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  1. Matchday 3 and with it our third quest is behind us. We faced brigands, whom call themselves norse. Their team had taken quite some beating allready in their 2 earlier games and we wouldn't be gentle to them either. Or would we? They were lower on team value (80k), so they induced Boomer. Which was quite unexpected. Personally i would have waited for Bribe to happen, but alas they had different plan. We won the coin tossing and chose to receive. We even won both sides of stadium so we got ourselves 2+ fame! They fielded boomer and we had brilliant plan to break their armour an
  2. Finally it is complete! This is something that @Rymdkejsaren gave me inspiration in. Most will end up here, covered in the poisoned earth, awaiting merciful oblivion. I will (try) keep this updated as our journey carries on. On brighter side our squad was reinforced with Bouncer Stan 0/6 - Lineman, but we still have only 10 players at the moment. But we will endure this challenge!
  3. I managed to stumble there also and jesus be damned it was annoying. Death, death, death, death, death. Fuck me. I swapped few charms (which sounds simple solution, but im stupid) and after hard grinding i managed to clear it! (Hiveblood+Grubsong amazing combo on platforming) Also killed Traitor Lord (i think) which was pain in my ass before. I still have third phase of arena remaining and probably Failed Champion (which i need to locate first)
  4. I loaded my save and realized how much i've missed. Queens gardeb had few places i didn't visit and deepholm was half unexplored as i accidentally stumbled stag station there and never returned. I've found alot new secrets and secrets inside secrets. At the moment im banging my head in Grey mourner quest as im too clumsy to make one final jump. If ya dont know what it is, it's quest where you must go from place a to b without taking single damage. And i loterally have failed the last jump 5 times
  5. Welcome back to Survivor Orca-Cola! Last week we witnessed tragic events of Quetzal tribe, where only one competitor remained alive. Meanwhile on tribe Slibli had feast. Or attleast Stomp had feast as he ate Lotho and tiger who ate CubeFarmer. As it isnt time to merge our tribes just yet we managed to reinforce Quetzal. Our faster participants are arriving just as i talk. And i am obviously Detlef Probst. First new member of tribe Quetzal. Vampire who obviously does superherolanding. Vampire whose team has fought in Championship (and still does) and who have injured more players th
  6. We went trough our second quest. This time we faced dark elves, who had won their first game like we did. How did it go? Not perfectly, but not total failure either. We took bit too much stress damage from this journey. They won the fans and won the coin tossing. They kicked the ball for us. We managed to break some armour from line of scrimmage, they managed to KO our player next turn. We fouled their player to KO box right after. We made some removals, some armour breaks and advanced slowly with the ball. We planned few fouls, but either we failed to down opponent we intented to
  7. 23 hours and i got myself into 68%. Last boss was bit too easyish (or i was extremely lucky) Glad there were savepoint just before it so i can gribd other stuff. Im still missing attleast one skill upgradge and other stuff : Also as i finished i unlocked new mode where there is no shade and death is permament.
  8. Big hand? That way he would be terrifying ball retriever.
  9. Few hours played (2-3 hours or so) and im getting more and more hooked. 2 bosses beaten, new skills learned. Game is much More complex than i thought on first glance. Also i managed to read what things do, so things started getting easier when i bought that thing so my map gets updated. Now i'll just need to figure out where i must go next..
  10. Well in CCL you can concede "legally" during turn if you meet the requirements. (2 players on pitch + reserve box combined)
  11. It depends much on Nuffles plan for us. There will be casualties, there will be blood, will there be victory?
  12. On our very first match we faced wood elves. We had gameplan in mind, which was outcassing them and fouling them. And if possible we should foul their wardancers. They won coin tossing and decided to kick the ball to us. Packs laden with loot are often low on supplies. They got some rerolls from kick-off, while we got nothing. Once again Narrator were right. We broke their armour, but couldnt get anything else than stuns. We fouled them, got stun and from another foul we got ourselves another stun and sending off. We were doing most of the punches, but still had le
  13. I've got this on my to be played list! Allready have downloaded it as it were free on PS+, but havent had time to play it yet. Edit: Started playing it as i had few moments before i had to leave for work. I played it 30minutes or so and were suprised how i enjoyed it. Sidescrolling platformer didn't sound something i would enjoy (as my super mario playing days are over), but i guess it was the athmosphere or something that got me sucked in. For reference i tried that "Cuphead" game when it was the thing and didn't like such "simplistic" controls etc. Gotta play it bit
  14. That gave me vague idea what i'll need to do! I'll need to make graveyard!
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