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  1. Count me in for the task @Bouffon
  2. Hey there! I've first played BB2 late 2019, although I started playing more often since march 20 (because of reasons, you know). Since that time I've played some games, I think I should be close to a ~100, maybe not there yet though, not sure. Anyway, I've mostly played and "understand" (to the extent that experience gave me) bash teams, but I seem to be pretty clueless as to how to play with a more agile/less strong team, as I tend to struggle a bit on the gameplan when I'm on the weak side of armor. That's what I'd like to improve, playing with the so called agi teams. I know skavens are n
  3. Kezrael

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    New Team and Coach Coach Name: Kezrael Team Name: Second Breakfast Team Race: Skaven
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