose to kick. Extra reroll for Ball Handling Masterclass. The plan was to grind slooooooooowly the 1-0 at halftime. And that's what we did! And the elvish team exploded! Blitz grants us a KO on the AG3 Blodge Guard Blitzer, then Two Lineman get Badly Hurt. Off to a good start! We don't manage to pick up the ball, but with 3 players around it i'm fairly confident. Sindain proves me wrong by infiltrating a bunch of elves (6) behind my line. A sneaky Witch Elf tries to pick it up in three tackle zones, the ball bounces and Already F-Up Face II casually rolls a 6 and snatch it! From that point, i just hide the ball carrying skeleton while Blitzing/Piling-On/Stamping for several turns either the Leaping Witch or the MB/Pile-On Blitzer. Sadly several turns of raw misdemeanor will only produce a lost Bribe. As a parting gift, Sidain manages to blitz Pain Killer Dealer on turn 7 with the MB/Pile-On Blitzer. You guessed it : Amor break, Badly Hurt, no regen. That's what i get for not being focused until the end! Well done on his part, this makes things much more complicated as i've only one tackle player left. 1-0 Khemri at halftime. 2. They win the toss, chose to kick. Extra reroll for Ball Handling Masterclass. All KO's recover, 11 vs 8. Forgetting about Juggernaught canceling Stand Firm, i proudly stand a TG 2 squares away from the sidelines. And... i pay for it immediatly! 1d into 1d into goodbye sir! Then a LoS Skeleton is Badly Hurt (regen), and suddenly the situation doesn't seem that complicated for the elvish side. The ball hangs back and a couple of elves tries to pass the ball around. We target the last non Dodge elf, which happens to be the STR4 Block Lineman. He gets Badly Hurt on T10. Sindain knows what he is doing and scatter his player, dodging away all the time. This reduces us to a blitz and pray for a double 1 on his turn. A Skeleton leaves the field on a KO, and we play cat and mouse until T15. Sindain goes on the offensive, the Witch leaps out of the trap we made, then the AG5 Lineman makes a pass but she can't catch it. This is our chance. I need two GFI to make the blitz with Tackle happens and essentially secure the game. Nuffle takes a look at Sindain's casualty box and says "nah, he's had enough". Double 1 ensues. The Witch picks the ball up and score on T16. 1-1! Conclusion : I'd like to thank @Sindain for the game. He suffered an atrocius first turn, but stayed composed while chatting with me. The draw is a well deserved one : Sindain sticking to it and trying hard, while i get distracted and did not explore all the possibilities his players had. A good lesson moving forward. Thanks to @Juriel from the OCC Mentor Program who's still around, explaining to me why Elves should be an extinct race while providing me some useful tips from time to time! Onwards to pondering about the future game : The TV should be like this : 1800 TV VS 1880 TV It's all a lie, no pondering as the game as already been played . From the elvish draw i got some significanvel-ups. Already F-Up Face II was so inspired by his TD that he got doubl Guaaaaaaard. Massively Decayed Elf, our other Thro-Ra, basically a glorified Tackle carrier said he's had enough of this and rolled +AGI (YES). I took Bribe, and i'll see you on the next report! Soon™
  4. I'd like to double like that fluff post
  5. Aye, i was leaning towards Bribe anyway. Thanks both of you! By the way Ratamo, that Rabbit is getting bloodier isn't he?
