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  1. As i look upon these slimy creatures i feel pity for them. They are weak, dirty and horrible. I dont know what i could learn from those creatures. All they know is how to jump on opponent. That is not enough for me. I want something more and i want something they can't offer to me. I shall look upon Zenitsu. Day 1: I have realized this creature has more arms than ordinary pestigor. This little creature ignores the fighting and tends to run away from the danger. It is hard to gain it's trust. I must proceed cautiously Day 2: This creatures routines are easy to spot. When near the ball it attempts to pick it up and straight away moves behind his teammates. Interesting.. For some reason this tiny creature doesn't move quickly, but uses his goons to back it up. What does it fear? Day 4: When danger approaches and their goons arent in close vicinity it tries escaping. Fool. Weakling. That creature is rather good at it thought, but im curious why is it so? Day 9: I have made breaktrough in my research. It is because of their two heads. But how does one gain another one and how does second head help? Day 23: I have much questions, but little answers. I have slowly gained trust of this pestigor. It doesn't try to blitz me at sight anymore. Day 44: Im trying to raise myself another head, but so far i havent gained any success in it. And i havent managed to get new hand either. This seems to be waste.. Day 50: It feels it's impossible for me to mutate. It might be proper time to think about alternative solutions. I have wasted enough time allready.. I could try find Woofbark and his underworld team Warpstone Watchers. Maybe if i infuse myself in Warpstone i could have chance to mutate. Then all this wouldn't be waste. There is chance i don't need to ruin my beautifull body with extra limbs if i just learn the agile ways. And if i train just enough i could learn how the Skaven team Grim Anklebiters and their coach Janster mutate. Or i could force the mutation out of me. And just tear another head of Zenitsu and attach it into me. It's not the most subtle way, but it surely get's things going. What is the correct way if you want to learn mysteries of mutations? Is it way of warpstone, way of foul gods or is it pure force? You must help our hero Chris T.N.O. (The Number One) Primadonna decide the right way. You can do it in here and if you enjoyed this post drop an upvote while your at it.
  2. I took the longer straw with admin dice! Thanks all for the season! I'll cook something up next week!
  3. Servers down most likely. Happens now and then and noone knows why.
  4. Finals are here! Ratamo made there with admindice and Tys123 made it with help of Nuffle! It's gonna be real rumble! @brocCooLi & @Leman_X_Russ if you want i can cook bronzematch for you. Many thanks for everyone who played this season! Next season there shall be new ruleset again but more from that later! @Tys123 when you want to play? Generally around 18 is good for me, today is booked up but otherwise free. Thus saturday im playing most of the day so if you want then just tell what time you would prefer
  5. Extra skill is 50k. DP thrall would be 120k in that case
  6. Endurance is for defensive players. Passing isn't something that comes naturally and passing means other player might get the glory. I wont allow that. I am Blood Bowl god. I won't use my time against mortals, so why did i ponder about claws in first place? My playstyle is unique and elegant, i shall hone my skills with vampires. Maybe they are match for me, which i highly doubt. As i approach this legendary coaches manor i see that my low expectations aren't met. There are no greeters outside, it's all dark and whoever designed this place was fond of clichés. It feels like i have made terrible mistake when i chose this place. But i can't turn back, i've come too far. I hear whispers and mumbled screams from distance. It reminds me of my childhood. I can see pale thralls around, few are lying on the stone floor and they look to be stunned. What on earth is this? It's lust my friend.. Hollow voice says from direction i can't tell. Lust for blood and lust for fame.. As i hear it again im getting more and more confident that the voice could belong to the one i came to see. But before i can open my mouth and ask am i right the voice just continues. I know why you are here.. But you must choose your own path.. Not take something that was told, but something you need.. First thing that pops into my head is why does he speak like that, they are like bad riddles. Just how can i know what i need if he won't tell me. Shouldn't have trusted vampires. The question needs to be asked with the understanding of what you face.. So who as teams do you face or perhaps who do you not face? With out the knowledge the answer is probably based on what you like instead of what you need... Ta ta. The voice stops and it feels like i have another choice in front of me. I have heard that vampires do have few unique ways and as they can't help me choose i shall choose myself. I have heard that vampires have few unique techniques which could help me on my journey. I could survey their lust and see is it the reason they are so good at this game. But not as good as i am. Or then i could see how do they hypnotize those thralls and other players. I look most of players down anyway. I could learn how to gaze with elegance and arrogance. I could also just leave this place and sell the location to traveling Bretonnians of Lasker. They are another highborn race and there could be some things to learn. What is the route i will take? What is the best solution for me? I'll need to properly think this trough. So what route will Chris T.N.O. Primadonna take? You must choose on the poll! Is he lusting, gazing or betraying? You must choose what is the thing you want to see next! If you enjoyed the post and the journey thus far you can also leave upvote on this post.
