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  1. S27 - Division 3B - MD8 - Summary To be continued... Developement: - Chocolate Chunk (Pestigor) [Lvl 2; Wrestle] died.
  2. S27 - Division 3B - MD7 - Summary To be continued... Developement: - Banana Boost (Rotter) [Lvl 3; Dirty Player, Wrestle; -1 AG] suffered two injuries at once, -1 ST, niggling injury, and left the team.
  3. S27 - Division 3B - MD6 - Summary We faced a dark elf rival in the battle for the first place. They induced a wizard, a bloodweiser babe and Hubris Rakarth (ST4, AG4, block, mighty blow, strip ball). This meant a substitue to the dark elves ahile we had every team member at our disposal. They attacked and the first hit took a re-roll from them. We could hug three elves with the beast. Unfortunately two of them could get away next turn but their blitz was eaten by a foul appearance. We knocked out Hubris in our second turn and hugged two elves with the beast. They attacked on our right side and lost another re-roll for a second extra step. We failed a second extra step twice and couldn't guard lock their players on our right side (and failed to move at least a nurgle warrior before the extra step...). They moved forward a little and we found a way to chainpush am ST5, tentacle on the carrier. Unfortunately another extra step took a re-roll from us this turn After a lucky rotter dodge we could two dice an elf into injury and than was a bit stupid because we missed the fend skill on the carrier. So the carrier escaped the tentacle because of our decision Fortunately they immediately attacked our rotter with two dice with a blockless witch. First was a double both down which was re-rolled into a push but there the two red dice stopped them. The witch was stunned and we got another chance to mark the carrier. The blitz was good but the scatter was not. At least the carrier witch became stunned as well. Meanwhile a double skull ate our last re-roll and we finished the turn with a both down after picking up the ball. With a lightning bolt they knocked out our carrier The ball was free so they sent forward a scoring threat but a failed dodge scattered the ball next to a nurgle warrior. We surrounded the ball but they could frenzy hit a pestigor there for a scatter. Another scatter went next to a nurgle warrior. Next turn we mixed up the ordering abd we just realized after the blitz that the only scoring threat we could present was the blitzing piece and he needed two extra steps for that without a re-roll. We risked it so we had a scoring threat for our last turn. At the end of the turn the ball was protected again. They pushed back our front pestigor and could not pick up the ball so our last turn was about destruction but we could not remove anybody. Both teams got back their knocked out players so eleven dark elves were against eleven nurgle players. Our second block was a double skull so we lost a re-roll and we could just push away their ST4 player on our blitz. We knocked out an elf on the LoS. In the end we rolled another double skulls and could not push a second elf next to the beast. We tried to push forward with the beast but he was really stupid (1/2 eluded really stupids this drive). We knocked out another elf in our second turn. They injured our only tackle player. It was bad. After that they based the carrier with two players. At the end of their turn they tried a one die hit on a rotter and failed it with a both down. The attacking witch was stunned and it was our turn to move. We prepared a cage with activating the beast (2/3 eluded really stupids this drive) but failed the 5/6 dodge twice At least no armor break and the scatter was quite good. They pushed the rotter on the ball but the second scatter was good as well. With a one dice hit they stunned a nurgle warrior Next turn we picked up the ball but couldn't really hit them. Moreover the beast refused to play (2/4 eluded really stupids this drive). After two dodges they successfully one diced the ball carrier. This time it was a stun At least they failed the pick up. So with a stunned carrier we had to protect the ball but the beast did not want to participate (2/5 eluded really stupids this drive). This turn we could stun an elf but our blocks still lacked accuracy. With three blocks they could clear the area around the ball. Picked it up and threw it away. With three turns left basicly we lost all hope to win the game. At this point the beast moved (3/6 eluded really stupids this drive). We stunned Hubris, sent forward a scoring threat and sent back two pestigors for the ball. Next turn they killed Onion Overdose, our scoring threat, regeneration failed... At least the elf that ran for the ball but stunned itself with an extra step. I sent forward a nurgle warrior scoring threat and lost the last re-roll on a third double skull. Just to mock me they knocked out another nurgle warrior in their fifteenth turn. At this point I have a nurgle warrior scoring threat with a blitz, dodge, two extra steps, pass, catch, two extra steps, handoff, catch and two dodges play. I was stupid and tried it. The pass failed and they got a chance to win. At least they could not. With the second draw it became really unlikely to win this division. If I win against the first, which won't happen with these dice, they still have to draw a game out of two while I win all the remaining games. Developement: - Chocolate Chunk (Pestigor) learned to wrestle. - Curry King (Pestigor) joined the team. - Onion Overdose (Pestigor) [Lvl 3; Mighty Blow, Claw] died.