  6. In true Khemri fashion, it was a slugfest that we lost! We get a Babe. 1. We won the toss, chose to receive. Bribe for both of us. Being outguarded, i took the opportunity to strike first and hopefully grind some Skeletons into bone dust. Juriel dead-men were cleverly setup far enough that a blitz was a complicated matter, so we settle for a gangfoul that gets me a stun... and to expend the Bribe (yay). There's not much to say until T6, since Juriel is way ahead of me in the basing/blocking game. He easily gets his LoS Skeletons out and left watching a wall. This was a big lesson regarding those LoS players, i really lost my advantage by not trapping them properly. I even get my Wrestle Skeleton stuck against the sideline after offering a foolish opportunity. So T6, everything crumbles under the Khemrian pressure, they can even afford to tag my ball carrier twice. At this point it's last resort time. By ball carrier blitz himself out on a 1D, then run away to hide the ball near our line. The opposing cats respong by getting the two most leveled Tomb Guardians KO. T7 we make a desperate move and -2d a blockless Tomb Guardian with Pain Killer Dealer. The hit connects and decay works his magic. Badly hurt into... Death, no regen. Our killer will be fouled into a KO. 0-0 at halftime! 2. Changing Weather : Rain. A Skeleton - and more importantly - a Block Guard MB Tomb Guardian stays out. I'm still at a disadvantage Guard-wise and the unfortunate death of Relaxed Ragdoll isn't helping due to KO not coming back. The beginnig of this half opened my eyes a bit on how i should properly setup 3D on the LoS. The fruitless standoff continues until T12 when a -2D Badly Hurt one of my Skeletons. Juriel's players start to grind they way on my right flank, leaving some Skeletons behind to hold my more important players. T13 it's Pain Killer Dealer turn to be injured (regen) while a Skeleton dies (no regen). At this point my defense is a bit pointless and i save what i can, not offering too much opportunities of blocks and fouls. They score on T16. 0-1 for the other Khemri! Conclusion : I'd like to thanks @Juriel for the game. It was a great lesson overall. He's obviously a great coach and i wasn't even close to be a threat to him in this game. Great banter too, we had fun during the game. I'm also glad to be doing this blog. During the game i was bit frustrated, feeling i was out of options. Looking back at the replay and analyzing it, i was able to spot a couple of points where Juriel took advantage of my shortcomings, or made some opportunities for himself. In the end, this Khemri encouter was a boon, teaching me a lot and showing me what this team could do in the hands of a great coach. Therefore i would encourage coaches to play against their team, this opened my eyes on a lot of things. Onwards to pondering about the future game : The TV should be like this with journeymen : 1640 TV VS 1770 TV Ball Handling Masterclass - 1640 TV - 110k in the bank Elves from Down Under - 1700 (+70) TV - 100k in the bank 11 would play 11. So i either stay like this and get 130k of inducement for a Wizard. Or i get another player to go to 12, which would leave me with 90k, therefore a Bribe. I like the 12th player with a Mighty Blow / Pile-on Blitzer on the Dark Elves side. But it can't be denied that a Wizard is a powerfull tool that heavily warps the game. I also have to make a mental note of that Witch Elf that can leap and Frenzy push even my Stand Firm player into the crowd. I really need to clear the frontline to have a good shot at winning. So this one is up in the air, see you next week for the review!
  7. Kislev crumbles and we get a win! We get a Bribe and a Skeleton. 1. They won the toss, chose to receive. Extra reroll for Ball Handling Masterclass. We both had a Wizard due to the stadium upgrade. Kislev receiving meant to me that i had to either : make sure we're 0 - 0 at halftime, or his 11 men team has been trimmed down. First turn is fairly tamed, a Skeleton is Badly Hurt (regen) and another stunned but this comes from a both down and causes a turnover. We start to tag a couple of kislevites, blitz does nothing. Seeing Pain Killer Dealer on the floor, Tubragg's men figure they could give him a quick boot. They get a stun and a journeyman sent off, as we will see later, referee isn't messing around. More importantly, this means the ball is still in the backfield, not even being picked up already : i'm free to rampage through their rank as i see fit. A Badly Hurt on a kislevites journeyman later, tubragg's men decide to infiltrate the MA9 Blodge NoS Catcher behind my lines. It's turn 3 and i'm ok giving a touchdown this early, so we don't bother too much and keep hitting stuff. This will add a Badly Hurt on a new kislev Blitzer, making it 10 vs 8 in our favor. Enraged, the Bear KO a Skeleton but we promptly answer with a KO's on the AG4 Blodge Blitzer and a foul (Bribe expanded) get rid of the MA9 Blodge NoS Catcher for good on a Badly Hurt. Running light on men, the kislevites send their last AG5 Blodgestep Fend Diving Catch Catcher deep with a Lineman to cover him. Given that an AG5 Safe Throw Catcher will pass him the ball, we decide to not take any chances and Lightning Bolt the ball carrier (no injury) and Blitz the potential receiver who gets KO'ed. A journeyman is KO'ed and it's fairly grim for the Cirkus. As a last ditch effort, they send two Linemen deep in our half while the thrower stands back and gets tagged by two Skeletons. We KO one Lineman and there's only one Journeyman left, tagged by two Blitz-Ra. In such times, legends rise. A lightning bolt down a Blitz-Ra, the AG5 Safe Throw Catcher throws a Long Pass, and our hero catches it and runs away with it. 1-0 Kislev! 