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  1. S23 - Division 4C - MD9 & Summary [Opponent: Blu Cheeze (Skaven)] We lost the title race on the 8th match day but we grabbed the second place It was an adminned win so the only things which should be mentioned are the MVP on Finish with Blackcurrant (Nurgle Warrior) and the 250k bank.
  2. Thanks, trying to change some things in the future but do not have clear ideas yet
  3. S23 - Division 4C - MD8 - Summary To be continued... Play analysis: What went well: What could be done better: Developement: - Earl Grey Dipping (Pestigor) learned to tackle.
  4. Key moments - second half: 1.) The knocked out players came back on both sides. We stunned the AV7 storm vermin and fouled a wrestle lineman but the latter did not have an effect. They blitzed our cage and set up a defense line. In our tenth turn we blitzed their thrower so the beast could hug two gutter runners. The blitz with the mighty blow player caused an injury and another skaven left the field. We fouled again and our innocent rotter was sent off by the evil referee They freed their gutter runners from our beast's grasp by knocking him down and they hold their line. We really had to do something so we knocked out a gutter runner who was lurking on our left side and decided to stall. They stunned our front pestigor with a re-roll and knocked down the beast again. After that they fouled him and he died... However he regenerated it, welcome to the club Mad Cherry At least the skaven player was expelled by the referee. Nine nurgle players was against eight skaven ones. 2.) With full of rage we stunned their ST4 lineman and sneaked a bit closer to the half line. They spread around us in their twelveth turn. From their setup our play was easy. Reposition in the middle and hit their most valuable gutter runner. This time they tried to attack us with the weaker gutter runner with 2/3 leap and red dice (Conclusion: Miscalculated attack). So this way we could harm both remaining runners. We knocked out the first with a hit after I really do not know how many tries Unfortunatly we could just stun the other. Meanwhile we stunned an AV6 lineman as well. They tried to blitz our cage with the ratogre but the break tackle failed. We had two turns to score and it was quite possible. We placed our carrier two extra steps from the touchdown line and put two other pestigors one extra step from it. Next turn they tried another sack with red dice. We survived it because of the sure hands 3.) We had two re-rolls so before scoring we tried to hit as many rats as possible but that just did not work. After some not effective punching we scored again
  5. The first is pretty solid. I played it in an 5 game long swiss league. You need catchers for the 5/6 leap basicly. If you do not want that you can go just with blitzers.
  6. S23 - Division 4C - MD8 We had already knew that this match day was the title decision day because the last game would be an admin win for us and the dark elf team as well. We needed a win again and had to beleive in the Desert Rats to grab at least a draw against the dark elves. brave runners (Skaven): 1.) Strengths: Three substitutes so they can replace injured players easily. They had a very skilled gutter runner [+1 AG, Leap, +1 ST, Horns] who could easily break our defense. We needed him out of the game as soon as possible. They had another sacker gutter runner [Wrestle, Strip Ball, Leap] and one who could move 12 tiles with sprint and sure feet. The last one was a "simple" AG5 runner with side step. So they were capable of effectively getting the ball and running with it. They had an ST4 lineman and two guards to make their strength decent enough for a fight if it 'd come their way. 2.) Weakness: Active injuries and three substitutes. They have injuries on active players which results in having this many players on the bench. Probably kicking out some really injured ones could decrease the number of the bench with one or two players. At least there were two injured players who really should not be in their team: - AV6 lineman without skill [-1 AV] - MA6, AV6, Niggling lineman with strip ball [-1 AV, Niggling injury] Other important injured players: - AV7, Niggling... gutter runner [Niggling injury] - AV6, ST4, AG5... gutter runner [-1 AV] - AV7, ST4, Niggling... lineman [Niggling injury] - AV7... storm vermin [-1 AV] Key moments - first half: 1.) Somehow their team value was high enough to induce a bloodweiser babe for us. They started their attack drive and we stood up so they would had a hard time for getting a one turner. They could hit our block, dodge nurgle warrior but it was not an armor break After some movements they tried to pass the ball but failed it. We survived all of the LoS hits this way. 2.) The beast hugged the ST4 lineman and the sprint, sure feet gutter runner. We based their thrower, some other rats as well and tried to blitz their guard, AV7 storm vermin with our mighty blow pestigor. We had to re-roll the double skull and it was