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  1. They are, but there is one game left to die on
  2. Actually no, two of the teams (High Elves & Khemri) was totaly destroyed when they got promoted so they were just trash. Undead had to be switched becouse we switched to BB2. Fair comment on the skavens.
  3. records are surly better source then my dodgy memory
  4. So after todays win i am granted promotion to the top tier of the OCC. As far as i know i am now the only one that have managed to get 5 different races into the top tier of OCC Race with their best finish for me: Skaven 5th Khemri 9th Highelf 8th i think could be 9th aswell Undead 2nd Lizardmen just promoted If my memory serves me correct Straume have managed 4 different with his Chorf, Lizardmen, Orc, possibly darkelf cant remeber properly And a whole bunch on 3 different team ofcourse.
  5. Sign me up! Its closer to the championships
  6. Me, Kaju, Inforthepain are also comming, gonna sort out details during the week. Possibly dragging along some more swedish TT Coaches
  7. The one turning threat of Highelves increased alot with that starplayer.
  8. Apart from beating me that is an impressive rack of opponents.
  9. Grats to Straume who made the 4 different teams to the highest tier club. He done it with as i know Lizards Chaos dwarf necro? orcs and now darkelf As far as i know the only other who done it is myself with: Skaven Khemri Highelf Undead
  10. Both me and Pidpad is going for this. Come come, i promise i buy you a beer!
  11. Type: ResurrectionPlace: Lindhska Bokhandeln, ÖrebroWhen: 1-2 aprilCost: 150 SEK / 100 for NAF-membersWe welcome you to Närkebowl 2017! Several hopeful coaches with elite teams will be gathering to compete for the coveted title! They may find however that the atmosphere of Örebro might have a slightly negative effect on the performance of their players!RULESThis tournament will use the Bloodbowl 2016 rules.This is a resurrection tournament. Casualties are ignored at the end of the game, no SPPs or winnings are ever earned and your team-value is never calculated. You play with the exact same team all 6 games. Special play cards will not be used. Illegal procedure or the 4-minute turn rule will not be used unless both coaches wish so.Each game will have 2 hours and 15 minutes to be completed. If the game seems to be progressing too slowly a player may request that a chess clock with half the time remaining per coach to be used for the rest of the game, if they can provide one. When your time has run out you are only allowed to stand your models up, or place them for kick-offs, but may not take any further actions. No dice hogging, any dice used are allowed to be used by both coaches. Any cocked dice should be rerolled.The tournament will use a Swiss format for pairing the matches.If it is discovered after kick-off that a coach has too many players on the pitch, then players shall be randomly selected and removed until the correct number of players remain. If the ball-holder is removed the ball scatters but no turnover occurs.Points will be awarded thus: Win 3 points, draw 1 point, loss 0 points, concede -5 points, killed the imposter 1 point. Tiebreakers in this order; strength of schedule, net TD, net CAS, TD, CAS.To ParticipateRegister by sending an e-mail to doffrell (at) gmail.com with the subject "Register for Narkebowl 2017". We need your name, NAF number and a telephone number where we can reach you. Rosters need to be completed and sent by e-mail one week before kick-off.You can send your payment by paypal to doffrell@gmail.com or if you live in Sweden by Swish to 0736870479. If you prefer to pay in cash that can be arranged but let us know in advance.What you need to bringBlood Bowl dice and counters for keeping track of turn, score, re-rolls etc.A team painted with at least three colours. All figures should be easily distinguishable to recognise the players they represent. We recommend the following base colours to distinguish positionals: red = blitzer, yellow = catcher/runner, white = thrower, grey = lineman, green = blocker.Team creationYou may play with any of the currently published teams + any team from the document “Teams of Legend” + the slann.You can find rules for Slann teams and starplayers not included in the Bloodbowl 2016 rules in NAFRulesFeb17.Building your teamYou may spend 1200k gold to buy a team of at least 11 players. After having bought at least 11 rostered players all teams are allowed to buy the following inducements; Bloodweiser Beer-kegs, Bribes, Extra Team Training, Halfling Master Chef, Igor, Mercenaries, Star Players, Wandering Apothecaries. Special play cards will not be used in this tournament in any way.Kill the imposter: if two teams with the same star player on their roster meet each other, then logically one of the teams must have hired an imposter. In this case it is your duty to kill the imposter! If one of the star players in question suffers a CAS during the game for any reason, then the other star player is considered to be the original. This still stands if the “imposter” star player who suffered a CAS regenerates or if the “original” star player later also suffers a CAS.Each team also receives a cache of gold to buy extra skills, which increases the cost of the player as normal. This sum depends on the tier of the team. A player may be given one and only one extra skill and at most three players may be given the same skill. The extra skill may be selected from either the “normal” or “double” skill category. Tier 1: Amazon, Chaos Dwarf, Dark Elf, Dwarf, Lizardmen, Norse, Orcs, Skaven, Wood Elf, Undead Teams receive a cache of 160k gold for extra skills.All tier 1 teams receive a -1 modification to their FAME after having rolled for fan factor. If this would give a final FAME of -1 then their FAME will be counted as 0.Tier 2: Chaos Chosen, Chaos Renegade, Elven Union, High Elf, Human, Khemri, Necromantic, Nurgle, Slann, VampireTeams receive a cache of 170k gold for extra skills + 1 normal skill for free, and may select one skill that is protected. Tier 3: Underworld, Halfling, Goblin, OgreTeams receive a cache of 170k gold for extra skills + 2 normal skills for free, and may select two skills that are protected.Losing skillsThe tournament will consist of six games. Before each game you will select one player on your opponent's roster that has received an extra skill which is not protected. That player permanently loses the extra skill for the rest of the tournament. If you do not wish to select a player to lose a skill, you may let another coach select for you.ScheduleSaturday9:00 Registration9:30-11:45 Game 113:00-15:15 Game 215:30-17:45 Game 318:00-20:15 Game 420:30 Dinner at restaurant or pub for those who wants to join.Sunday10:00-12:15 Game 513:30-15:45 Game 616:00 Price Ceremony
  12. Come to the lovely daylight robbery of Norway. http://www.2d6.no/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=19096&p=172205#p172205
  13. Yeah congrats to Patros, and yeah that freak of a mummie still lives.
  14. Bragging incomming! So i can finaly announce that at least to my knowlege i am the first coach to have 4 different team brought into the championship. The record in there isnt so impressive tho, mostly due to my teams keep dying the season i get promoted. Skaven 5th Khemri 8th (first khemri coach in championship) Highelvs 8/9th cant properly remeber And now undead, pretty dead team tho. (pun intended.)
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