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  1. Hey! I'm Kinroth. I'm really new to Bloodbowl. Most of my games so far have been on Orcs, Necromantic, and Undead. I have liked the idea of playing Skaven for quite some time, but have never been able to get over the anxiety of playing a low strength, low armor team. Nonetheless, I've committed to playing Skaven in my first OCC season! I have been practicing a bit with Skaven and it's very obvious to me that I don't really understand how to play as an AGI team, especially against other AGI teams. I think this comes down to my inability at the moment to visualize where pieces are supposed to be
  2. Kinroth

    Signups S17

    Brand new coach. Coach name: Kinroth Team Name: Rusted Stilettos Race: Skaven
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