just a push. At the end we managed to dodge out two rotters from the friendly ratogre and his prehensile tail. 3.) They knocked out a rotter and knocked down the beast next turn. They could hit our front rotters as well, one with only one die (Conclusion: Too confident attack). After they picked up the ball they marched forward in a way that we would blitz their carrier with two dice in our second turn (Conclusion: Miscalculated attack). At the end of their turn they stunned a nurgle warrior with one die to have a better defense on their right side. However this maneuver ate a re-roll from their pool and did not help to fill the hole on their left side. 4.) We injured their AV6 lineman who was on the side of the cage. We attacked the carrier (AV6 without block or wrestle) and could break his armour. Unfortunately it was just a stun on the ST3, AG5, horns player We picked up the ball, quickly formed some defense and stunned their ST4 lineman as well. 5.) They knocked out our mighty blow pestigor with one dice It opened them a path to hit our carrier with two dice after knocking down the beast again. They made the hit on the carrier as well. They picked up the ball with the AG5 side step player and wasted a re-roll on a one dice hit on a rotter. It was important because they needed a dodge to make our wrestle pestigor's path harder towards the carrier. Unfortunately the dodge was a success. 6.) The beast stood up and we moved a nurgle warrior to be our backup. After that we blitzed the carrier and it was an injury. One AG5 gutter runner was out of the game We could stun another skaven with our rotters but could not get an attempt on the pick up. 7.) We were lucky and they missed their second action, dodge, twice and quickly came our fourth turn. However, their best player survived another armor roll We attacked their sacker gutter runner on sight. The apothecary saved him At least two gutter runners remianed on the field this half. We picked up the ball and formed a cage. At the end we fouled their horned gutter runner who was on the ground because of the failed dodge. I really thought we play home and had a bribe. That was not true but the referee was nice this time and he did not send off the pestigor 8.) They leaped into our cage with their last re-roll after ensuring a one dice block, instead of a two dice (Conclusion: Miscalculated attack). Unfortunately it was enough for a knock down. They surrounded our cage and tried to pick up the ball but they failed it this time. We stunned a storm vermin and cleared the ball's surroundings then picked up the ball. They attacked our carrier from the open side with one dice. Probably because they did not have a re-roll for the leap or did not want to waste two players for the two dice attack. This time our carrier stayed on his feet. After that they protected their left side, so we had a path to move to the middle of the field, and knocked down the beast again. 9.) We knocked out the AV7 storm vermin who based our carrier We hit their AV6 gutter runner again and he survived it again, however we got a stun out of it. We could form a cage in the middle of the pitch and without any help the beast stayed down with his flower friends. At the end of our sixth turn we even re-rolled a dodge so a rotter could foul the AV6 gutter runner. I do not need to say that he survived it as well... They gathered their forces in front of our cage. We pushed their players away but needed our last re-roll for that to happen. Because we had just two turns left we ran forward with the ball. At the end of our turn we even tried to foul their lying AV6 gutter runner but our rotter failed the extra step for it 10.) They tried to attack our carrier with a leap, dodge, dodge combination after they based him but the first leap failed We pushed away the basing player and scored with an extra step (Thanks MA7!)
  7. S23 - Division 4C - MD7 - Summary After the seventh match day the skaven team was out of the title competition and we managed to grab more points than the undead team: Vicious Virtuosi: 5-1-1 Sour on Top: 5-0-2 Deaths Door Knob: 4-2-1 Desert Rats 7AB: 4-0-3 Play analysis: - Key moments - first half 5. With some modifications the march of the orcs could had been better. The carrier had 7 movements so putting him 6 movements from the touchdown line is enough. This way the last orc had to make just one extra step instead of the original two. Attacking them in the white positions is hard because that needs 2 dodge and 2 extra steps instead of just two extra steps. Conclusion: The march was too aggressive. The slower safe play would had been better. What went well: Development! What could be done better: There were definitely too much minor mistake on our side. Developement: - Tomato Trip (Nurgle Warrior) learned to guard others. - Salty Addons (Pestigor) got quicker (+1 MA). - River Styxx (Rotter) learned to guard others. - OUCH (Rotter) joined the team. - Unexpected Malt (Rotter) [Lvl 3; Dirty Player, Kick] suffered a -1 AV injury and left the team.
