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  1. The people love you my lord! As i thought my limited free time / inspiration has slowly started to fade. However i shall try to keep this season somewhat recorded! We indeed faced lizards and game went as we thought i would go. They played another aggressive attack, we allmost managed to stop them from scoring. And as they scored relatively quickly on first half we managed to score equalizer on first half. We made ton of minor mistakes, but in the end we managed to scrape 2-1 victory. Ah, the little hero. Well, I may have a surprise for you. We started out strong as we attacked, but as we removed few of them we were bit too aggressive on fouling and as we weren't playing on our home stadium it meant we lacked free bribe. We played relatively well, with minor mistakes here and there. We made first touchdown and they made equalizer on second half. We almost managed to prevent that score, but once again our attempts were futile. We had quite plenty time to score equalizer however and as they failed something (which i can´t remember) we managed to do handing off and ran to touchdown. Another 2-1 victory for us and we took 2 heavy casualties. Promoter Tom 17/31 SPP (Dirty Player, Wrestle) Got Niggling Injury. Soon as we receive new dirty player he shall retire. Composer Jack 32/51 SPP (Guard, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow) Received STR- from foul. We apoed it and later same game he received AV-. Poor fella, he retired after the game. So with some TV trimmed we faced vampires. These fools had quite rough start and we would make it even rougher. Game started with blitz against us and as our blocking dice weren´t working as indented we failed to down vampires near the ball. In the end they managed to pick the ball up and as dice weren't working they made defensive touchdown. This left some turns for us to make it 1-1, but things were looking grim for us. We made some positioning mistakes and only due doubleskulls from our opponent we managed to score. Without those doubleskulls we would have suffered surf with ball and who knows where it would have landed? Second half their bloodlusts started to fail and they removed their own players. Game was 1-1 and they were attacking. As they were losing players we knew we could pressure them to drop the ball, but it was hard fought. In the end we managed to get the ball and made few critical errors, but Nuffle were kind to us. We scored and sealed the game 2-1. So at the moment we are top of the leaderboard. Next we face dark elves who have similiar record from this season. At the moment my team hasn´t received any level ups, so our development has stopped for now. Also our fouls have been quite ineffective and referee has been too keen to watch when we stomp our opponents. Like on matchday 3 we fouled 4 times, rolled doubles 3 times and failed bribe. My predictions have been working quite well thus far! This is why i shall say i will try win my matchday 4 match and if i do i will try go for "Perfect Season" award. Also as i finally received new computer i shall try my luck on streaming. I have heard that "streamer dice" exists so i will use every advantage i get. My next match is scheduled on Monday 20.09. 18UTC and it might be first stream i make. Let´s hope i wont make many mistakes due that! Eat steel!
  2. OCCupational Therapy Have you ever felt like you are just born to do just one thing? It's like constantly you are reminded what "your" role in society is. As like "You have very long legs, you should play in kislev team" or "You like to pass the ball, so you should be an thrower!". That might be the case, but why can't folk let others do their own decision and form their own paths? Why can't Ogre be an dedicated ball carrier? Why Goblin couldn't be goon of Orc team? Why does having claws make you an killer? That is question you need to ask about yourself as most us have been guilty for that kind of thoughts. But after today your perspective might change. As today we have very special guest, who tells us how he feels about pressure that society have given him. He tried talk about it with his team, but they just laughed as it were joke. How can ones feelings be joke? It all began when i was just youngling. We were playing ball on our backyard when it happened. I hurt my beast friend. I had developed claws. After that day my life changed forever.. My dreams of becoming florist had been crushed. Crushed like my friends sternum. From that day i swore that i would never hurt anyone, but i was wrong. So wrong. None wants to hire beast man with claws to work or attleast on "normal" work. Should i starve or should i forsake my ideology? Should i join Blood Bowl team or should i live remainder of my short life in misery? I didn't have a choice then. I don't have choice now. As i joined my current team their coach told me i would get nice job as one of their ball retrievers. That wasn't optimal, but it brings food to the table, but soon as i participated in first match i learned the hard truth. My role weren't same as i was told. "If they have no players they can't carry the ball" coach said to me and pointed at opposing blitzer. He was young, full of hope. And it was my job to end that. I tried asking for anything else, they could even bench me but all my pleas were in vain. It was my job to inflict pain. There is no way out for me anymore. There is no escape. All you young ones, cut your claws before it's too late. I wish none of you this same fate. I hope all of you watching now understand better that it's not always that players fault. If this opened your eyes or you enjoyed reading about this torment fell free to give this post an upvote,
  3. So far our rallying has been working! At the moment our team consist @Ratamo @Gelbek @Fuggernomics TBD TBD @Bouffon If you're interested just gimme holler! We accept everyone, as you see when we took Bouffon! Rules can be found here!
  4. Either works, so let's try go for Monday!
  5. Generally i tend to play 17-20utc, earlier the better. And as i have one game on weekend i would like to play on weekdays. Would Monday / Tuesday next week around 17 ish work?
  6. So things are looking quite bad for us. We couldnt deliver enough points and without miracle we are out from finals. That in mind there must be way to redeem ourselves. We shall win next season! That is why we rally new warband! As our last captain has decided to step down, new leader rises. So if you are interested to join this competition and be part of OCC team or just want to know more, contact me. I shall be captain or general in this war.
  7. So we are at it again! Deadline to get games played is 22.09 midnight UTC!
  8. I have no idea what your opponent induces but it can be something like DP peasant (130k) and babe. Especially as they play on their home stadium!
