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  1. Thanks for all the comments. I can see how it's more fun, especially as a cage diver, although I did find both down rolls on my Krox quite annoying too. From a statistical point of view Block should have better returns than +STR, but we'll see. Nuffle's ways are unpredictable. Like I said, I made the choice already, so there's no going back. I just hope I haven't angered Nuffle too much...
  2. Congrats with the championship @RTSD! Although I must admit it feels like news from a distant shore to me
  3. Yes, I'm afraid so... although I expected him to die on MD2 already.
  4. Hey everyone, So I have a dilemma, or better said, had, since I already made my choice, but looking for feedback nonetheless so I understand better for next time. For most of the season I gained no XP on my Kroxigor (I tend to be careful with him), but in the last match of the season he gained enough XP to level up. I was quite happy, and even more so when I rolled a double 6! Nuffle must have looked favourable upon me after giving me a series of double skulls earlier in the season. Now, to the point: I had the choice to take +STR, which is awesome, but then I realised I coul
  5. Oregon

    Signups S17

    Hi everyone, new sign-up and new coach here. I'm rather new to online league-play, so please bear with me. Coach name (ingame): Oregon Team name: Oregon Oviraptors Race: Lizardmen
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