  8. Key moments - second half: 1.) The knocked out players came back on both sides. We started our attack drive, injured an orc lineman on the LoS and knocked out another one with an AV5 foul. 2.) Next turn they knocked out our block, dodge nurgle warrior In our tenth turn we gathered to our right. They based our front rotter and warrior. We escaped the blitz with our foul appearance. We bashed a little and gained some space in our eleventh turn, even stunned an AV8 lineman. They used a re-roll to knock down the beast and after the blitz they fouled him but he survived Without a re-roll they tried a one dice hit but we could hit back ad knock down the orc. Unfortunately the beast could not stand up and it would had been crucial for our break through. We even missed another hit and our blitz was a push so every orc was up except the stunned and the one who caused a turnover. We marched forward and fouled the orc at the sideline but that did not help either. As a last resort a pestigor dodged twice and with an extra step he got in the orc's way from the other side. We put up our defense so it would be harder to push through from our down-left side (the frenzy orc got a red dice). It would had been better if we had moved one more extra step (shown below) so the MA7 orc should have to dodge twice (Conclusion: Miscalculated attack). 3.) They hit a rotter, a warrior and fouled the beast but the referee was very disappointed and sent the fouling player off despite the bribe. Unfortunately the beast was knocked out but we got a very big chance to win the game. After we ran forward we fouled an orc and it was a knock out as well. The orcs started to smash and we survived. After moving with our pestigor attack team we fought back. They blitzed us but got hit back and it was a knock out. Since our break through these were sad times for the orcs. Five of them were removed from the pitch in three turns. At the end of our fifteenth turn we made a handoff. 4.) We scored in our sixteenth turn! In their last turn they injured our dirty player, kick rotter and gave him an armor bust. So after twenty-five games behind him Unexpected Malt had to retire who leveled up first in the team after our first game
  9. S23 - Division 4C - MD7 Before the sixth week I had to concentrate on three opponent teams who were competing for the first three positions on the leaderboard: Vicious Virtuosi: 5-0-0 Desert Rats 7AB: 4-0-1 Deaths Door Knob: 3-1-1 On the sixth match day the skaven and dark elf teams got beaten so it looked a bit better: Vicious Virtuosi: 5-0-1 Deaths Door Knob: 4-1-1 Desert Rats 7AB: 4-0-2 [OCC] WAAAGH! (Orc): 1.) Strengths: They had six guard players (four on black orcs), three block on black orcs and one of them had stand firm as well. They developed eleven frenzy players, three MA7 blitzers, two of them had mighty blow and one even had a tackle. So they were more mobile, had more guard and could surprise us with lots of frenzy plays. They even had two substitutes. 2.) Weakness: Team value and the lack of sure hands. Key moments - first half: 1.) We could induce a wizard and a bloodweiser babe. They started to attack. The crowd knocked out our wrestle pestigor. That was bad They stunned two rotters, one with a foul. It was okay this early. 2.) With an extra step we hit the AV8 frenzy, guard, block black orc with mighty blow. It was a knock out but they rewrote it for a stun with the apothecary (Conclusion: Risky apothecary usage). We contacted just one part of their defense line where we could hug two linemen with the beast and sent froward a rotter to threaten their carrier. 3.) They stunned our beast with one dice. That was not good. They re-rolled a frenzy first hit because it was just a push and that would had drived them to a second one dice hit block (Conclusion: Miscalculated attack). They still had three re-rolls so it was not a big problem. They attacked on our right side and with a foul stunned another rotter (fourth stun). 