2. Riot, both team lose a turn. 11 vs 6 Resolute to play for the win, especially with the Wizard down on both sides. LoS blocks grant us a stun on the Bear and KO on a journeyman. Kislev tries to be sneaky, getting a 1d blitz on the ball but The Glory of 2 Left Hands shines with his Blodgestep, getting away unscathed. In a surprising hit, our Tackle Throw-Ra kills the AG4 Blodge Blitzer, but the apo turns the -already move busted Blitzer - into a dwarf instead. After a few blows, we score T13. 1-1! 3. Riot, both team lose a turn. 11 vs 3 Both KO refuse to come back. I basically setup in an All-men on LoS type (except for a couple of players). We've almost lost the drive right here and there, when all players went upfield, leaving a couple behind to deal with the Bear and the Journeyman. Fortunately for us, the last Catcher failed his Long Bomb, trying to ditch the ball on the other side of the field. After a missed pick-up, we finally get it on T16 and our Throw-Ra Massively Decayed Elf runs it in. 2-1 Khemri! Conclusion : I'd like to thanks @tubragg for the game. As many coaches in the OCC he exemplify what kind of coach you'd like to meet ingame. Great coach, fun guy to chat with, overall good times. He got diced into oblivion, since after the first few armor break it snowballed into an drastically uphill battle. For what it's woth, i think he was the better coach in the field, but Nuffle decided otherwise. Quick notice to @Juriel, who still has some time to discuss the greatness of Khemri amongst other things. ANYWAY... Onwards to pondering about the future game : The TV should be like this : 1670 TV VS 1750 TV Ball Handling Masterclass - 1670 TV - 90k in the bank Nine Lives - 1750 TV - 150k in the bank This leaves 80k in inducement. Not sure what i should do with that. I think i'll to buy a Skeleton before the game, since 12 vs 14 isn't that appealling to me. Then probably a Babe. First thing i'm not liking here is that he has two more Guard than i do. My Blodgestep Thro-Ra isn't that good on that specific match-up either. I think my saving grace will be hitting his Guard Thro-Ra (AV7 anyone?) and have Pile-On work overtime for me. I'm also planning a countrywide power-outage, just to be sure. Obviously he could induce a Wizard or a Bribe from his bank, which would be a disaster . See you next week for the report!
  8. Good effort comrades, still getting this amazing production value! It was an uphill battle from the beginning, but it was close enough that something might have happened. Those juiced lizards won't get away with it forever!
  9. Hurray! A win randomly entered our team stat! We get a Wizard. 1. We win the toss, chose to kick. Extra reroll for Themscyra Valkyries. Went with the same state of mind as against the Dwarves : we have a Wizard, let's try to prevent them from scoring with it, then slowly grind our way towards a 1-0. 3 stuns ont the LoS block against Skeletons and the Valkyries fan out while the two AG5 players (Thrower and Catcher) do some passing training. We answer with a KO on a Block / Guard Linewoman and a Catcher. The Amazons try to respond by investing some more players on the brawl, while dodging the isolated ones. T2, a new Linewoman leaves the pitch on a KO, things are starting to be bleak for the girls as they are cornered and numbers are getting lower. Changing sides won't do much good as the AV6 AG5 Catcher gets KO'ed too. While a Skeleton dies when a Blitzer flatten him under her body, a long pass is attempted and succeded towards a Linewoman that tries to hide herself on the other side. She's in range of Pain Killer Dealer but despite the reroll he won't be able the down her. Still, she's marked by 2 players and too far away to get any kind of support and she fails a dodge. Nothing else will happen, as 3 Tomb Guardians, the star Blitz-Ra and a Thro-Ra will stare at the ball until the end of the half. AV6 Diry Player Linewoman gets KO'ed and a Skeleton gets sent off for merely walking to close to some amazons player. 0-0! 2. Extra reroll for Themscyra Valkyries. 