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  1. S22 - Division 4C - MD7 - Summary We suffered another loss by the hands of some knights. Play analysis: Nothing really. What went well: No deaths that night and Tomato Trip (Nurgle Warrior) grabbed the MVP! What could be done better: The usual concentration stuff. Developement: - Approved Apple (Rotter) joined the team.
  2. Key moments - second half: 1.) We did not get more players back so we had to fight a seven against eleven war. We stunned a peasant again and formed a cage. 2.) They hit and fouled our lying nurgle warrior, our "AV7" broke and it was a knock out. Six nice nurgle players stayed on the field. 3.) We moved a bit forward. They hit the beast and fouled again. At least the referee sent that player off. 4.) At this point we had to run. We stunned a wrestle, guard player and ran with the ball. However, the helper runner was based by a tackle, diving tackle player which I missed. The re-rolled dodge was a success but the second extra step failed. The warrior was lying because he intended to blitz as a last action. Unfortunately we ran out of luck at this point, the failed extra step was an armor break and a knock out. Five nurgle players stayed on the field... 5.) They based our carrier and the third try could hit the beast (two disturbing presence for you humans ). At the end of the turn they blitzed our carrier and the re-rolled hit connected. Another armor break but it was just a stun so at this point it was clear we would not score. 6.) We stunned one of their blockers and protected the side with a rotter. They picked up the ball on their twelveth turn and finished it next to our lying pestigor. Another two disturbing presence and the beast stayed still this time 7.) As a last resort we pushed their carrier with a re-rolled one dice block next to the side of the field. Next turn they could run. They pushed out our last rotter and fouled the beast to knock out so three nurgle players stayed on the field. The only two questions which remained: - How many nurgle players would stay on the pitch? - Would anyone die tonight? 8.) With four extra steps we based their carrier with two players. 9.) Next turn they freed their carrier and surrounded our players. The second goal was inevitible. They scored on their last turn but our three heroes survived
  3. S22 - Division 4C - MD7 On our seventh match we encountered the bretonnian team in our division. We could induce a wizard but nothing more. We started the match without a substitute but my opponent did not have a piling on player just two mighty blow ones. Knights of Errands (Bretonnian): 1.) Strengths: With four guards and lots of block like skills (eight versus our five) and some dauntless they can decrease their strength disadvantage. Moreover, they had five blodge players which would be hard to hit. They built an AG4 wrestle player as well. They brought 3 substitutes to counter their AV7 stat. 2.) Weakness: If we could diminish their numbers (AV7, fend peasants) that could help but we had to remove some of the key players (MA7 and MA8 ones) to decrease their chance of winning. Key moments - first half: 1.) They started to attack it was okay. I put two pestigors to the LoS to protect my dirty player. They fouled my lying, block pestigor. It was an armor break and an injury. The regeneration failed and 10 nurgle players remained till the end of the game After that they knocked out a block nurgle warrior. Nine nice nurgle players stayed on the pitch for now 2.) We had to stop them from fouling another so we tried to move with the beast. Really stupid did not help in that. At least we got a stun on a peasant but after their two removals it was not much help. 3.) They pushed us back a bit but we survived their next wave of attacks. We needed the beast to hold their three man line near the middle of the pitch. However he refused to play this day, another really stupid We pushed one of our rotter closer to the carrier and with a re-rolled two extra step play we based their carrier with our sacker pestigor. 4.) To return the favor they knocked out our dirty player rotter. Eight nurgle players stayed on the field. 5.) After another extra step we could blitz their block, dodge carrier and the hit connected. 6.) They could escape from our grasps with a 32% play (35/36 no turnover hit; 8/9 dodge; 15/36 no tentacle and 8/9 pick up with the team re-roll) and stunned a pestigor on the way. 7.) We used our last re-roll to dodge away with a pestigor and help the beast moving. After that with a push we could wrestle away the ball from the carrier's hands. 8.) Next turn they stunned our last rotter and the nurgle warrior near the beast and picked up the ball again. They finished their turn with a double dodge fail which resulted in a stun. It was time to use our wizard. Unfortunatley, we could earn just a stun on the carrier. At the end of our turn we made a big mistake and tried to hit one of their fend players with the beast without any help. 50% really stupid strucked (Conclusion: Miscalculated defense)... If we had had a helper there the move still would had been bad because of the fend skill. 9.) Instead of having a beast which they had to strike their team could freely move at the middle of the pitch. They quickly fouled my wrestle pestigor, he got a knock out and 7 nice nurgle players stayed on the field. After that they pushed away my ball protector pestigor and picked up the ball again. 10.) We tried to catch their carrier with a beast blitz. It did not go well and we gathered our third 1/6 really stupid. We surrounded their carrier, probably not in the best way but they still had two turns left. 11.) They could break through with a carrier blitz, stunned our back pestigor and ran with the ball to the corner. At the end of the half they fouled our stunned pestigor and injured him. The regeneration failed again. At this moment it was clear they would score. 12.) At least we could knock out their AG4 player. They scored on their last turn 1 - 0 to the bretonnians. 13.) One pestigor out of 3 knocked out player came back. We could have three free hits on their peasants but the crowd stunned the beast and we rolled a double skull on the first block attempt.