4.) We stunned a black orc and based their carrier to win time to regroup deeper in our field. We pushed an orc next to one of our back pestigors. It was a hard decision but the chance of hitting an AV8 was tempting. The hit did not connected so we based this way a pestigor and just had another one free. At the end of our turn with a re-rolled extra step we freed our stunned beast so it would be harder to foul him next turn. 5.) They cleared a path for their carrier and stunned the based pestigor They marched forward on our right and with two extra steps the carrier was 8 movements from our last pestigor (Conclusion: Miscalculated attack). 6.) We hit a lineman and moved some players before the blitz. The beast was on the ground still because I did not know where to move with him. The blitz was good, the hit connected and the ball scattered out. First throw-in went to our touchdown line but there we got another which was very good Now I knew where to go with the beast. I misclicked the follow up at the end and made easier their blitz with a block black orc. 7.) It was obvious they would knock down our carrier the question was when. Somehow they re-rolled their first frenzy hit instead of chosing a push which would lead our carrier into an orc cage (Conclusion: Miscalculated attack). The re-rolled hit connected and the scatter was good for them. After pushing away a nurgle warrior twice they tried to pick up the ball and failed. 8.) After standing up with a rotter and clearing a path for another the question was how should we pick up the ball. We could had dodged with the mighty blow pestigor and blitz their ball protector with two extra steps (2/3; 5/6 and 5/6 with one re-roll) to clear a path for the other pestigor for a dodge (2/3) and pick up (35/36) scenario. This is why we cleared a path for the rotter to have a player with less orcs around him and catch the ball. The other option was to use the retriever for the blitz and the pick up. We chose to blitz then with an extra step (35/36 with the re-roll) picked up (8/9) the ball. We could had dodged (8/9) and blitzed the protector to pick up the free ball (35/36). It was quite the same but the first chain had the riskier dice later. The second chain would left us without an easy hit on the carrier though. Before the pick up we could knock out another orc. At this point I realised that the retriever: - couldn't pass the ball - couldn't dodge away to a better position - and would be pushed out definitely I was a bit frustrated that I let this happen, I just thought about the pick up, but we rolled to the next turn after the last one dice hit with the mighty blow pestigor. 9.) Next turn they injured a rotter, who based the orc with an instant hit on our carrier, and cleared a way for an other orc in scoring range. They had to re-roll the first frenzy hit but the others were good. At least our pestigor was not injured or knocked out and the scatter was very good and with a double skull the AV8 black orc injured himself 10.) We had three free players to move but first we risked a hit with the nurgle warrior next to the sideline. After miscalculating the pick up movements here I miscalculated that I would need one extra step to move the warrior to a safe place (Conclusion: Miscalculated attack). The 1/36 stroke us as well. We should had at least stand up with the pestigor and move two players before the blitz (a warrior and a rotter). 11.) They blitzed our rotter and placed players next to ours. At the end they failed a dodge and an orc was stunned. We based the last orc in scoring range and stood up with everyone. The plan was to blitz with the ST5 nurgle warrior at the midfield and base their free orc nearest to the ball but the blitz was just a push. We stunned the pushed orc with the next hit and pulled off a dodge, extra step, pick up play with the rotter. We even could dodge away with an other rotter to base their free orc with the use of our last re-roll 12.) Basicly they did the same as us. Based everyone and hit the carrier, even picked up the ball. Unfortunately they red diced the beast as well It was wizard time and we stunned their carrier and hit every orc we could. 13.) They also hit every threat and dodged away with the orc next to the sideline. The result was sure to stay 0 - 0 in this half. We prapered for a foul on a black orc but before that we blitzed him. So we could remove two black orcs from the game in the first half. That was good.
