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  1. Well, end of the regular season, and it looks like we might have snuck through to playoffs on second tiebreaker. Round Score dead even, so went to touchdown differential! Teams final stats for the end of the season look like this: https://imgur.com/a/fMk3pGs Look at my pillow fisted lizards, most blocks fewest cas pfft
  2. Coach name (ingame): Shanba Team name: Les Miseryguts Race: Vampires Returning team, back after taking last season off. Was in tier 4 previously.
  4. Hopefully, at some point all the random deaths we keep suffering will be transmuted into points for us! I'm also very happy to just let Kezrael continue carrying the team.
  5. yooo, congratulations @Kjelstad! Excellent accomplishment.
  6. If you're the chorf coach, that creates some incentives to play REALLY strangely. Could be an interesting one to watch
  7. Miserable season for me again, but at least I signed off for a win. Played the loosest and worst I have all season but dice just decided "yes"... Anyway, need a break - both from the team, so I can step back and re-evaluate, and also just gonna be very busy for a month or so. After that fully intending to pick the vamps back up.
  8. Yeah I think I scuffed the one turn. I wanted to push down the middle since he'd left it open, but I got it wrong somehow, and then the blitzing vamp bloodlusted and I think I messed it up at that point. I'm not sure which turn you mean, but it's very possible I did something dumb at many points that game
  9. Lost 2-0 to dwarves. I had some chances - first drive I had a bare cage presented so I gazed a corner and two diced the ball - got pushes, rerolled, double skulls, kod vamp. A few turns later he accidentally started his turn with a one dice (that he assumed was two), got double skulls and I had another chance. This time all the dice rolled successfully, and I walked away with the ball after rolled a 3+ dodge 3+ pickup 3+ dodge 2+ dodge. Definitely a little lucky there. Unfortunately the subsequent turn I slightly misplaced my screen and left a triple gfi one dice, and he got the pow on reroll, and worse also picked up another KO. By the time the half ended he had chipped off another KO on a vampire and I was left with 1 vamp :/ After failing a one turn attempt, on my drive I then had three vampires. I felt like I still had chances if I could score quickly, given the opportunities I'd had first half. After setting up heavily on the LoS, got hit by a blitz, so mega punished for that. Eventually he threw a three man fireball that KOd another vamp, and I completely lost control of the game from there, so despite him having some questionable dice I couldn't recover. It's been a really frustrating ride these three seasons. I've had more success playing them in CCL. Dunno what's going wrong in the league, it just feels like I'm always struggling uphill against molasses.
  10. First game of the season, a creditable 1-1 draw against high elves. Had a 2d on the ball foiled by a snaked bloodlust on turn 5, then on turn 7 another bloodlust on a sack attempt after rerolling the hypnogaze. This time I rolled with it, powed his blodger, scatter caught and walked the ball to the sideline, where as I'd hoped it scattered out of play! Unfortunately it ended up being a relatively simple recovery, but oh well. OTTD attempt was a bust again, this time due to him having a kicker. My drive ended up being relatively controlled - picked off a couple of elves early - but having set up to play solidly rather than score quickly, and with my opponent playing the delaying game, I let it get rather dicey turn 15-16. But I got my score! Still need development on these guys. Want tackle on ANYONE very badly. Think sidestep was a poor pick on my last level.
  11. Yeah, I just rolled the ag thrall. Had a delay on the levelups because of a non-confirmed match. I'll hold off on the fifth vamp for now.
  12. You know what, I think you're right. If I 'm getting a fifth vamp I want to focus some spp on him to get him vaguely competent (at least to dodge so he can reposition for hypnogazes) and I'd rather pump spp into the other vamps first. I'll hold off for a bit longer.
  13. Won 2-1 against some very broken brets, taking me to 3-1-5 for the season. Improvement, but I'm still disappointed, I think I can do better than that. But next season will be interesting for sure. I've ended the game with 4 level 2 vamps and 210k in the bank - think I'm gonna pick up a fifth vampire for next season. Of course, I can't do that until my opponent actually confirms the game...
  14. Glad to hear the glorious freight train survived!
  15. Had a garbage game. Just cant seem to roll normal bloodlust numbers on this team. It's so hard to win when your whole team has to run out of position all the time.
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