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  1. Hey @fisherking
    tuesday is bad for me, can you do tomorrow on Sunday?

    I am flexible there...



  2. Hi @fisherking,
    are you there or did the crisis take hold of you?


  3. Hi @ElfiC, I won't wait any longer. I hope everything is okay!

  4. Hi @ElfiC, I am waiting in the game.


  5. Hi JordJair,
    we are playing each other in MD4.
    As your are UTC-6 and I am UTC+1 we have 7 hours time difference!


  6. Hi Tribble,

    can you make 20 CET tonight?


  7. Are you there?

  8. Hi Tribble,
    when would you like to play this week?


  9. Holgor

    Signups S19

    Yes, it's Norse. Please change the name. Holgor
  10. Holgor

    Signups S19

    Coach name (ingame): Holgor Team name: Moin Europe Race: North
  11. Holgor

    Signups S18

    New Team + Coach Coach: Holgor Team: Moin Europe Race: Norse
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