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  1. With SF i assume bear is going to be roadblock / marker type. Block is other option, but if you feel like not activating bear that often i would go for STR+ too
  2. Game doesnt allow you to take same stat up more than twice, so sadly you cant make it agi6 one. Ive seen one sauri roll 3x STR+ and sadly it was just stuck at ST6.
  3. I would join, but sadly that playoff weekend im away! Maybe next time they run this im in!
  4. It's never too late!
  5. With the team or keeping this type of story driven team blog?
  6. You open your eyes, but can't see anything. Air feels thick in your throat, you feel cold whenever you inhale but you are sweating at same time. You can hear blood gushing into your head, you feel heart pounding like never before. You would give anything for small glimpse of light, but you know that light could only lure even worse things than the darkness. You grope but you can't feel anything. Where are you and why? Will you move forward and maybe find yourself out from this place or do you turn back? Where did you even come from? Darkness has numbed most of your senses and you could think your eyes would have accustomed to darkness. You still can't see anything. You carefully move forward. Slowly you lose track of time and it feels like eternity. Air is transforming heavier but the coldness has stopped. It feels more warm now and you smell something powerfully stingy. It is somehow familiar but you can't tell what it is. Maybe it's smell of smoke, but where would that originate from? That would explain thick air you're breathing, but you should have passed out if it would be smoke. It is not too late to turn back you think. Or is it? You stumble upon something yet manage to keep your balance. It sounded metallic but it were really frail. You are about to pick it up but you hear something. Clanging sound echoes from the walls and it's rather rhythmic sound too. You hear chanting along the clangs, but its more subtle and more silent. Could it be dwarvish? You are about to yell towards the voice but decide not to. You have no idea what dangers lie there, better to move it more cautiously. Because of the echoes you have finally realized where the walls are. You move forward, hugging the walls and suddently you can see light. Light is blinding and it burns your eyes. You squeal in pain and turn your head away from it. Long awaited light, thing you was hoping for feels like an curse now. It takes time but pain slowly drifts away. You start to see whats in front of you, what is beneath you and you can see silhuettis around you. Silhuettis of something that clearly isn't coming from men. And they are closing in. They seem to be hostile at first glance and you brace for impact. Impact that never happens. These figures just stare at you, like they would wait for something. But what are they waiting? Finaly ya came! We wer worried bout ya! One figure says and you realize that accent anytime. It is dwarf, but not any kind of dwarf. Chaos dwarf. And for some reason they were expecting your arrival. Most of them around you don't make a sound, but you can see their well crafted armours. You see few pointy hats on corner and you know you were right. These ARE chaos dwarves. You count three hobgoblins and six dwarves. Total nine abominations. There must be more? You see four pair of hooves, but just two huge heads. That can't be right. You allways thought bull centaurs are myth. Why am i here you think and what do they want? These creatures gesture that you should follow them into the light. Maybe there will be clues what you must do?
  7. God dammit. You beat me in everything. Well done @Guido Baggins!
  8. Once again OCC was close to getting into playoffs but this time we couldnt make it into top 2. New season is upon us and we need 2 brave coaches to join our warband. This season we shall get into playoffs, but we need your help to make it!
  9. Ratamo


    Awards come by default! However all awards havent been here long and if i recall the star award (for stepping in and such) hasnt been here for that long (like 3-4 seasons give or take) Awards list can be found here Admins handle awards by tier and leaguewide are done separatetly. Tldr; I assume that award wasnt there at that point and backtracking all possible awards is too big task by default.