  4. S27 - Division 3B - MD5 - Summary This was our second admin win during the team's entire history. Developement: - Mango Maximus (Rotter) learned to block.
  5. S27 - Division 3B - MD4 - Summary We faced an undead team on the fourth match day. They induced a wizard, an igor and two bloodweiser babes. We couldn't field the ST5 nurgle warrior for this game. They attacked first and a rock knocked out our ball carrier pestigor. They stunned and knocked out a rotter on the LoS so 9 nurgle players remained for the drive. We blitzed and waited for them to come. They carried the ball up to the middle and tried a one die blitz on a rookie pestigor. It failed and the blitzing zombie was down. Second turn we killed a zombie but it regenerated (1/1 regeneration). We based a part of their defense line. We knocked out another zombie in our third turn and the numbers were even on the teams. After some repositioning on both sides we went for a two dice block against the rookie mummy. Unfortunately it did not break armor. They repositioned again. We hit the rookie mummy again and his armor was good enough again. So came another reposition on our side. They knocked out the wrestle, dirty player rotter next turn and got a player advantage. Now you can guess what happened. They repositioned again next to the downed rookie mummy. We put up a screen and injured a zombie who regenerated (2/2 regenerations). They lighning bolted the mighty blow, claw pestigor on the side but the wizard missed its target Stand firm came in handy and for some reason they pushed our block, dodge, guard nurgle warrior from the right side of their cage to the middle of their cage (with two red dice). This meant another two red dice hit with a ghoul which failed twice. So next turn we had a two dice hit on the zombie and their cage was open for a tackle, mighty blow hit. The hit connected and we injured the ghoul. No regeneration for him Unfortunately our players were too far away from being a scoring threat but we tried to put up a decoy threat to encourage there a blitz and get a real scoring threat. Next turn we injured the rookie mummy and guess what, he regenerated (3/3 regenerations). This was the first half, during the half-time break we got back our carrier but two rotters stayed down. Their knocked out player stayed down as well but with these regenerations the can field eleven players against our ten. All of our LoS hits were pushes They killed Apricot Avanger next turn with their blitz. No regeneration for a rotter We tried to push forward on the right side. We brawled with them for two turns. We stunned two wights and a skeleton. Next turn was the chance to break through. They one die powed the block, dodge nurgle warrior and one die stumbled our carrier who got stunned. Bad things happen Scatter was not really good and a third one die pow went for our front pestigor. We stunned a ghoul and knocked out a zombie but could not free the ball because the skeleton there was pushed thrice. In the end we could stun another zombie on the side. Two turns remained and it was not looking good. At least they missed the blitz with the rookie mummy twice so we got a chance to hit the ball guarding skeleton again. At this moment it did not matter but the injured mummy regenerated (4/4 regenerations). We sent forward a scoring threat, blitzed the skeleton, knocked it out, picked up the ball and went for an extra step which took our last re-roll away. Atleast we had three scoring threats now (pestigor, rotter with two extra steps and the ball carrier with two extra steps). They repositioned with the back wight to make the handoff harder. Next they tried to base the ball carrier. First, from the left side but than after the first dodge they realised that there is a tentacle beast there so the ghoul went back to his starting place and tried to dodge next to the carrier which failed twice. It was an easy decision what to do. There was a blitz, handoff play or two extra steps. I chose the second one. The second extra step failed utterly. At least the carrier regenerated but with a draw it became harder to win this division. Developement: - Mango Maximus (Rotter) joined the team. - Apricot Avenger (Rotter) died.