  7. Okay loves! I've been playing vampires in CCL and have actually liked to play with them! Why noone told me about it before? So far CCL record is quite solid 9-1-2 and currently im second vampire team so stuff is working! Anyway as im still relatively noob with vampires i have few questions! I won't go for 5th vampire in CCL obviously, but question is regarding skills on that kind of leagues. Should i recycle thralls as my team value is getting higher (also what is best TV range to keep on CCL as vamps), if not what skills would y'all take? Agi5 will defo get block next as he desperatetly needs it (for some reason they target him most..) Pro has been really helpfull on that blodge vampire so i really like the idea, but is it wiser to take sidestep or tackle for variety for the next blodge vampire which levels? Also what skill to take on that SPP hog Pro player if he makes it that far? Is Dirty Player thrall worth it? Any "Pro"-tips (pun intented) are much apprecciated and who knows, maybe i will try my luck with them in OCC if my brets get demolished..
  8. I fucked up slightly playoff pairs, but it means that teams that got bye from first round face each other! So Brogle vs Ratamo & Leman_X_Russ vs Tys123 ! 2 weeks to go! Deadline 17.11 ! GL for y'all !
  9. I think i didnt say about it, but i think it's just fair. So UNDERDOG can only use 40k of his own money.
  10. Okay loves! Playoffs have started ! Regular season standings: 1st Brog-Lee 2nd Ratamo 3rd Leman_X_Russ 4th Cpervert 5th Tys123 6th Nateguy75 As we took one dropout it means 1st and 2nd regular season placements will earn free wins. So matchups are Leman_X_Russ vs Nateguy75 and Cpervert vs Tys123 ! Deadline to get matches played is 09.11.!
  11. @Kjelstad Arent you tied on points? Did you lose by 2-0 or more as if not shouldnt tiebreakers be in your favour?
  12. Big hand is way better on agi 4 than extra arms! He picks allready on 2+, extra arms won't help! Also it's more funny choice than tackle or such
  13. Big hand so he can run in and steal the ball! No need for sure hands when you can just 2+ it anyway
  14. If you manage beat them i shall be extra happy as it would mean i have chance to take top placement! I have high expectations!
  15. Last matchday of regular season! 2 weeks deadline!
  16. OCCupational Therapy From logbook written by unknown goblin. 2405 5th of Jahrdrung What's best feeling in the world? Hearing crowd cheer for you after scoring decisive touchdown? Getting the praise from your teammates? Feeling the wind on your face as you fly trough realms? That and not getting eaten by troll. I had many close calls earlier in my career, but somehow i have made it this far. I ain't stopping now. I have the talent coach said. Others don't. 2408 17th of Erntezeit Im a high flyer. Im the danger from above! Im most agile and fastest of my team. Im our biggest scoring threat. Im in danger every time i enter the pitch. Others say that i am the danger, but i think i am the danger. It's not like everyone can give themselves in hands of an simple minded, drooling troll. They worship me. And if they don't, they shall. 2412 2nd of Kaldezeit I have been playing this game for a while now. I have seen my kin fallen and i have seen my kin retiring. But it isn't my time just yet. I still have it in me and i still have much to accomplish. In my team i am an superstar. They are mere pawns or sacrificial lambs. They set up on line of scrimmage and brace for impact. They are fools, they don't know what real danger looks like. 2413 29th of Sommerzeit I made another touchdown. I made another winning touchdown. I am getting closer to my ultimate goal. I shall be remembered as legend and will see my name carved into Wall of Pain. I am so close just one or two seasons remaining. I have seen it all. I have been hunted down by clawed beasts, i have dodged hooded assassins and i have survived hunger of the trolls. I am getting closer, i will reach my goal. Others might get eaten, but they are just bodies with no name. No king knows his subjects. 2414 3rd of Kaldezeit Another season is over and i still have just few things to do. Few more yards to run, few more touchdowns to make. I still have one season remaining in my contract. It shall be last season i play. It will be season where i will be finally called Legend. Legend who lived. Most of my team is full of novices and they look up to me. There isn't many from the original 11. Just me and Stomp. Together we shall be legendary stars. Even better duo that Brick Far'th and Grotty. I will make it. I'll show everyone. Remaining pages are blank. It is clear that there hasn't been any updates since last entry. Did this author finally reach his ultimate goal or did he suffer tragic fate? And what is this Wall of Pain he talked about? If you enjoyed this post, feel free to give upvote from amusement or symphaty to this post.
  17. @cpervert when you wish to play? Generally i tend to play 17-20 UTC while 17ish being best. And atm quite free on each day
  18. Or attempts attleast I made some test stream on CCL but totally didn't fail to click correct buttons so it would have been recorded so everyone could see my failures! So from this day onwards i shall attempt to stream my OCC related games somewhere around here! I'll try get my games played on thursdays around 17UTC while secondary options being wednesdays same time or saturday during morning hours. Most likely now that i say this i wont be able to stream or my games shall be scheduled other times. I wont promise that i would be good while i would be playing, nor that i will be funny while i do it. It might be horror for everyone to listen to my "rally-english" and many "umms". Or it might be best thing you can do while clothes are on. Or off. First "real stream" i will try to record will happen 23.09.2021 at 17ish UTC!
