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  1. Hey fellas, can definitely be a mentor if needed. Already doing mentoring in another league, but i have plenty of spare time for one more. My mentee is winning his division with dark elves, if that counts for anything. Teams i know in-depth: Woodies, Dark elves, Dorfs, Chaos, Halflings, Lizardmen, Undead, Orc Teams i have experience with: Anything that is not Kislev, Goblins, norse or berts. My mentoring boils down to going over mentee's game and analyzing it with him, giving pointers etc. and playing a practice game against their team as the team of their nex
  2. Coach name: frick you Team name: Warp's Upper Crust Race: Chaos Dwarf Note: Taking this team instead of the previous sign-up (flings) (fresh team)
  3. Coach name: frick you Team name: Sarcastic Sausages Race: Halflings Fresh team, my first season of OCC.
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