11 vs 11. With the Wizard still with us, we're fairly confident about that scoring thing we are supposed to do. LoS blocks grant us a KO on a new Linewoman. A couple a turn of failed pick-ups aren't punished when the AV6 AG5 Catcher stuns herself on a failed GFI. AV8 Linewoman gets KO'ed on T10, AG5 Thrower and a new Linewoman receives both a Badly Hurt. Pain Killer Dealer is fouled by two vengeful girls who manages to KO him. With the ball in our hand on T11, we slowly creep towards the endzone while the Valkyries try to inflict as much damage as possible. This will results in an MNG Skeleton and on T16 a MNG Tomb Guardian. 1-0 Khemri! Conclusion : I'd like to thanks @RobinF for the game. Amazons look complicated to me and it's always nice to have some strange team represented in OCC. This game has been made easy by the early KO's in both halves, and i probably needed that much to get around two AG5 players. I'm noticing some placement issues but overall i'm fairly OK with the way i played. Thanks to @Juriel the everpresent coach that scrutonizes every game i play. I'm still learning from his games and mine. And now that we are all caught up timewise... Onwards to pondering about the future game : The TV should be like this with a journeyman on his side : 1490 TV VS 1450 TV (+240 TV for 4 journeymen) Ball Handling Masterclass - 1490 TV - 60k in the bank Cirkus Cirkör Blood Bowl - 1690 TV (with journeymen) - 70k in the bank If TV stay like this, we should have 200k of inducement. I'm still debating if i should replace the dead Skeleton from last game. This won't prevent me from getting a Wizard, i will replace him anyway at some point and i'm not sure i want to run around with 11 players. This extra 50k of inducement will only lead to a Babe, which isn't that great (Thick Skull, Guard and Strengh advantage). This aside, having the STR4 Mighty Blow Blitzer out is the greatest thing ever. It's a lot of pressure off the Skeletons, and it's also their only Tackle player, which leads me to have a reliable ball carrier. Two AG5 Catchers and an AG4 Blitzer makes for a very mobile team, i probably need to thin this 11 players team to have access as soon as possible to the key players. There's also a MA9 Nerves of Steel Catcher, this screams 1 turn to me. Placement of my sweeper Thro-Ra will be key, and rely again on my Mighty Blows to clear the screen. See you next week!
  10. Let's get this on track, shall we. Oh, the dwarves handed our asses to us. We get Setekh and a Wizard. 1. We win the toss, chose to kick. High Kick. The plan was more less try to defend with the Wizard, see if we can make something happen (i.e. mkae sure the shorties don't score). Everything went to bone dust when the Runner catch the kick, then the LoS block 1 Skeleton MNG (no regen), 1 Skeleton Badly Hurt (no regen). From that point, i've had to be fairly defensive since the Dwarves could easily steamroll the entire team if this amount of Guard / Mighty Blow found their way into mine. Seing i'm not too eager to hold the ground, JJape cleverly stands back and slowly creeps towards the endzone while maximizing his hits. This result in Setekh getting KO'ed on turn 4. Our Turn 5 see he dwarf meeting his end, but the apo drown him into beer and makes it a MNG. T6 a Tomb Guardian gets KO'ed, while a Long Beard is Badly Hurt. Still JJape is in a commanding position and lacking players to be any kind or threat to the AG4 Runner. He runs it in T7. 1-0 Dwarves! 2. Changing Weather : Rain. 10 vs 9. 2 turns to score, could work. Except... rain! T8 we do a 7 dwarves fireball, including the Slayer and one of the Runner. Said fireball will produce 1 KO which will be recovered during halftime. 3. Throw a Rock, Long Beard Stunned. 10 vs 10 this time, the KO'ed Tomb Guardian decided to come back. It's still raining, but we have a chance to draw the game. LoS block yield nothing, and we proceed the slow process of any Khemrian team advancing the ball... Except T10 Pain Killer Dealer, the star Blitz-Ra gets Badly Hurt, surely a statement about the lack of sand on this pitch. We're already under water when Setekh gets Badly Hurt on T11, vastly outnumbered, we can't really do much but just watch the dwarves fouling us without getting whistled. On T14 we try a runaway attempt while all dwarves are out of position. One of the Blitzer dodges out a GFI to run around the frail screen, while the AG4 Runner gets in with two dodges, two GFI to find the POW. The ball will stay on the pitch for the rest of the game, while we try to not get punched too hard. 1-0 Dwarves! Conclusion : I'd like to thanks @JJape for the game. He clearly knew his stuff and played very well. Especially after reviewing the game, i can appreciate the strategy and carefull thinking it must've required (dices aside). Hats off for that. I had a better showing and cannot be mad about the result, those things happen in Blow Bowl : i wasn't very well equiped to deal with this team, and when injuries started to pile-up i had nothing to say in return. I'll do the next report for MD3 soon to catch up, see you soon!
  11. Great one! We can see that the production value has drastically increased. As for Editor Gurow, he is skillfull enough to be picked up by any necromancer willing to start his own reality show. The Editor is dead, long live the Editor!
