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  1. Count me in for the task @Bouffon
  2. Hey there! I've first played BB2 late 2019, although I started playing more often since march 20 (because of reasons, you know). Since that time I've played some games, I think I should be close to a ~100, maybe not there yet though, not sure. Anyway, I've mostly played and "understand" (to the extent that experience gave me) bash teams, but I seem to be pretty clueless as to how to play with a more agile/less strong team, as I tend to struggle a bit on the gameplan when I'm on the weak side of armor. That's what I'd like to improve, playing with the so called agi teams. I know skavens are not exactly the archetype of agi team but fullfill the role in the pitch pretty well (although worse linos, better blitzers) and I like them a lot lore wise, so that's what I'm playing in first season in OCC. And I'm playing a rogre because I hope it'll be fun and not die the first game. So, it'd be great if someone would give a hand on this! Be it some friendlies, general advice, review some of the games to spot mistakes or just talk through level ups and set ups. Bonus points for advice on OTTDs!
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    New Team and Coach Coach Name: Kezrael Team Name: Second Breakfast Team Race: Skaven
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