  10. S23 - Division 4C - MD6 - Summary We won and kept alive our chance to win something in the end. Our opponent was brave in the first drive with the mighty blow pestigor push play and in the second drive with the LoS setup. We could use these opportunities in our advantage. Play analysis: - Key moments - second half 9. We will check if my opponent could had chosen a less risky path to equalize in the second half. The actual play: The elves have four players to move after the stand up and one is the carrier. The beast hugged one so he is out of the game when planning the play. They have to attack one of the basing players (pestigor with block or rotter without a skill). The pestigor is the better option if you want to decrease the amount of dodge the carrier has to take but that play, push the pestigor behind the carrier, will be a one dice in this situation as below. So instead of a one dice blitz and a dodge with the carrier (8/9 with re-roll and 35/36 with auto re-roll) they did a two dice blitz, dodge and another two dodge play (8/9; 35/36 with re-roll; 8/9 with auto re-roll; 5/6) before their last dodge. Attacking the pestigor or the rotter from top is not an option so the blitz should be carried out by the player who blitzed (3rd in reality and second in the pestigor scenario). Conclusion: I can understand the angle of the blitz and even why it takes two players to put a defensive screen for the carrier. Thus, they needed the blitzing player for the screen and their last failed dodge to get the carrier in the right position. Probably blitzing the pestigor would had been a better option. What went well: No injuries on the important players for the next match! What could be done better: Had to check the opponent's scoring positions more! Developement: - Pine Time (Rotter) left the team because of the too high team value.
  11. Key moments - second half: 1.) We started the second half like this But the perfect defense let us reposition so we hugged two important blitzers. Unfortunately we could just hold there one blitzer. However they blitzed our wrestle player and it was a both down. So we prepared for a foul. They missed the pick up but saved a re-roll and let the ball fall. 2.) We stunned an elf and prepared three for hugging which went well. Unfortunately the foul was just a stun and our last bribe did not work so an innocent rotter went off the field. They picked up the ball and held it in their backyard. The tentacles worked once and another elf missed a dodge which caused another stun. 3.) We stunned another elf, fourth in a row. We hugged three elf this time with the beast. However our mighty blow hit delivered a knock out on a dodge lineman. That was very good. We lurked near to their carrier and fouled again, another stun. Because of the three stuns and the knock out they could move with five players. They had to survive thsi turn to regain there balance and move with all the elves. They ran forward with four dodge and an extra step and could easily pass forward the ball. Fortunately they missed a 2/3 dodge and spared a re-roll again. No surprise this was another stun. 4.) We could hit their carrier with one extra step with our mighty blow player so that was the plan. But before that we put the other players in position except a nurgle warrior. The hit connected, block, dodge is a lie, and the scatter was very good. Unfortunately, our front pestigor already had moved back so we could just protect the ball with a warrior. 5.) They picked up the ball easily and dodged away from the warrior as elves do After some positioning they tried to hit a rotter and failed twice. 6.) We attacked the carrier almost right away, a nurgle warrior went next to the beast, because all other players were in good positions. The hit connected again and we did not want to pick up the ball with an extra step and a normal 2/3 pick up so we protected it with three players. With two dodge and one dice they stunned our wrestle player and pushed him onto the ball. After the scatter nobody protected the ball. Another dodge and the pick up was good. At least one tentacle worked but six elves was quite mobile. We based their carrier with a warrior and prepared to defend. 7.) With six dodge, a two dice and one dice push they reached the half line. At least they had to re-roll an extra step (one re-roll remained). This turn the tentacle worked again. A seventh dodge and an extra step based another pestigor. 8.) With two extra steps we could hit their carrier again. Before that we needed to position our players better. With an extra step we could hit two elves with two dice. First hit was a stun. Before the second we needed another extra step to base the carrier. Second hit connected but there was no armor break. We could hit two other elves but instead we started our attack. We had to re-roll the second extra step so could not do that with the block. We gained two push so after that we hit the remaining elves and removed their kick player with an injury. 9.) They pulled off a dodge and a two dice blitz on the basing rotter but they failed the next dodge so they had two use their last re-roll before moving the carrier However the carrier was skilled enough and dodged twice When he tried the third to get near the sideline he failed the auto re-rolled dodge (Conclusion: Miscalculated attack). The carrier knocked himself out and I was releived. 10.) Somehow I was sure that they could score even in their last turn (Conclusion: Miscalculated attack). In reality it was a lie because both front elves needed three extra steps and lacked the sprint skill. The fear of defeat in my mind built up a strange solution. We needed to get away the ball from its place. Before that we freed two pestigors from the upper elf's clutches and hit the ball protector. Before picking up the ball with our retriever (one extra step and a 35/36 pick up) and handing it over to our fourth pestigor who standed next to the ball we based every elf we could. We ran with the fourth pestigor until he was 9 tiles away from the touchdown line and not used one remaining movement 11.) They blitzed a rotter in their last turn and when rewatching the game at the first time I realised that they could had not scored. We won and made the title race more interesting