  6. S27 - Division 3B - MD3 - Summary Third game brought us against halflings. They could induce Deeproot Strongbranch (a third tree with ST7, block, without rooting), Zara The Slayer (ST4 with block, dodge, jump up and stab), a halfling master chef, a wizard and a bloodweiser babe. The Get the Ref event gave both teams a bribe. They attacked first and took 2 re-rolls from us (this was a 0 re-roll halfling team). I put my defense line one tile from the halfline to make a throw team-mate in their first turn harder. As the second hit came a tree rooted and a rotter died They sent forward Zara and failed the pick up so we tried to make space for the beast to take an extra step next to the ball. This failed so we put two pestigors on Zara for a next turn claw, tackle, mighty blow hit. They could secure the ball in their second turn with an AG4 halfling behind three trees. We brawled with them and succeeded in stunning a tree with a foul. Next turn they double skulled a loner hit with Zara and the re-roll was not possible. We got a chance on the ball. The blitz failed but we still based the ball. A two red dice, wrestle hit ended our turn with a turnover. They made a hand-off (4+ base, with auto re-roll) and ran to our right side and with the break tackle tree they threw the carrier forward. Landing was good. After a stun we could blitz with two dice on their carrier. On the second hit we found a wrestle. The wrestle wasn't that good and this way we lost our re-roll for the drive. At least with two extra steps we picked up the ball. Their blitz on our carrier failed so we had the ball for another turn. We could reposition but made a little mistake, not taking one extra step, to let the break tackle tree hit us with a dodge and two extra steps. We ended our turn with another failed two red dice wrestle on the ST7 tree. The pro re-rolled blitz was successful and we lost the ball. At least Zara failed the jump up and the AG4 halfling was stucked with the tentacles. So we tried to hit the tree who based the ball. They knocked out one of our pestigors and having another stunned from the double skulls we only had one to pick up the ball in our seventh turn. But before that happened they tried to pick up the ball with an extra step and a nurgle warrior caught the rebound. After we ran away with the nurgle warrior we tried a one dice blitz on Zara, skull and another stun was our reward. We had two nurgle warriors fighting with five halflings in the middle of the field. After some turns they could finally knock out the block, guard, stand firm one which led them to foul really well the ST5, tentacles one. ST5 got a miss next game, regeneration failed so we lost two nurgle warriors in just one turn... Meanwhile we knocked out the first halfling in our eighth turn For the second half the knocked out nurgle warrior came back so we lost just a nurgle warrior, the naked mighty blow, claw pestigor and a rotter for that drive. Ten nurgle players tried to score against eleven halflings. We blitzed a tree with claw but it was ineffective. We based the remaining trees with wrestle rotters. They put up a screen. We tried to push through on the left side, knocked out a halfling and stunned another. They used the fireball, two knock down but no removals. Moreover, the MA3, break tackle blitzing tree rooted They sent the only AG4 halfling on the field for the ball and he almost picked it up. We simply injured it next turn. We removed another at the end of our turn. All in all, this drive looked good after three halflings removed, a rooted tree and two other tree based by rotters. They tried to break tackle in our cage with the MA2 tree but failed an extra step and the tree got stunned. It was time for us to run forward. Meanwhile, we injured another little one with a foul. Unfortunately we miscalculated Zara's jump up and with a nice amount of dice they could blitz our carrier. We lost the ball again. Next turn we could pick it up and knocked out another halfling. They tried another Zara run but it failed and we could hand-off the ball to Yummy Yoghurt Taste for a level. We scored on our sixteenth turn In their last turn they dodged with a tree to blitz our level 5 pestigor and with a pro re-roll they strength busted him. Yummy Yoghurt Taste retired after the game In the end they almost equalized but the throw team-mate was not that good. Developement: - Chocolate Chunk (Pestigor) joined the team. - Apricot Avenger (Rotter) joined the team. - Generous Garlic (Rotter) died. - Yummy Yoghurt Taste (Pestigor) [Lvl 5; Dodge, Wrestle, Tackle, Strip Ball] learned to steal the ball (strip ball), suffered -1 ST injury and left the team.
