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  1. Hello! I am Joey Wevs in discord/bloodbowl and here is my Twitch - twitch.tv/red_herring_gaming86/profile, would love to have a mentor for Kislev coaching. I will be playing Kislev in my first ever season of OCC. I've played with so many races and at the moment playing Chaos, Dark Elves, Kislev and Necro in other leagues, and Kislev is the team I've loved the most. I have maybe played about 200 to 300 games in blood bowl and honestly think i could use improvement in positioning on both offense and defense. I think I know how to screen but often over commit and get stuck in brawls. Any help that I can receive would be amazing to have. Thanks!
  2. Hi, Thanks Ratamo for tagging me in this page. I've only played 5 games with Kislev and loved every one, I've watch a good amount of YouTube videos as well and the way they play really excites me. If you know any good videos to watch or pages to read apart from this one of course, that would be great Thanks
  3. New Team/Coach Coach Name: Joey Wevs Team Name: Praag Archers Race: Kislev Circus
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