  12. What a shameful display, we lose this one! They get a Wizard and a Bribe. 1. Cavaliers win the toss, chose to receive. Changing Weather : Nice. The Brettonians secure the ball while throwing some blocks, nothing of notes happens. I respond with a Miss Next Game on a Blocker, but manage to injure a skeleton while dodging him away (regen worked, yay !). The men of the lady proceed to push towards one flank, trying to draw me away, while a daring lonely and Dirty Peasant tries his luck on a downed Tomb Guardian... Miss Next Game, the Peasant has to expand a Bribe, but regens covers me again. Phew. Turn 4 i finally scramble enough players along the edge to setup a fragile defense, while getting a KO on another key Blocker. Brettonians will have none of that! Sir George - the STR 4 Knight - leads the charge, and shows the worth of Bretonnia by piercing through the wall of Tomb Guardians and running away while his retinue runs around to screen him properly. At this point i can't really do much, and BDawg scores on turn 5. 1-0 Bretonnia. 2. Extra reroll for Ball Handling Masterclass. Touchback. This touchback tells me only one thing : it's Tomb Guardian TD time! What a disastrous mistake it was. BDawg entangle me by basing all men, and i'd be left fighting for every square. Even worse, i can remove any of them. This great defense leads to the Bretonnians being able to secure the lead entering the second half while conserving their Wizard. Massively Decayed Elf, one of my Thro-Ra gets Badly Hurt while extending himself too hard (ne regen). 1-0 Bretonnia. 3. Extra reroll for Ball Handling Masterclass. One of the journeymen Peasant gets KO'ed and i push the short kick into a pick-up while entering their half. I wanted some Bretonnians to commit to this side, than change by retaking the middle (at that point i was aiming at a draw). It was looking fairly good, until a our last ball carrier gets lit from the sky into a Miss Next Game (no regen), while a Tomb Guardian suffer a Miss Next Game too (No Regen). Then the game revert to fairly uneventfull. Some peasants get pushed around, but i can't really be a threat to Sir George. He cleverly attract me on one side, then switch quicly with a long pass. I can only watch the Brettonians running away with the ball. 2-0 Bretonnia! Conclusion : I'd like to thanks @BDawg for the game, he has been an absolute pleasure to play. Great sports while being a good coach. Dice aside, i think i played this one poorly. Give the ball to a Tomb Guardian and the end of the first half was greedy and i payed for it. For the second half, i pushed way too hard too early while i had much more time in my hands. Good reminder for the future! PS : Sorry @Juriel, i warned you, you shouldn't have watched! Onwards to pondering about the future game : The TV should be like this : 1380 TV VS 1770 TV Ball Handling Masterclass - 1380 TV - 0k in the bank Torilla Tavataan - 1760 TV - 80k in the bank This should give me 380k of inducement. This looks like a straight Wizard (150k) into a Setekh (220k). This Dwarf team look ready to grind my bones into dust. There's enough Guard that i wouldn't want to count, the Troll Slayer with Dauntless can sweep any Tomb Guardian with ease. I see also a good amount of Mighty Blow. With one Tomb Guardian missing i don't see myself getting out of this one unscathed. There's also an AG4 Runner. I don't think i can get away with not punching to death the Troll Slayer. We'll see what's left of the team after the game, see you!
  13. I would not dare to underestimate anybody in this division. I'm well aware i've still a long way to go regarding being a proficient coach. It should be a fun match then! Absolutely not related, i've seen you made it to champs with Kislev, congrats on that and good luck for the season! Onwards to pondering about the future game : The TV should be like this with a journeyman on his side : 1700 TV VS 1300 TV (+120 TV in journeymen) Ball Handling Masterclass - 1700 TV - 150k in the bank Carteret Cavaliers - 1300 (+120) TV - 80k in the bank If TV stays the same, there 280k of inducement for the Bretonnian side. Could either be a Zara The Slayer (270k) or a Wizard (150k), a Bribe (100k) and a Babe (50k). After having a look at the starplayers for Bretonnians, Mighty Zug (260k) is in range but i don't see him having taht big of an impact. Griff Oberwald (320k) would be a nightmare but it forces to invest 40k, it's a bit rough when this team is trying to rebuild. With no bench, i should try to shove some peasants of the field and run a tight defence to get a 1-0. Griff Oberwald would mix things up for sure and Zara The Slayer could have a strong impact depending on how well she rolls. I should focus on staying away from the Knights, especially with Tomb Guardians. Some blocks and a well prepared gang-foul would lead to a much more complicated game. See you for the debrief!
