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  1. So we managed to play our matchday 3 match against Lizards. They had some nicely developed team, but we induced wizard and babe so we get the advantage here. Or so i thought. They won coin tossing and chose to receive. We kicked short kick so we could take advantage of it, but they got quick snap and catched the ball. After first succesfull block i was down one lineman for good as Music Editor Arseneyev got AV- and paired with Niggle he allready had he were too weak to carry on. You won't be missed. Skinks then rushed towards their own endzone, probably aiming that his Sauris would
  2. With 4 ghouls in roster and ton of money i would try this
  3. Damn. Where i would make my sandwiches then?
  4. Sounds good, i probably should check can My toaster run it. And by toaster i mean my laptop as it humms, it turns hot quite fast and you can smell stuff ocasionally
  5. Im slowly and steadily getting my signature better and better. Thought i gotta admit i took somewhat easy route, but yet im somewhat happy of my accomplishment. Wanted something more into it so replaced that man with bear. Aaaand i when i looked up how colourfull you all had i had to do some adjustments (and this was only your fault @LordJair, i wouldnt have looked this area if you wouldnt have resurrected this) and now it is like this I know my sig is visible allready on PC, but if i do some adjustments it's easy
  6. Draw is draw! And attleast you've got waaaay better start of season than i do. I normally dont apo linos, but if it's agi4 combined with few skills id prolly make expection too.. I've managed to reclaim my strenght and with (attleast in my predictions) Winner and Runner-Ups are dealth with i can start winning path. Shame bout those MNG's, but attleast they are safe from Rutury's killers...
  7. MD1: 50 Shades of Leap vs Novosibirsk Dwellers coaches by @Rutury Long story short. We didn't get draw. We got ourselves beaten 3-0. Also we took 3 permas and one which will haunt Sound Technician Kobylov till his grave. Actually he ended up in grave. I knew it would be hard match to play, but as long our armour would hold it would be doable. Not much to say from that match. We tried playing elfball, we rolled badly, we suffered hardly from it. MD2 50 Shades of Leap vs IKEA Brothers coached by @Bantha
  8. Daamn! Close call there mate! I still fear you manage to get more points than me from round 1, but it means you dont get huge point difference attleast for now. Hope we together can bring glory for kislevs!
  9. Daamn. My kislevs don't mind and as you play Chaos Dwarfs you don't get my full symphaty. Attleast this division is quite nice to rebuild as not many bash teams! And thanks!
  10. As we have finally discovered our schedule we can proceed on writing expectatitions and gameplan section. First up is the match we least were expecting. Match against @Rutury and his 2100 TV Nurgle. 170k money in pot, so most likely 2180 in team value when we face. Which would give us 340k in inducements. If our armour is better than it should be we might have shot at this. My team is lacking guard so only thing we can do is hope that they fail the ball playing game and we can utilize our agility and steal the free ball. Expectation: Brutal match, draw is decent o
  11. We landed in 2C and there is one nemesis of ours. Bantha. Tier 2 2C Jjape - Torilla Tavataan - Dwarf - - CarlBlitz - Plz be gentle - Necromantic - - Ugh (Oook!) - Unlucky Greedy Hopers - Kislev - - Pylon - Bleak House - Chaos Dwarf - - raspel - Raspel's Pontifices - Lizardman - - Badger69 - Athletico Mince - High Elf - - Crunky Chops - Serial Sinkers - Vampire - - Rutury - Novosibirsk Dwellers - Nurgle - - Bantha - IKEA Brothers - Elf - - Ratamo - 50 Shades of Leap - Kislev - Once again, it w
  12. Looks like i get new kislev-off this season and this time against @Ugh (Oook!) ! And as @tubragg managed to promote we've got quite race as there ain't any other kislevs on top tier! GL to y'all and let's hope all of us (and from lower tiers too) promote so we can show them all!
  13. But let us carry on for the next thing which is, season recap. WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD! First up we met @Nateguy75 and his chubby little dwarfs. Arent they cute with their small little feet! We had upperhand at first, but nuffle intervened and wanted us to draw.. Only to throw Riot on T16 to give us chance to score and win the game. We managed to do just that. 2-1 for Kislevs! Next up were @cjblackburn and his peons undefeated orcs. This was match which i knew we would struggle. Both teams scored once on first half, but our opponent forgot to score
  14. MD9: 50 Shades of Leap vs Ugly & Calamitous coached by @naoufel70 Pre-Game: With win we have shot at first place, with draw we have chance to end up 3rd and with lose we probably end up 4th. We were down in TV so we induced wizard and 2x Bloodwiser babes. Nurgle won the coin tossing and chose to receive. Weather turned out to be nice and fans favoured us! First Half: Perfect Defence. Works for us thank you nuffle! Line of scrimmage blocks brought nothing and we couldn't do anything significant either. They badly hurted our lineman, we KO'd th
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