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  1. @brocCooLi, ok let's do tuesday 2100 UTC, see you then
  2. Hi @brocCooLi, how about tuesday 1600 UTC? (I prefer 1600-0000 UTC, so if there is better time lemme know)
  3. PM'd you on discord, should have done that too to begin :(
  4. @Kjelstad, I’m not sure you’ve got thread/discord msgs sent about having to cancel game, so ‘pinging’ again. Wed before 1600 UTC, or Wed after 2000 UTC would work(?). Again, my apologies. I could even do today like after 1700 our time...
  5. @Kjelstad, I'm so sorry but something has come up that I can't ignore/postpone :( I'll make myself available any other time this week (except wed 1800 UTC, have another game). You choose and I'll be there. Again, apologies.
  6. @Kjelstad, tuesday 9am OUR time is perfect, see you.
  7. ackkk! I was just sending you message! Jinx! Our availabilites match up, you pick day and time
  8. Hi @Kjelstad, first a belated congratulations on championship! I'm available most any day with notice, and like playing 1600-0000 UTC. We're in the same time zone so I can be flexible a bit, just too old to play too late at night our time. You can choose and let me know.
  9. Hi @Waleed, is this what you need? BumFillups#1123 And I'm both :) a Zapp Brannigan and Futurama fan! "My strategy is so simple, an idiot could have devised it. If I hit that bullseye, the rest of the dominos should fall like a house of cards. Checkmate!" (zb)
  10. Excellent! (I don’t do FB). I’d like to play...hoping less time to ‘think’, and totally mess things up, will improve my game 😛
  11. @Ratamo, sure, just remember to put your shoes back on when done counting
  12. @RatamoSure, Wednesday 1700 UTC?
  13. Mr @Ratamo, pleased to announce electrons are once again flowing freely through my home. 1700 UTC sunday is available, or 1700 UTC any day next week (except monday). Your choice...I'm amped up and can't watt to play!
  14. Hi @Ratamo, not sure if you followed saga of my life above trying to get MD1 in(?) 🙃 I’ve been w/o elec last week, living in hotel. Power spossed to be all fixed friday. Let me make sure that happens before making plans. Is next week ok? (I’m good with 1700 start). Possible sunday if all goes well w/power.
  15. @Leman_X_Russ, all set-up, see you wednesday 2100 UTC. Just hope hotel wifi cooperates, has been so far 🙂
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