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  1. MD7: An Old Scrote Remembers... WTF?? Memes??? Never heard of them... Seems its just making a Stupid Face... Mind I am just an Old Scrote... Not down on the street with The Cool Kids.... Or in with the In Crowd... But then I wouldn't be Bloodbowling if I were would I...sitting here in my Old Pants surrounded by empty cans of Monster and discarded Wipes... Oh no.. I'd be struttin' my Funky Stuff cooling my jets and canoodling with the Hot Chicks... Oh Bugger!!!
  2. Nice report. From my perspective it was FRUS BLOODY TRATING.... Screen kept freezing at the centre mark, and I couldn't see half the field. Its the first time something like this has happened in goodness knows how many games...It meant that each move I made took two or three times as long as normally, and my turn kept timing out whilst I was trying to get the relevant rats in the frame... The hit on the ball carrier in the first half that I had lined up didn't happen 'cos I was looking at the centre of the field and couldn't see the furry fecker...Then any player on the periphery of
  3. I've done some stuff but I don't know how to add links.... I am old ..my eyes are dim etc....

  4. Season 2 - Dumb Ways To Die Mmmm…. Hello Boys and Girls Stupid Deaths...We've seen 'em. Like the entire Goblin team who overestimated the range for their new "TOUCHDOWN GUN" and ended in a messy pile behind the Squigburger stand... Or the Coffindodgers… a Vampire team who drank their entire supporters club membership during a half time break... But our prize for most stupid de
  5. You have exactly the same line up as Rattus....
  6. I'm happy to help even though I finished bottom of the bottom league...

    love bloodsplatter xxx

  7. i'm happy to help even though I finished bottom....

    love bloodsplatter xxx

    1. Mongloom


      And the help is muuuuuuuch appreciated!

  8. Any skaven team needs a Rat ogre. I mean who is going to get them out of fights in the local bar when the boys are caught "borrowing" a few choice items from the local populace. And as everyone knows, a good punch in the snout is often the best answer to the most complex philosophical arguments....
  9. Signed up as per ordered Mr Pad sir....
  10. Bloodsplatter confirming his place... Skavens being fed as we speak
  11. Coach name; Bloodsplatter Team name; Rattus Superbus Race; Skaven
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