  19. Again 2 weeks to get played. Deadline 5.10. And as it looks like we got one dropout so incase matches get played and i havent heard anything from thunderstruck match will be admined in Tys123 favour
  20. The people love you my lord! As i thought my limited free time / inspiration has slowly started to fade. However i shall try to keep this season somewhat recorded! We indeed faced lizards and game went as we thought i would go. They played another aggressive attack, we allmost managed to stop them from scoring. And as they scored relatively quickly on first half we managed to score equalizer on first half. We made ton of minor mistakes, but in the end we managed to scrape 2-1 victory. Ah, the little hero. Well, I may have a surprise for you. We started out strong as we attacked, but as we removed few of them we were bit too aggressive on fouling and as we weren't playing on our home stadium it meant we lacked free bribe. We played relatively well, with minor mistakes here and there. We made first touchdown and they made equalizer on second half. We almost managed to prevent that score, but once again our attempts were futile. We had quite plenty time to score equalizer however and as they failed something (which i can´t remember) we managed to do handing off and ran to touchdown. Another 2-1 victory for us and we took 2 heavy casualties. Promoter Tom 17/31 SPP (Dirty Player, Wrestle) Got Niggling Injury. Soon as we receive new dirty player he shall retire. Composer Jack 32/51 SPP (Guard, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow) Received STR- from foul. We apoed it and later same game he received AV-. Poor fella, he retired after the game. So with some TV trimmed we faced vampires. These fools had quite rough start and we would make it even rougher. Game started with blitz against us and as our blocking dice weren´t working as indented we failed to down vampires near the ball. In the end they managed to pick the ball up and as dice weren't working they made defensive touchdown. This left some turns for us to make it 1-1, but things were looking grim for us. We made some positioning mistakes and only due doubleskulls from our opponent we managed to score. Without those doubleskulls we would have suffered surf with ball and who knows where it would have landed? Second half their bloodlusts started to fail and they removed their own players. Game was 1-1 and they were attacking. As they were losing players we knew we could pressure them to drop the ball, but it was hard fought. In the end we managed to get the ball and made few critical errors, but Nuffle were kind to us. We scored and sealed the game 2-1. So at the moment we are top of the leaderboard. Next we face dark elves who have similiar record from this season. At the moment my team hasn´t received any level ups, so our development has stopped for now. Also our fouls have been quite ineffective and referee has been too keen to watch when we stomp our opponents. Like on matchday 3 we fouled 4 times, rolled doubles 3 times and failed bribe. My predictions have been working quite well thus far! This is why i shall say i will try win my matchday 4 match and if i do i will try go for "Perfect Season" award. Also as i finally received new computer i shall try my luck on streaming. I have heard that "streamer dice" exists so i will use every advantage i get. My next match is scheduled on Monday 20.09. 18UTC and it might be first stream i make. Let´s hope i wont make many mistakes due that! Eat steel!
  21. OCCupational Therapy Have you ever felt like you are just born to do just one thing? It's like constantly you are reminded what "your" role in society is. As like "You have very long legs, you should play in kislev team" or "You like to pass the ball, so you should be an thrower!". That might be the case, but why can't folk let others do their own decision and form their own paths? Why can't Ogre be an dedicated ball carrier? Why Goblin couldn't be goon of Orc team? Why does having claws make you an killer? That is question you need to ask about yourself as most us have been guilty for that kind of thoughts. But after today your perspective might change. As today we have very special guest, who tells us how he feels about pressure that society have given him. He tried talk about it with his team, but they just laughed as it were joke. How can ones feelings be joke? It all began when i was just youngling. We were playing ball on our backyard when it happened. I hurt my beast friend. I had developed claws. After that day my life changed forever.. My dreams of becoming florist had been crushed. Crushed like my friends sternum. From that day i swore that i would never hurt anyone, but i was wrong. So wrong. None wants to hire beast man with claws to work or attleast on "normal" work. Should i starve or should i forsake my ideology? Should i join Blood Bowl team or should i live remainder of my short life in misery? I didn't have a choice then. I don't have choice now. As i joined my current team their coach told me i would get nice job as one of their ball retrievers. That wasn't optimal, but it brings food to the table, but soon as i participated in first match i learned the hard truth. My role weren't same as i was told. "If they have no players they can't carry the ball" coach said to me and pointed at opposing blitzer. He was young, full of hope. And it was my job to end that. I tried asking for anything else, they could even bench me but all my pleas were in vain. It was my job to inflict pain. There is no way out for me anymore. There is no escape. All you young ones, cut your claws before it's too late. I wish none of you this same fate. I hope all of you watching now understand better that it's not always that players fault. If this opened your eyes or you enjoyed reading about this torment fell free to give this post an upvote,
  22. So far our rallying has been working! At the moment our team consist @Ratamo @Gelbek @Fuggernomics @cpervert @Kubusta @Bouffon If you're interested just gimme holler! We accept everyone, as you see when we took Bouffon! Rules can be found here!
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