  12. S23 - Division 4C - MD6 After two disappointing losses we faced the division leader dark elf team who won every games till MD6. Our only hope to be an impact in this division was to defeat them. Vicious Virtuosi (Dark Elf): 1.) Strengths: Their positionals were strong enough with five blocklike, dodge players (witch and the four blitzers). They had a killer blitzer (block, dodge, mighty blow, tackle) and the witch was a pusher (frenzy, dodge, jump up, wrestle, juggernaut, +1 MA). They had a kick player and not just the witch but another blitzer had +1 MA so they had two MA8 player. They were very team value efficient and key removals did not bother them in their first five games. 2.) Weakness: One loner and three other linemen without a skill. They did not have a substitute. Key moments - first half: 1.) They could induce a wizard and two bloodweiser babes. That meant more open cages for us and possibly knock out nullification between drives. We had to attack first. Both team got plus one bribe which was added to the starting one. We could stun a dodge lineman but nothing more. The beast hugged the two most important player (killer blitzer and the witch). At the end of our turn we fouled a lineman and stunned him risking a side attack from the opponent. 2.) They could had attacked our carrier with three dodge (two could be auto re-rolled with the skill) and two extra steps. Instead, they concentrated on our mighty blow player and lost a re-roll in the process. 3.) We freed the beast to hug three players but he was really stupid again in a very important moment. We fouled one of the elves again, who was stunned in our first turn, but it was just another stun. At the end we should have dodged away but we tried our luck and hit their MA8 blitzer. 4.) They prepared to push out our mightygor. First push worked like a charm but they re-rolled their 6, 2 blitz dice because my opponent forgot the juggernaut (lost their second re-roll here). This resulted in a 1, 5 which was not good for a push. They left their left side empty, based our cage and fouled our lying pestigor. We survived the foul and they lost a bribe as well. It was time for us to move on. The beast hugged two elves and we wrestled an other one. With the help of an extra step we formed a bigger cage and fouled THAT elf the third time, another stun At the end we dodged times (1/2; 2/3) and used two extra steps (5/6; 5/6) to put our mightygor in a safer position. 5.) At least we thought it was safer. With the help of some dreadful elf magic (three push and one 3/4 dodge to prepare for the the last action) they pushed out our pestigor. It was a knock out so we would have at least one chance to get him back. At the end of their turn they failed a dodge. We got a chance to move forward because five elves were on the other side of the field. At the end of our turn we fouled again and our fourth foul resulted in a knock out 6.) Unfortunately with a one dice hit they knocked down our beast so they could send back a player to be in our way. At the end they failed another dodge. The beast was stupid again and somehow I beleived that I have to wrestle down their last elf. This meant that I had to free my wrestle pestigor with two blocks (nurgle warrior and rotter). The first was good but the second we failed so there we lost our re-roll I think I wanted to form a cage closer to the touchdown line at this point and foul their lying blitzer but there was not any good position in my mind for this setup with a wizard over our head. After losing the re-roll we did not want to risk the extra step for the goal and our cage was okay so we hit with the last nurgle warrior. Double skull... 7.) They finished their defense line with the returning elves so we made our work a lot harder. In our desperation we formed a strange cage and fouled again. We could injure an elf that was good and even knocked out their kick player at the end of our turn. It looked not that bad. 8.) Wizard was the next step in our game. The scatter was good enough. They could hit the ball protector but they failed the extra step twice (lost their last re-roll). It was our turn to get the ball again. We managed to form a cage and we stunned the witch elf with a foul and a bribe but we failed our own strategy twice (Conclusion: Bad beast usage). Firstly, I should had left the beast in position. Secondly, I could had re-rolled his really stupid because this was our seventh turn and we still had two re-rolls. 9.) The price for our stupidity was that they could form a proper elf line with three 35/36 dodge. I thought a lot and somehow forgot that after pushing away the first elf from the leftmost line we could score with two extra steps (5/6; 5/6 with a re-roll) and not just with a dodge and an extra step (2/3; 5/6 with a re-roll). However, before we scored we had one job. To gain more chance to win the game and harden their path to glory (winning the division) we had to foul the witch The apothecary did not work and we had to use our bribe but the referee took our side this time. With a re-rolled dodge we could score (Conclusion: Miscalculated attack) 10.) The knocked out players came back but just nine elves remained. Another good thing came to our doorstep at the kick-off. Their eighth turn was not that interesting and the score was 1 - 0 for the nice nurgles at the half-time.