  9. So it's @Tys123 vs @cpervert and @Nateguy75 vs @thunderstruck Deadline to get matches played 08.09. midnight UTC! Touchdown rolls can be seen in OCC discord channel.
  10. I was actually aiming to get 8th but as it failed needed to improvise. Basically all coaches reach playoffs and who finishes first after 5 matches will earn bye on round 1. Top 3 will earn awards on regular season for making most impact and top 3 will earn playoff trophies!
  11. There is allways chance to join reserve list, thought that doesnt guarantee spot but it's a start!
  12. @Leman_X_Russ rematch! New team, but rivalry continues! Generally im free 17-20 UTC. Free from Wednsday onwards
  13. Okay first of all, sorry that launching season took this long! Rules: -Season is 5 matchdays long. Top 8 reach playoffs. -Wissen/Swiss format -2 week long matchdays. Matchday moves forward in advance if all games are played. -3 minute turns, ageing off. Kick-off events on. -3 possible teams to pick, each has their own restrictions. Each team starts as fresh. -Chaos, only Beastmen, Minotaur allowed -Nurgle, Pestigors, Beast of Nurgle and Rotters allowed -Underworld, Blitzers, Troll and Goblins allowed. -Player vs PC matches are automatically validated as 1-1 draw. Roll for TD can be found on OCC discord channel. -Whenever team levels up they must take mutation, unless they roll double or stat up. In case of double or stat they can choose to take it. If player has allready 1 mutation (from leveling) and manage to reach 3rd level they may take any skill they want. Also as we couldn't get hold of frick you it meant that we have 3 Al teams. But we shall not worry! Deadline to get games played is 12.09. but with so few games i assume we can get this done quicker. Leman X Russ vs Ratamo Broccooli vs Cpervert Other matches have been confirmed! Spike link for competition!
  14. Our schedule looks like this! Here are some predictions and some talk about teams and their coaches. Predictions are based how their team looks like, how my team looks like and how our crusaders can fare against them in war in general. Matchday 1 we face Synthric - Rippling Blues - Lizardman - This is rematch! As we faced them last time we got the longer straw. However they might plot revenge for us, but we don't mind. Crusaders tend to have many infidels who try oppose our crushing force. We will win this match similiar score like last time as we are more developed than them. Conclusion: 2-1 Matchday 2 we face Kia Sidhe - Couronne Croissants - Bretonnian - These look friendlier than other crusaders, but we have hunch that they shan't be nice for us when we meet. Even that they are slightly better equipped than us this early, we assume this will be close call. Both sides will suffer casualties and when we make ceasefire it is not certain who will win this game. We shall name them "The Snake" and we shall ask them: Who are YOU to challenge me and my right to rule these lands? Conclusion: 2-1 victory, but with casualties. Matchday 3 we face LordJair - CJTCs - Vampire - So we meet vampires now! These creatures stalk innocent people and we can't stand idle longer. We must act, we must take stand! We don't what to expect from them, so we must prepare for everything. Preparing carcass! Conclusion: Victory 3-2 as Vampires tend to score fast. Matchday 4 we face Stomm - Red Widdows - Dark Elf - Scoundrels! Bandits! Another poor soul who has fell into darkness. We shall hack the light in them! They have quite rough matches in first games, so they might have been weakened just enough so we could inflict damage to them even further. This might be game where we can't expect clear victory, but it's part of our psychological warfare. Aarghh...! You are indeed a thorn in my side! Conclusion: 2-2 draw. Matchday 5 we face Weblin - Avenge Pros - Elf - This team doesn't have a chance against us! They would be fools to oppose our forces, but yet they will. We shall hunt them down for their effrontery. However cause they are fast we can't shut them totally out. Conclusion: Another 2-1 victory for us! Matchday 6 we face DakaMan - D'Orcs 2.0 - Orc - We are closing our goal now. This time we meet (P)Ork team aka The Pig. This team could be scary, but they have lost more battles than they have won. That is why we will intend to keep that record the same and crush them. Pig not like this. Maybe Pig in trouble? Conclusion: 1-0 victory. Matchday 7 we face Zulu501 - The Black Watch - Bretonnian - Another comrade in arms, but they are more intimidating than earlier one. Slightly glad we meet them later on season, but somehow they attack us in middle of our heaviest battles. That in mind we might have hard time and it might be first loss we could receive this season. If we were to compare we could say they have similiriaties with The Wolf. My men approach. You will trouble me no more. Conclusion: 2-1 defeat. Matchday 8 we face Elarion - Infernal Mushrooms - Chaos Dwarf - Last stop before we reach our destination. This team looks average, but that in mind they might be deadly. They have long march ahead of them and they might be able to reinforce their troops to counter ours in meantime. We shall try preserve our army and retreat if necessary. We have larger goals ahead of us. Conclusion: 2-1 defeat or 1-1 draw. And finally on matchday 9 we face Gelbek - Roughnecks' Holiday - Human - This is our final stop. Our final battle before we can disaband our army momentarily. These poor souls have turned against us, even that we used to help them and what did we receive? Just minor threats and big talk. That is why they are named The Rat. We face our latest pupil. Knight versus his squire. We shall give them lesson they won't forget. Our opponent can just mumble with their broken voice: No need to panic, Ratty... no need to... panic, stay calm, STAY CALM! Conclusion: 3-1 victory for us! Last season our predictions were mostly correct, which means this season shouldn't be different. Our crusade will start here, but it won't end untill we have reached our ultimate goal, which is claiming Holy Grail which resembles like trophy. Championship trophy. This will be a march to remember!
  15. @frick you is last, If i can't get hold of him tomorrow i'll add third and get things moving!
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