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  1. Hi bob,


    my opponent and I had problems to validate our game. We put our request in the S21 3B Absence Thread. 

    Could you please be so kind to validate our match? The server broke down after my last (unsucessfull) turn.





  2. Or we can try right now.

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    2. Sorvad


      1900 even :)

    3. Sorvad


      I can start whenever you are ready mate. Ive finished work early

    4. Sorvad


      Hey, so so sorry, my Mrs has just told be we have a tescos delivery at 1900. So i will be good to go at 1915. Sorry mate


  3. Bonehead Podcast I cannot put pictures in here?!
  4. Pictures of the other team of the starter box are shown on twitter. Thunder Valley Greenskins (does this team has to be renamed because of BLM?) ;-) Consists of black orcs and gobbos.
  5. It is written down "this holiday season". So something in between August and December. :-) But I don't think they will release it together with the new 40k Version.
  6. Not leaked anymore - it's official. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/08/03/blood-bowl-new-season-sighted Shall come this holiday season. Now Cyanide can also offer information about BB3.
  7. Soon BB3 will be announced (like they did accidentally already last year).
  8. Who will implement these changes into the OBBLM database. Especially the additional passing attribute causes headaches. But a good decision.
  9. @Suido I will have a look on your gameplay during our match in T5. I ran a successful Undead campaign in a German league two years ago.
  10. Xcalibur

    Signups S16

    Also a new coach looking for some fun. Coach name: Xcalibur Team name: Kaptin Badrukk Raiders Race: Orc
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