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  1. Yes, that's it. Isn't hypno worse overall because of the 4+ roll now?
  2. I heard that people misunderstood hypno drastically at tournaments and it's sense been clarified, but I don't follow vamps and don't know the exact clarification, but I believe that hypno is not actually 2+.
  3. Kinroth

    Signups S19

    Returning Coach, new team. Coach Name - Kinroth Team Name - TBD Race - High Elves Also, if there's a need for replacement in T5 I don't mind bringing back my Humans from last season (Franz and the Boyz) temporarily to help fill the gap.
  4. Hey! I'm Kinroth. I'm really new to Bloodbowl. Most of my games so far have been on Orcs, Necromantic, and Undead. I have liked the idea of playing Skaven for quite some time, but have never been able to get over the anxiety of playing a low strength, low armor team. Nonetheless, I've committed to playing Skaven in my first OCC season! I have been practicing a bit with Skaven and it's very obvious to me that I don't really understand how to play as an AGI team, especially against other AGI teams. I think this comes down to my inability at the moment to visualize where pieces are supposed to be going on the pitch. Stacking guard on bash teams and pushing a blob of pieces forward is a simplified way of playing, but I think I need help with understanding the optimal spot for pieces to stand and formulate a multi-turn plan in order to create more chances at scoring while minimizing my opponents ability to cause me problems two or three turns down the line.
  5. Kinroth

    Signups S17

    Brand new coach. Coach name: Kinroth Team Name: Rusted Stilettos Race: Skaven
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