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  1. Hi I've played 50 ish games, but mostly in the Reddit Rookie League spin and win, with a few games in the Reddit Rookie Upstarts league. I've mostly played as Undead, Orcs and Humans. I've chosen Dark Elves for OCC, I've played a handful of games as Wood Elves but 0 as Dark Elves, I'll be getting a few practice games in soon. I've read up a reasonable amount on the basic strategies within Blood Bowl, I also watch a lot of Blood Bowl matches (cKnoor, AndyDavo, Sage) which I feel have helped me. The sorts of mentoring which seem like they'd be of most interest would be:
  2. Coach name (ingame): HimalayaP1C7 Team name: Mild Tormentors Race: Dark Elves
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