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  1. Coach Name; Littlebignose Team Name : Great Ghouls Of Horror Race; Undead
  2. nice one , il enter team now for reserves
  3. Can I sign up as a replacement as I lost my slot? And if yes do I just register a team as normal?
  4. hello, i missed the start up for this season like a div, is there anychance i can sign up as a replacement ? and if yes, where do i do it. cheers. peace.
  5. Stupid predictive txt Ratamo, don't know where tatami came from, don't even know if that's a word. Thanks again
  6. Littlebignose Bovan Bandits Human
  7. Thanks tatami, your mate has just given me the link to sign up for reserves Noice 👍
  8. Thank you very much, il join the reserves now, looking forward to getting beaten 👍
  9. Hello, I've been playing cyanide blood bowl2 for couple of months and have been playing the cabalvision leagie, I was recommended your league by a fellow player (was scummy skaven that bashed my elves) I've joined the site but I don't really understand your leagues. It looks like the current season has started but have you anything like ladder or something for a newbie?
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