  14. I'm always pleased by the quality of the memes around here. Can't get enough of them
  15. Season 16 ended up with a big disappointment for me. We were a group a four fighting for 2nd to 6th position. Last game was a "first one" since i hadn't played vampires, but it wasn't meant to be. ISP gave-up on me two hours before the game, given that we were playing late in the day there was no way i could reach hotline. Conceded defeat had to ensue since it was also late in the week. Wish i could've fought for this second place, hopefully i'll get a better showing this season. NEW SEASON !! Here is my division (2B) : Juriel - Nine Lives MrStarck - Ball Handling Masterclass Bdawg - Carteret Cavaliers Jjape - Torilla Tavataan RobinF - Themyscira Valkyries Corash - Anarchy United tubragg - Cirkus Cirkör Bloodbowl bob152 - Aeaea Muses Sindain - Elves from Down Under Crunky Chops - Serial Sinkers What a strange mix this is! MD1 : Bdawg - Carteret Cavaliers - 1300 TV A battered Brettonian team. There's 4 Guard hanging in thereand a STR 4 star Knight. Given that there's no bench and a low TV, the gameplan for this team should revolve around abusing Bribes and the Dirty Player. I have all the tools i need to win against that team, as long as i don't offer an isolated Tomb Guardian for a quick Dauntless blitz followed-up by a Dirty Player gang foul, i should be more than fine. MD2 : Jjape - Torilla Tavataan - (1770 TV) First time i meet the regular dwarves in here. The Guard spam is worrisome and i'll have to scatter the fight, there's also no shortage of Mighty Blow so i should be carefull with my Skeletons. This looks like a solid team and i'm not how i'll handle this, probably going to have to play around with my small mobility advantage. Urrr... that doesn't sound good . MD3 : RobinF - Themyscira Valkyries (1910 TV) A fair amount of Guards - especially on Linewomen - which should complicate stuff for me. There a killer with Pile-On and there other Mighty Blow Blitzer. Skeletons-hunt season looks to be open. The AG5 Jump Catcher is a headache by itself, Tackle will have to work overtime on this one. I'll have to on my killer Blitz-Ra to open the enemy line, while my Tackle Thro-Ra will have to be a safety. Placement will be key. MD4 : tubragg - Cirkus Cirkör Bloodbowl - (1710 TV) Another Kislev, this one is stat-up flavored. They have given me a decent amount of headaches last season, at least this one doesn't have Guard, ready to leap in my cage. What it does have is that STR4 Mighty Blow Blitzer (man, those damn skeletons, keeps being hunted). The Catcher trio is impressive too. I will have to do damage, otherwise this team will run circles around me. MD5 : Juriel - Nine Lives - (1630 TV) Ah!! A Khemri coach that happens to be my mentor from last season! Asides from being a great guy, we all know here that he is just helped around by this ridiculous amount a Guard and a serial habit to roll 6's. Jokes aside, i see this as a tough match-up based on the coaches more than the team. Either way the loser will have a fun time on discord after the game :p. MD6 : Sindain - Elves from Down Under - (1800 TV) I've seen those elves before! It'll be a pleasure to play Sindain again, his team looks in a decent shape, but with only 11 players if i can get rid of some of them i should have the game in my hands. I still have to keep in mind the Mighty Blow / Pile-On Blitzer, but i doubt he'll have too much opportunities to massacre Skeletons without suffering the consequences. Nonetheless, they are Elves, so they could just dodge and score without me even even dreaming of blitzer the ball carrier. MD7 : Crunky Chops - Serial Sinkers - (1850 TV) Nice, the rematch of the non-played match! I'm grateful to have another go at a Vampire team, it'll be a learning experience. From what i gathered, Vampires can defeat themselves or win the game. Let's hope for the first one. MD 8 : bob152 - Aeaea Muses - (1590 TV) A good spread of Guards, same notes as for the other Amazons : kill stuff with Blitz-Ra, defend with Tackle Thro-Ra. Depending on what i can remove, i may able to gather a win. MD 9 : Corash - Anarchy United - (1930 TV) Chaos for the end of the season, that's not too promising since he'll have some time to develop another Claw/MB player. I hardly see how i could win this one, baring some dice-related swings. Kill focused, with an AG4 Two-Heads, Sure Hands Beastman. Although this match-up will change a lot depending on how the season goes for each team. Conclusion : A very colorful division, i was a bit afraid to get a sea of Chaos / Nurgle / Chaos Dwarf / Orcs as is tradition in the higher ups. I'm not sure where will i end-up, although i know i have the tools to succed. My only hope is to make my mentor proud by printing one of my boot on each of his players. See you soon for the pre-game review!
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