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  1. Wait.. You actually won the match? That's new one.
  2. This was new addittion that i made due peer pressure! But it increases chance to win awards if team is on midtable!
  3. @Leman_X_Russ when ya wanna play? Generally im free after 17UTC but shoot times you wanna play
  4. Day rolled, deadline is 27th Playoffs will happen between top 8 teams, so last push for y'all!
  5. Our second season started with Underworld team. They had to step into light of our stadium, but their skills weren't weakened in daylight. Fans cheered and took their side for some reason. We flipped the coin, but as it was weighted it landed in their favour. We must defend first. They started out strong and KO'd 2 our brave peasants. I assume they tried to shut our fouling game or just target weakest ones. Nevertheless we will stand strong! We punched em pushed em, but our spirit wasn't broken! We launched attack after attack and tried to withstand their fouls. They made fouls aft
  6. Good old Referee Rest Area aka Free Bribe! My dirty peasants dont mind! Oh, that's new one. I thought it's more or less randomized.. So now i'll have to foul more so i can enjoy my stadium while it lasts!
  7. As two coaches failed to sign up before deadline 2 slots have opened for fresh teams in Tier 6.
  8. Second season for our band is upon us and we have finally scouted our all opponents and our schedule of the season. Our quest haven't been completed yet and there are many who will try get in our way. But we come prepared. The cost of preparedness - measured now in gold, later in blood. On matchday 1 we meet Underworld with quite beaten roster on our home field. Their Blodge tackling clawed mightly blower is luckily MNG on first match which means they have their biggest threat off the field. This be good start. They can bring 12 man or creature on the field and we are t
  9. So have ya' heard the legend of tripwire? That hard challenge before touchdown line. Some say it's myth, just tale of old wives. But believe me, it has taken most lives. It can save ya' or it can ruin yer game. But biggest mistake is to call it on it's name. Tripwire, barbed wire, snakes in the grass. It makes even mightiest tree men shatter like glass. But where does it come from, ya' might ask. To stop them elves who run so fast? But it's not only for elves but for any race 'Cause barbed tripwire will show ya' yer place.
  10. Yes wonderfull! See ya on pitch!
  11. Oof i just realized it's playoff day in ice-hockey.. Would Friday do?
  12. @Oregon heya mate! Im generally availlable around 17UTC to 20UTC preffered 17ish start, could possibly do earlier if needed on weekend or next week. Tomorrow (wed) is no go, otherwise free.
  13. Week 3 is here. Deadline to get matches played is 16.6.
  14. Finally i can "properly" tell that i earned multi-awards this season! -Winner of T6 -Dirty Git -Psychic Bounty hunter i was 2nd, so i couldn't hack all sidecompetitions
  15. I managed to inflict more damage than my opponent for my suprise. That and catch with Fanatic after i missplaced my ballcarrier was key points in my second game. It was allmost illegal and referee thought that too as he send my Fanatic off after it scored TD.. Mean ref. Allmost made random saurus TD but he failed pickup on T16. It would have been magical. Just 3 blocks, 2+ 2+ 2+, pow/stumble 5+ 2+ 2+ Totally doable. Without reroll.
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