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  1. Ogres have just become Tier 2.5 in the 2nd season. E.g. you are playing a standard League format = 10 participants/ 9 games. You want to get those 12 spp, because of the Block, but you don't want to "overtop" at 18. So you try as much as you can to store those spp and keep it low on Ogres. Next season start: You buy all of those Brogres back, each now standing + 20k top of their basic value and and all of those guys who have 12-18 spp you give them block at the start of the new season. In theory 6 Brogres with Block at the start of the 2nd season. If you have any extra money in the bank you spend it on an APO or RR's. Bonus: old/new "Low Cost Lineman" rule on the Gnoblars and you get an extra RR or Nobbla at the start of your first game. BROGRE POWA 👊👊👊
  2. Did anyone noticed Morg 'N' Thorg huge price drop from 430k >>> 340k!?! Let's just hope it's not a GW typo, because I can actually squeze him in classic 1200k Ogres tourney roster along with 4 more Ogres and 10 Gnoblars 🤯🤯
  3. @Ratamo @Bouffon Just notify me in which Tier/Divison I'm in. Both works fine for me.
  4. 1337

    Signups S17

    New Coach Name: 1337 (both here and in game) Team: EVIL_DICKS Race: Dark Elf Signin up for reserves
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