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  1. Yep, that’s a good summary. I’m playing Nurgle in OCC, I used to play them back in the day. (Not well though :D)
  2. Hello, I'm returning to Blood Bowl after a loooong hiatus, I've got the basics down but I'd love to improve. I feel like one pretty much random aspect of my gameplay is setting up my team (whether it's receiving or kicking) and figuring out a high-level strategy. I usually play very in a very abrupt fashion with no general concept behind what I'm doing so that's something I really want to get better at. Since my favorite races are from all over the place (skaven, nurgle, goblin) I feel like this mentality really hinders me from improving. I've read quite a few articles and if someone has any good links, I'd love to read more but obviously I'd prefer if someone had some free time and discuss these topics for quicker learning and a chance to ask questions.
  3. New team and coach Coach name: Barvey Hirdman Team name: Castletown Shams Race: Nurgle
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