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  1. Hello Mr. Admin,


    my opponent didnt turn up today (1B) and I got to get some sleep.

    Ill try to rescedule with him. 

  2. Actually the replay viewer has a planner mode. There you can delete the actions for a turn and make new ones. If you delete every action in a turn you can freely move the pieces around to show different setups. It also does the most common skillchecks for you and you always pass them !
  3. Great read @MrStarck, it was a very close game and in the end a very lucky win for me. Those Guard-Guardians gave me a lot of trouble and the touchback plus my pretty bad defense setup could have gotten you the draw, if not for that snaked GFI. I should definitely take more time to think about my moves too and I am still debating wether to apply for a mentor or not. Anyway, thanks for the writeup and of course the game. Good Luck for the rest of the season.
  4. I will use this opportunity to shamelessly plug my replay viewer. While it lacks the nice game graphics it lets you navigate replays easier and you get the option to clear the actions in a turn and show the mentee better ways to move/block ect.
  5. Thanks @brocCooLi, unlike @Madfrog's division mine actually has some good coaches in it. But that makes the 7 win streak acually more impressive. I try to keep it up and go for the 9/9 and with a little luck, some skill and my ag4 Blodge Skink it might be possible.
  6. Good news everyone. I just uploaded Version 1.4.11 of my Replay Viewer. I added graphs for Foul Armorbreaks and Injuries and fixed some minor bugs. The normal armor break and injury graphs still contain every roll made in the game.
  7. Glad to hear that @dolbain! Also: Good news everyone! I just uploaded Version 1.4.10 of my Replay Viewer. I fixed a display bug for Multiple Block (well Multiple Stab, I havent seen Multiple Block yet) and corrected some miscounted dodge rolls for the statistics.
  8. Good news everyone! I just uploaded Version 1.4.9 of my Replay Viewer. Its now possible to select which skills are diplayed on the pitch. I also fixed a bug that messed up turns for games where the kickoff event was cancelled on the first kickoff.
  9. Good news everyone! I just uploaded Version 1.4.8 of my Replay Viewer. It can display player skills on the pitch now.
  10. Quick bugfix -> Up to Version 1.4.6 now.
  11. Good news everyone! I just uploaded Version 1.4.5 of my Replay Viewer. I fixed some bugs and worked around some replay issues. Some dodge rolls were not counted and displayed correctly due to them missing a value in the replay file. That should now be fixed, so the stats are more accurate then ever :). Also if somebody knows of games where safe throw was used with safe throw failing it would be great if you could point me to that game. Combinations of safe throw against catch would also be good to see.
  12. Good news everyone! I just uploaded Version 1.4.3 of my Replay Viewer. Block dice stats are in!
  13. Good news everyone! I just uploaded Version 1.4.1 of my Replay Viewer. Now with dice roll graphs! 1d6 and 2d6 rolls are counted, blockdice will have to wait a while.
  14. Happy new year everyone! I just released an update to my Replay Viewer. (Version It lets you view replays from BB2 and you can replay turn(s) to find better solutions or practise oneturns. Enjoy! Blood Bowl 2 Replay Viewer
  15. Hi, I am online.

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