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  1. That's a nice collection, and all painted to a solid tabletop standard to boot! Great work!
  2. Thanks! Believe it or not, it's almost all Citadel Contrast Paint over an Ivory primer (though the metals are Leadbelcher with Baliscanum Grey contrast). I only used normal acrylics for cleaning up errors/edges and minor highlighting. Thanks! It was fun (and a lot of trial and error) sculpting the hat. Never done anything like that before.
  3. Finished up an Imperial Nobility team today.
  4. Got a Skaven team painted up recently
  5. Lets give this another go: Coach: Knife Ear Team Name: Darkhand's Destroyers Race: Dark Elves
  6. Recently finished up my Shambling Undead team.
  7. Hey @Ynwe, it looks like jounisii may be out this season. Any other thoughts on who might be a good mentor? Thanks.
  8. Hi! I'm hoping to get some a bit of help around playing after a debuting my Dark Elves (Darkhand's Destroyers) with a WDL of 1-1-7 in T6 and a WDL 1-2-6 in T5. Outside of the OCC, I've got around 100 games under my belt, primarily in the Catalyst leagues with a win rate under 30%. I feel like I'm doing an OK job most of the time with kickoff formations, setting up blocks, etc., but I know I'm definitely having a lot of problems making a win come together. I don't think I have much I can say about matchups that are troubling me, as I seem to lose most every game, and my wins are ag
  9. I am a terrible player who doesn't know what he's talking about (even more so for Norse teams), but wouldn't Pro be a good call?
  10. I can paint better than I play. Here are my Dark Elves.
  11. New coach, new team. US based but flexible daytime schedule (which translates to EU evening) Coach Name: Knife Ear Team Name: Darkhand's Destroyers Race: Dark Elves
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