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  1. We are looking for someone to step in for the rest of the season for a TV 1470 Delf Team: https://spike.ovh/team?team_id=4840722&platform=1 You can play either an exact copy of this team or something similar to it. Returning coaches who should be in T4 with their team are welcome. Except for returning coaches this spot is for the rest of the season only! If you are interested please send a message including all of us: @Ratamo, @Bevan & @unglaublicher
  2. Thx for the insights and advices. I think this should be managable for me - so count me in, if you like :)
  3. I am willing to help, but need to know first, how many hours per week I would have to consider
  4. @Bantha & @Kia Sidhe (challenge) accepted thx Bantha! :)
  5. @Bantha (and just cc in case @Bevan) @Kia Sidhe and I would like to start the game at 19:00 UTC if it´s possible :) Do you think you can invite my team till then or is it better we reschedule?
  6. Roger that! Happy to help ... :) ... and to learn
  7. @Bantha just for clarification: it´s done
  8. @Bantha "Support Mordheim Renegade" (without the "s", because name is to long) ready to help :)
  9. If it´s just for the rest of this season I can play a second team along my 4B Undead Team - if this is even possible by the OCC-rules. Let me know :)
  10. Again, thx a lot for the feature! I laughed the whole time reading it Was indeed a fun game :) And Nuffle seems to have some sort of thing for me ... not sure if it´s a good one ...
  11. New coach to the league Coach name: unglaublicher Team name: - Out of the Box - Race: Undead
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