  10. Interesting place to schedule, but i assume you need Aunt Stillas help too
  11. Hi Aunt Stilla! I have an deep dark fear which i can't tell to anyone and i dont know what to do with it. I am an Blood Bowl player and i love what i am doing. Entering the pitch and hearing crowd roar gets my blood pumping like nothing else. I feel im superstar even thought i have just learned thing or two within my career. But the thing i don't like is high places and leaping. I can't stand leaping and i can't stand after trying it. I've seen countless of my friends try diving inside cages and i've seen just few of them recover from it unscathed. Coach tells me that our team needs someone who knows how to wrestle and i fear i am next. How can you overcome your fear and if you can't how can i continue playing the game i truly love? Why does proud Kislev need to leap anyway? -Viktor Oi Viktor! Surely your coach has recognized your talent and can use it elsewhere. The world is an open path and you have just stepped on it. Going against coaches wish can result in unwanted outcome so you must convince them otherwise. Are you good at kicking? If you are there is big choice do you want to kick the ball or opposing players when they are down. Both roles could fit you perfectly, but it requires different kind of courage to choose that path. As you were courageous enough to bring this topic up you surely are brave enough to do something unexpected. World is like chocolate box. It pleases for a while and after halfway you can't stand it for a while. -Stilla. Your favourite aunt. Yo Stil! I was lining up to join this new goblin team, but suddently heard coach talking about need for chainsaw. I could live with ball and chain or even with bombs in my hand, but chainsaw.. Have you seen what it can do? I have but i surely wish i wouldn't. Is there any way i can skip that part and be regular one? I fear sharp things. Especially if they have motor inside. Or is there any way to overcome my fear? -Sharp go away Hey you! There is plenty you can do about it but coaches word is the law. If you are handed the chainsaw you must brace it. Make it part of you and let it sink in. But not inside your skull. Or torso. Chainsaw can be loud but not as loud as crowd when you compose it's roaring into music that cuts trough flesh. -Stilla. Chainsaw Fanatic. O'auntie Stilla! It be me Tom! You not might know who me be, but me be Tom! I play this game with knight and other knight and i hear i important in me own way. But one thing me no understand. When me on field they be yelling "Stomp on it Tom, stomp on it!" but i no know what to stomp. Last time i stomp on ball and i got yelled. "You touch no ball!" I stomped on knight, but i gots yelled again. What be Tom stomping then? -T O M Hi Tom! I surely didn't know you and i guess it surely isnt pleasure to meet you. I've heard stories that you peasants are stupid, but you surely take home the prize. Only time you could manage to touchdown would be when you touch yourself. Do not step on ball and do not step on your own players. Stomp on opponents when they are ground. Stomp on them like no other. And do not write again. -Aunt S - Not your relative. Dis be big roplem we have. Me an Ogre, me play game. Bu we has roplim. We has snotlin, who be crazy. Dis snot can smell blood and it be scary. It attacks each time, it bite mi hand. It bite mi coach. It bite mi ref. It be on frenzy. Me tryna blitz, ba dat snot be roarin and it blitz all time. What we do wid dat un? Me scared. -Snot not nice So your team consists Ogres and you are afraid of snotling? How on earth can that be? Here i thought i would have seen it all, but no. Just no. There had to be terrifying snotling didn't there? You are big, it is small. EAT THAT DAMN THING. I am paid too little for this job. -Stilla, hungrier than ever. ------ Erhm. There might be some missconduct on our Aunts behavior and publisher will take proper actions.
  12. Played rather conservatively first half, made fouls with DP (and 2 bribes) as there were allways someone overextented. Fouls worked pretty well and got some removals. Scored on defencr, scored on attack and due diving tackle i managed to score again T16 meaning another 3-0 victory
  13. MD1 3-0 victory. Thought i could try playing it more aggressively from now on to compete for football trophy MD2: Had solid attack, but as diving tackle and prehensible chain couldnt stop dodges and blodge was lie couldnt score. Sacked ball, couldnt get to the ball. Sacked ball (or tried with strip ball) but 1/9 into dubskull. Got down 1-0. Scored quickly, bad kick, sacked ball after major fuckup (moved stripper to base and not free lino) and failed pass to make it 2-1. So 1-1. Top of the leaderboard now, but killer norse is next.
  14. 1 season old kislev in T3 was kinda harsh, so i'll take this. 5-0-4 where 3 losses were cause i couldnt pick the ball up. And one game if you get blitzed and pitch invasion next half where over half team is downed you can't expect much. Especially if you snake leap to hit the ball with strip ball lino. But hang in there, i'll reach you sooner or later
  15. Achtually i reached 4th place as spike hasnt updated my win and that means i stopped tubragg to 6th place. Our kislev off was quite dicing inflicted by me!
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