  7. S27 - Division 3B - MD2 - Summary Second game brought us against one of the other high TV team, the D'Orcs 2.0. They induced Ugroth and a bloodweiser babe. They had only two guards and three rookie black orcs so we had the strength advantage. They had two +AG blitzers but they used the thrower as the ball carrier. We defended first and could KO a black orc in our first turn. We started to pressure them in our second turn. They lost their third re-roll in their third turn (two 1/9s and one 1/36). The pressure continued in out third turn and with 3 stuns we had the control for the next turn as well. They failed a dodge and in our fourth turn we stole the ball on the second ball carrier hit. We lost our last re-roll in our fifth turn so stalling became harder. Fortunately they failed a second extra step while blitzing with Ugroth so we got another turn to stall and after that they could not go near the ball. In the second half they got a blitz against us and got near the ball The next turns were about who could get away with the ball. So they could run away with it in their tenth turn. They lost their last re-roll in their eleventh turn. At least their carrier became isolated and we based the ball in our twelveth turn. After a failed dodge attempt the ball was free and we picked it up. They rolled enough skulls in their next two turns that we could stall again and score easily after a handoff. Developement: - Earl Grey Dipping (Pestigor) grew claws. - Jamie Hyneman (Rotter) joined and left the team immediately because of the high team value.
  8. S27 - Division 3B - MD1 - Summary Our first game was against an amazon team, the (OCC)Themyscira Defenders. This was really bad because we missed the block, tackle, mighty blow pestigor for the first game so we had just one tackle player. They bought a re-roll, a wizard and Roxanna (MA8, AG5 leap player with dodge, jump up and frenzy) for the game. This meant two substitutes for them and one for us. We had to attack first which was also bad. Our team pushed forward in this first half quite nicely, caused two injuries and a KO in our first five turns, with three stand firm players but in their fifth turn they could steal the ball with the wizard and the AG5 player combination. Meanwhile we suffered three removals in that turn (expulsion which caused our turnover, death regeneration from the fireball and a KO on a rotter) so both team had eight players at the time they got our ball (2+ tackle dodge, 2+ dodge , 2+ pick up, 2+ leap and a tentacle roll with loner and a 4+ catch). We could wrestle down the ball next turn but in the end it did not help. In the end they could score in our attack drive. In the second half they decided to put the ball in their back field. We tried to maintain some control in our half of the pitch while pressuring them. Unforunately we lost our tackle player in the twelveth turn and could not steal the ball for the draw. Developement: - Slaan Sushi! (Rotter) left the team because of the high team value.
  9. Thanks @Suido and @brocCooLi. My time management is more problematic so I switched to short summaries. Plan was to do youtube and twitch reviews of match days in my division to fill in but it is not going well. I dropped them after two last season. Maybe next season will be better.
  10. Congratulations! Just in time before the break.
  11. S26 (The OCC - T2) - Division 2C - Summary Worst season so far. We gathered 91 SPP (22 went to rotters) but the results of the games were horrifying. After a good start we could not win a single match. Maybe I made more mistakes than usual but that does not explain all the results. Funnily though, we suffered the least amount of permanent damage this season despite our hard division. However, this did not stop the chaos dwarves to kill of Mad Cherry On the bright side another two nurgle warriors reached level 4 and our second beast gained a level as well. This means that from now on we operate with three stand firm players and the other nurgle warriors are each 6 SPP from level up, which will bring us to five At the start of the next season we will miss the tackle, mighty blow pestigor and I hope we won't start against a dodge heavy team.
  12. S26 - Division 2C - MD9 - Summary The first half was a disaster but we could score in the second half after our opponent committed too many players on our left flank. Developement: - Tomato Trip (Nurgle Warrior) learned to be still (stand firm). - Banana Boost (Rotter) got an agility bust. - Generous Garlic (Rotter) joined the team because we gathered two injuries for the first match of the next season.
  13. S26 - Division 2C - MD8 - Summary They quick scored in the first half and we failed to answer twice so they won. Developement: - Peach Push (Nurgle Warrior) learned to be still (stand firm). - Pacifist Plum (Rotter) learned to wrestle.
  14. S26 - Division 2C - MD7 - Summary We started as an attack team and could not remove the important agility upgraded beastmen despite our hard efforts. This resulted in a counterscore and a loss of our wizard. We was lucky to avoid the second touchdown in the second half, lucky as in the turn where they could score, but could not hold the ball for enough time so the game ended as a loss. Developement: - Raspberry's Revenge (Beast of Nurgle) learned to be still (stand firm).
  15. S26 - Division 2C - MD6 - Summary Both team could remove enough players from the opposite side during their attacking drive to score which resulted in an usual draw. Developement: - Finish with Blackcurrant (Nurgle Warrior) got another movement bust.
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