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  1. Week 2 came up and so did @Littleshadow and his Khemri Team. The Wetterbiene brothers Falco and Milo were again sent to scout the opposing Team. Two days before the Match, the Team-meeting was concluded. Milo went up to the desk and started reporting. “We were told Khemri are slow and un-agile Teams but that seems to be a lie. I think they have a dead elf on the Team and the ball carrier seemed to have more muscle tissue on his rotting bones than he was supposed to. That elf guy looks scary, but he has constantly clutched his back in breaks so I think if we kick him there hard enough we sh
  2. Since the competition already started we only had a short time to get back into the loop and prepare for our first opponent. The first week had @Gallows Bait and his Human Team in store for us. At the Team meeting the Wetterbiene brothers Falco and Milo were chosen to scout out the opponent. They were known to be master of disguises in the Team. After a few hours they came back to report on what they had seen. It seemed the Team had an Ogre among their ranks smacking people left and right who looked very scary. Otherwise, something about the team just felt dodgy. Their movements somehow had
  3. Ladies and gentleman, sit back relax and let me tell you of a little sapling with big dreams. A story of hardship, grief, overcoming obstacles and of course friendship. Some time ago there was a little sapling called "Ember Schüttelast" growing up in the middle of an old forest. He had a quiet life doing nothing more than bathing in the sun, enjoying the peace and quiet of nature and of course snacking on some poor creatures who wondered off to far from home and found himself abandoned in the woods. Since his early days this fellow Tree man always told him how b
  4. if you don't find anybody else i could fling into action "ba dum tzz" (sorry for the bad pun). I have no idea about necro but i could offer a fairly decent Halfling Team to make it a little more entertaining. The Team is from season 34 (maybe 35) CCL and only 200tv below the to be repalced necro.
  5. Tlantilt our beloved "Killer" reached superstar status a few games ago but i completly forgot to post about it. He is the most generic killer you can ever find on a Lizzard Team. He is the second superstar on the Team but not even close in spp to our first superstar (31 more to go for legend i think). No stats, no doubles just efficient and boring normals for him to try doing his job. He is one of the backbones of the Team and i thought i'd post about him in here before he bites the dust aswell this season like so many of his friends and family did in the last 4 games. @Tys123 i'd
  6. @Bevani'm terrebly sorry but i can honestly not say if you completly agree or disagree with me but if i had to guess i would say you agree? Maybe you're right about the native speaker thing here at least for me. I never said you have to change anything and i tried to make that as clear as possible. This is your league and your decision. Merely made suggestions and asked for a rephrasing that does not change the rules but emphasizes the intended meaning. To be frank with you i wanted to quit OCC at the end of last season which i even mentioned in the decisions threat but
  7. I understand what you mean but only taking parts of the rulebook is kinda disingenuous in my oppinion. Bloodbowl 2 is in fact not the Tabletop game but rather a variation of it with not many but a certain amount of changes. For example stadium enhancements. If you wanna argue with the rulebook and authenricety you need to take the step CCL took and turn them of or just except the fact you go by your own rules. Which is completly fine to do but it takes away the "we go by the books" argument for me. Yes i called him a cunt and i'm sorry for that. Cunt is a sexist derogativ term that
  8. Dear ladys, gentlemen and others, Like the title says this is about legal concessions, why they exist and my view on one of the rules stated in "The Orca Cola Championshiop Rulebook". I hope it is ok for me to post this in the Quesion part of the Forum but i couldn't find a better place to put it. Disclaimer: What I'm writing here is my oppinion and the beautifull thing about oppinions is that in most cases there is no right or wrong but rather just objective truthes. You are more then welcome to not share my oppinion or disagree with me on what i'll be writing. I
  9. and how on earth is that a bad thing? don't let your mind be swayed by people talking about beasts drinking blood and emo tree huggers. It is the way.
  10. You know you want it. You know you needed. It is time to rise above all those filthy creatures crawling around on the pitch. There is only one way to cleanse these lands and restore justice, Honor and glory. Come to the bright side of the pitch. Join your bretheren in our holy crusade and you will be rewarded my friend.
  11. how can i list more then 1 Team in the selection collum?
  12. Praise little skittles Season 18 Recap: What a season it was my friends. We got our first Superstar, the St6 Saurus finally got block since i couldn't take the 3rd +st he rolled thanks to ingame restrictions, we lost our Surehands skink and i don't even remember how many kroxi we lost this season. First game was against @tubragg and his stunty kislev Team. Never seen so many Niggles on a Team. His killer removed himself turn 2 first half was realy roudy and we nearly managed to get the turn 8 score with some luck. Second half was a dicing of the hardest accord. 3 more touchdow
  13. if you are just looking for a quick game i recomend CCL. if you looking for more advanced consultation:
  14. @Ynwe told me to go here if i wanna volunteer. I started playing OCC in season 15. Got 870 hours in BB2 some in bb1 and some Tabletop experience but not that much. My results in OCC have been decent so far I'd say. only 250 online games total so but with a decent winrate. My alltime favourite race is by far Lizzards which i play in OCC aswell but they don't have such a hard learning curve compared to some other Teams in my oppinion. I played a good number of Chorf games and feel comfortable with them aswell. Other Teams i feel strongly about giving advice are halflings, Ogres a
  15. I think i should be able to help out if there are still people Needed. Prefered races are lizzards, Chorfs, Flings, Gobbos and Ogres. Could help decently with most bashy Teams aswell i guess but defenetly not with elves and stuff.
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