  13. S23 - Division 4C - MD5 - Summary We lost again with some stupd mistakes (could had lost without them but it made easier for my opponent). Play analysis: - Key moments - first half 5. This was their actual setup at the end of their turn. Some decisions were good so we have to keep them. The first four steps were okay but at the fifth we arrive at a decision. The safe play is to skip the foul with the zombie, finish the cage and move there the carrier. At the eighth step we can decide if we want to move back the ghoul after pushing away the rotter. This way our cage is not safe but the nurgle team have to push away an ST5 mummy instead of an ST3 ghoul. The riskier decision is to keep the foul but that way the blitzing ghoul has to cover the back. This way we risk an open cage if the 8/9 dodge fails. What went well: No injuries on the important players for the next match! What could be done better: I took a risk on my defensive drive. The clear mistake was that I forgot the tackle skill and I calculated with 8/9 worst case dodge so I have to concentrate still on my opponent's skills more. On the attacking drive I feared from a frontal opening because of the based mummy so I delayed moving the wrestle player away but it is clear now that I should had protected the carrier from the right side. Developement: - River Styxx (Rotter) joined the team. - Papaya Pick (Rotter) died. - We bought a referee rest area.
  14. Key moments - second half: 1.) None of the knocked out players came back. Nine nurgle player tried to score against eleven undead. We needed removals as quick as possible. A mummy was stunned by a rock and we got a touchback. Unfortunately, I chose the wrestle player as a carrier so we had to hand over to our retriever in the first turn. We lost a re-roll for this (Conclusion: Bad carrier choice). Before the handoff the stun train continued with three hits and three stuns, including the rock. We even fouled the stunned mummy, but it was an expulsion and eight nurgle player stayed on the field 2.) They put up a defensive line and blitzed our mightygor but he stayed on his feet. You can guess what happened. The stun train continued with two hits and two stuns (seven in a row) 3.) They based our carrier with a mummy so we had to test our luck. With an extra step we got two dice on a skeleton and after the hit we got two on an other one as well. Guess what, eighth stun. At least we could run back to the middle of the field. We had to do one dice actions. On the first we lost the re-roll for the turn. However, the ninth and the tenth armor breaks were knock outs. Eight nurgle player was against nine undead in our twelveth turn We did not move our wrestle player before dodging away with one of our remaining pestigors (Conclusion: Miscalculated attack). 4.) They stunned a rotter in their twelveth turn and could attack our carrier because our mistake with two extra steps (lost their re-roll at the first one). The hit connected. At least the scatter was good. 5.) We tried to push away as many players from the ball as we could. We gathered another knock out on a skeleton during the process. We lost our last re-roll to complete a dodge to base a ghoul and the ball. 6.) At least, they lost their last re-roll in their thirteenth turn as well. They hit some of us and we had three turns to score. This was the situation at the start of the turn. We pushed the top right wight away to have a one dice block against the mummy and picked up the ball (8/9 success rate). Without a re-roll we did not risk the dodge. Maybe we should had run forward because that would had been a one dice block with the free wight. 7.) They hit our carrier again the match was basicly over 8.) We tried our luck on a scatter but it was bad. We based the ball and prepared for a last turn pass game. They knocked down everybody, even knocked out a pestigor. It was almost over. 9.) We tried another scatter. Another failed one. Our last remorse was an 1/6 pick up. It was a failure as well. In their last turn the only thing we wanted to avoid is another injury for the next game. They did not hurt us which was interesting and thanks for that @Geiger
