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  1. I saw the match from turn 8 onwards, looked incredibly painful. Sorry man!
  2. Didn't post last week, it was a frustrating loss to dorfs, thought I coulda made something happen there but it was just a meh game. This week I'm super happy to have picked up a draw against some very spooky orcs (not a fresh team like the rest of div 6), and I leveled my last unleveled vampire. Now I have a blodge vampire, a dodge vampire and 2 ma+ vampires.
  3. Man, that sucks. I hope your season picks up!
  4. Frustrating loss last week against lizards to take me to 1-1-2. I genuinely think that for about the first 6 turns it's the best I've played, forced him into risky dice to score which he succeeded and then completely screwed my (otherwise very makeable) 2 turn attempt. Like, terribly screwed it, and it went downhill from there. On the plus side the 8spp all went to one vamp (who was previously on 3spp - cased a skink and then picked up a vanity pass, then grabbed the mvp to boot). So now he has block and I have three vamps on 11spp, one on 1spp. So more vamp MVPs would be appreciated!
  5. Picked up my first win of the season (3-1) against a very battered rookie chaos team (4 loner goats). Poor guy's team had been shredded by the super spooky already developed orc team in the first game. Vamps are now on 3spp, 11spp, 11spp and 1spp so any good MVP gets me a level. Goal next game is to get the 3spp guy a touchdown, up against lizards which feels like it could be pretty tough.
  6. Yeah, I dunno. I've tried both. If it weren't perpetual (and in CCL I've tried both ways), I think I would take block into MB and try to level quickly, but in the short term I've found the dodge reroll helps make some plays, since if that 1/6 fails and I have to reroll early in a sequence it makes the rest more tricky. I'm gonna take block on the next rookie for sure.
  7. MD2 down, receiving in the rain turn 1 first vamp I activate snakes a bloodlust, injures a player and then I fail the pickup. The very enxt turn a vampire takes a punch and declares himself dead (but not really, thank you regen). Not really the start I was looking for! Fortunately for me, my opponent was on the new side and somehow it ended 1-1, but yeah, not quite what I had been hoping for. In the end, I didn't manage to vanity pass on the 5spp vamp but I did manage to score on him, and my 1spp vamp landed the MVP so now I have two leveled vampires. One rolled +mv (yay) and the other normals, so I got a dodgy bloke and a speedy bloke.
  8. Disappointing first game, losing 1-0 to 1250 necro with a MB wolf. Was actually pitch cleared in the first half, just after managing to punt the ball. Got some players back and second half I managed to pick up a little spp so the game was not a total loss. In the end, 11spp and an armour bust thrall is not the end of the world.
  9. Ok, awesome. My concern is that as a less experienced coach i'm going to find it a bit harder to manage a four vamp start. I'll sleep on it and I might adjust the team as you guys suggest :)
  10. Might I ask why you all prefer 4 vamps? Thank you btw :)
  11. It was indeed yeah! That was a fun game, especially since I had been playing vamps just before. Watching you give a schooling to a very good player was very enjoyable.
  12. Well consider me as helping you all to look good by showing what a mediocre player looks like playing vamps I'm a relatively new coach overall - I've been playing for about 2 months now - and I've managed about 20 games with vamps in that time across the REBBL rookie spin league, REBBRL upstarts and CCL, so this will be the fourth vampire team I've started. I'm afraid I have not yet read all 150 pages of this thread, so I went with three vamps and a bench, heh
  13. Hi! Vampires are fun. I don't expect to win many games
  14. Shanba

    Signups S18

    New team and coach Coach name (ingame): Shanba Team name: Les Miseryguts Race: Vampire
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