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  1. This is still the case, only I have desided to bring a Human team instead of the Chorfs.
  2. Gelbek

    Signups S19

    I changed my mind I will bring a Human team instead of the Chorfs. So this entry should replace my first one. Coach name (ingame): Gelbek Team name: Roughnecks' Holiday Race: Human
  3. I don't like this. It removes some of the tension of a turn, if you used a reroll early in the turn.
  4. I just signed up for my first season. You can blame (or thank) @AndyDavo and @Zunk for that. Looking forward to join the league.
  5. Hi. I just registered for my first season in OCC. I picked Chaos Dwarfs (yes, I know we’re not supposed to play the OP races…) EDIT: I take Humans to OCC instead of the Chorfs. I could really need some help. My Blood Bowl history are at this moment just short of 50 games in BB2 most of those in CCL. I did also play TT back around year 2000, as a Skaven coach and won a lot. Therefore, I thought that I was rather good, but me and the guys I played with were probably all bad. I just won because MA9 and a tad better understanding of the game. I would say that my theoretic knowledge of Blood Bowl is pretty good. I know and understand all the rules, I know and understand the concepts of chainpushing, surfs, one-turns and so on. Also, I’m aware that each turn should have specific priorities, such as, make ball safe, safe blocks first and so on. However, all of these fancy theories seem to take a nosedive as soon as the game goes live. I’m sure that the lacking experience is a big factor there, and also I struggle with the 2-minute turns I ccl. Sometimes I’m just too clever for my own good, thinking up fancy plays and falling flat on my back. I would appreciate any help I could get, be it, Friendlies, tricky questions, replay analysis, diagrams or something else. I would especially like help with: Positioning during the turns. Both on offence and defense. Planning blocks, and positioning in a blocking-scrum. Multiple turn planning and positioning.
  6. Gelbek

    Signups S19

    Coach name (ingame): Gelbek Team name: Bulls without Wings Race: Chaos Dwarfs
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