  15. S23 - Division 4C - MD5 On our fifth match we faced an undead team. Deaths Door Knob (Undead): 1.) Strengths: They had an ST6 mummy and an ST4, block, dodge ghoul. These combined with the "basic" ST5 mummy and four guards made them a formidable opponent. It was even more problematic for us because we lost a nurgle warrior for this game so we could field two ST4 players, an ST5 warrior and a bit unreliable ST5 beast. They had three block, dodge players and we still lacked even one tackle skill while against our two blocklike, dodge players they could put three tackles on the field. Moreover they had the advantage in mighty blows as well with four players against our two skilled ones, again one was an unreliable beast. 2.) Weakness: They had skeletons as linemen. However, they collected three substitutes. Key moments - first half: 1.) Neither team got enough inducement money for a clear improvement and nobody burned money to buy any. We defended our touchdown line first. They caught the high kick and stunned a rotter in their first turn. We blitzed a wight and put up a defensive line. 2.) Next turn they knocked down our ST5 warrior and fouled him on the ground. It was a knock out and we lost him for this drive and the referee let it go So after one turn, for us, we missed two nurgle warriors. This game became an almost impossible to win one. They stunned another rotter this turn but that was not important. 3.) We tried to separate their tackle, strip ball ghoul but could not put him on the ground with our wrestle player. After that we tried to hit their wright so we could hit their ST4 ghoul with one or two dice. We needed the beast for the job and he was really stupid that time... They killed Papaya Pick in their third turn and reanimated him as a zombie Nine nurgle player stayed on the field and our right side was empty. 4.) We injured their block, tackle wright in our third turn but he regenerated it We hugged the other one with the beast and put up some pressure from the carrier's top side. We even fouled the ghoul on the ground, who got there because of a both down result against our wrestle player the turn before, but the armor break was just not there. 5.) They pushed forward and fouled a nurgle warrior again. At least, we survived it. They put their carrier too close to the fighting zone. We got a chance to blitz him with our retriever and the re-rolled hit connected (Conclusion: Misplaced carrier) However the scatter was good for them At least we could clear a path for our top pestigor to base the ball. Because we lost our re-roll for the turn, double skull against the carrier at first, we skipped the 50% pick up. 6.) They stunned our block, dodge nurgle warrior without tackle. Nuffle did not want us to have a clean sheet. Next, they blitzed our protector and picked up the ball. After that they injured a rotter so eight nurgle player remained on the field. We tried to base the ball and for that we needed a one dice block against an ST5 mummy, block skill against no block, and a two dice block against a dodge ghoul. The ghoul died and we revenged Papaya Pick. River Styxx became our rotter after the game We knocked out a skeleton to base the carrier from another direction. It felt safe. I thought a lot on the last action. Either we could hit a skeleton with two dice, but for that we needed to sacrifice our backup wrestlegor, or stay this way and save our defender. We chose the first, lost our last re-roll with the hit, and it was not worth it as you will see in the next part (Conclusion: Miscalculated defense). 7.) They stunned our pestigor who based from the top with the mummy who injured its protector last turn. Bad things cummulate. They knocked down the other pestigor and ran forward. They could even base our wrestlegor with a dodge and an extra step. We had to beleive in the 2/3 magic because of the tackle skill and the lost re-roll last turn but it failed us 8.) It was obvious they would score but they stalled another turn. They knocked out another rotter and decreased our numbers to seven. We got into an unsolvable situation so we tried to get a one dice hit on a ghoul with a dodge. Yet we failed again. 9.) Before they scored they knocked out another rotter. Six was our number and they scored. 10.) A rotter and a skeleton came back. It was nine nice nurgle player against eleven evil undead and they had their starting lineup again. We got a re-roll for the last turn and the stun train started with three hits and two stuns The score was 1 - 0 for them and we really needed eleven players in the next drive.
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