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  1. Hello all. I had played a little bit of bloodbowl in 2019 but only started playing on a regular basis since March 2020. I've played a lot of the Rebbl spin league with mainly bash teams and have also just completed a colleage season and the subsequent PSPU with Norse, which in hindsight I would have changed my starting roster but that's another story. Happy with my first foray into an organised a league my appetite grew. I noticed that the OCC is a popular league and thought I would give it a go. The other teams that I enjoy playing are the stunty teams and so decided to start the OCC with goblins. I'm pretty average skill wise I would say but know the basics. I'm under no illusions that stunty teams aren't competive against other races but I do find that their punished nature to help with learning key aspects of the game. What I find unclear at times is how to set up in starting formations against various types of teams both offensively and defensively. I feel like that this aspect needs to be nailed if I'm going to be mount any sort of challenge to my opponent. Any other goblin tricks and tips would greatly be appreciated. I've joined the Goblin Town discord, the guys give good advice there however would like to have a mentor for my goblin team for a short while at least to improve my game. Thanks for the read!
  2. Hello. I would like to join the OCC if there are spaces. If not I'll happily join reserves. Coach name - MagnusthePink Race - Goblins Team Name: Goblintide!!! I've just created the team. I guess if assigned I will need to join the occ division at that point?
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