  4. S22 - Division 4C - MD6 - Summary We gathered our second win with the help of our opponent. Play analysis: - Key moments - first half 9. The biggest question was that should I stall a round or more instead of scoring. We examine two outcomes (or at least two possible strategies). We will start at this point and assume that the two hits, one with the nurgle warrior and one with the blitzing pestigor happened, and even my rotter stood up. a.) Stall one more round and decrease the khemri team's chance of scoring. We know from the later turns in the game that even one turn delay could have helped us. To protect my ST5 nurgle warrior I have to step with my block pestigor next to their blitzer after the hit between the two lying skeletons (see below). My ST4 rookie nurgle warrior could have protected the lying AG3 thro-ra and the ST4, block warrior could have gone back to the rumble. This way my opponent could: - hit my rotter with 8/9 push success and 5/9 down success (armor break: 10/36) >> 6,43% KO or worse (thanks Samba) - hit my rotter again with 8/9 push and 5/9 down succes (armor break with mighty blow: 15/36) >> 9,645% KO or worse - hit my pestigor with 8/9 push success and 5/9 down success (armor break: 15/36) >> 22,059% KO or worse (including piling on and the team re-roll) - hit my other pestigor with 8/9 push success and 5/9 down success (armor break: 15/36) >> 9,645% KO or worse - hit my nurgle warrior with 2/3 push success and 1/3 down success (armor break: 1/6) >> 9,645% KO or worse >> 3,858% KO or worse (thanks Samba) So they have 31% to at least KO one player from my rotter, pestigor, nurgle warrior trio and 22% to at least KO the other pestigor. Conclusion: Mixed but after the two removal on their fourth turn the risk was real. b.) Stall till the end of the half. Stalling till the end of the half would mean they miss 3 hits at the LoS and we miss a possible knock out regeneration phase. Based on the numbers in point a.) stalling longer is not a real option. - Key moments - first half 15. We have two relevant blitz options. a.) Blitz next to the carrier with the block pestigor. Probably this is the better. If the two extra steps work they had to: - at least push away my block pestigor two times (8/9 and 8/9) - take an extra step (5/6) to have an assist from the right direction against my other block pestigor near the side-line (if the blitzed skeleton is downed) - at least push away the other block pestigor (8/9) - and take an extra step with the carrier (5/6) If not then: - at least push away my block pestigor two times (8/9 and 8/9) - at least push away the other block pestigor (8/9) - and take an extra step with the carrier (5/6) b.) Blitz with my downed nurgle warrior. Okay, this will be short. It is not better. I do not have more options just less. Conclusion: I should have taken the other path with more risks. What went well: Injuries. The regenaration skill worked there and it was evil but at least we got 22 SPP from the game and that is very rare. First game where I got over twenty with this team. What could be done better: The usual concentration stuff. I tend to make mistakes. Developement: - Yummy Yoghurt Taste (Pestigor) learned to wrestle. - Some Passion Fruit (Rotter) [Lvl 2; Block] suffered a -1 ST injury and left the team.
  5. Key moments - second half: 1.) We started the second half like this (10 versus 11). The plan was to foul a tomb guardian on the LoS so maybe we could decrease their strength advantage because the beast was out for the game. We could not knock down a high strength player so we pulled back our front players. 2.) They started to surround us and left a player deep down in their field. We moved forward the ball and with a both down knocked out a thro-ra (10 versus 10). Unfortunately they stunned our front pestigor so he could not do any interesting things. They fouled a nurgle warrior but that just not worked. We stunned their piling on player and went a bit closer to their half. 3.) They based our carrier and formed a curved line around our team. It was not looking good. Because of the higher strength we had to cut through their defense next turn. The problem was that their fouled my lying pestigor and he was knocked out. At least the referee sent out the fouler (9 versus 9 now). The side was protected with only a thro-ra. A mere push and we could go forward. The push was a success and to complete our run we had to use our re-roll for the turn (second move). That was bad because we had top play safe for now. There was a little problem with our attack. We finished the turn near the side-line instead of in front of our defender pestigor. This was bad because the standing thro-ra could dodge away (8/9 wtih re-roll) and push our pestigor out (Conclusion: Miscalculated attack). 4.) However, my opponent started to roll dice at the other side of the field after moving with the blitz-ra who could assist the push. First block 1/36 fail and it failed. No more re-rolls for the khemri this turn After the re-roll was a success (1/36 fail again), they rolled another block dice (1/9 fail). It was okay but the third block dice (1/9 fail) failed again. Turnover. So instead of trying a 8/9 dodge and an 2/3 push they risked an (35/36, 8/9, 8/9) action chain (77%) so they had 23% to lose a re-roll and in reality they not just lost that but gained a turnover as well (Conclusion: Bad ordering). 5.) I knew we will win. We ran forward and protected the carrier with an extra step. Based their piling on player with an extra step as well. In the end we hit and pushed some skeletons for fun. At this point to gain a 1 dice hit they needed a push, three extra steps and even a dodge with the blitz-ra. They failed the first extra step twice, another early turnover. 6.) On my fourteenth turn I knocked out their piling on player so the pitch became a safer place and based the thro-ra who could red dice blitz my carrier with two extra steps. We just had to survive three more khemri turns. They could push a nurgle warrior to the side so after some player arrangement he dodged away. Armor break, knock out but that was better than an injury and they could not foul him this drive. My other players stayed down because they could just foul once in a turn. 7.) We scored on our last turn 2 - 1 for the nice nurgle players! (They had one last turn to cause more injuries but fortunately that just not happened)
  6. S22 - Division 4C - MD6 On our sixth match we faced a khemri team. Both of us aimed for our second win and tried to show that we are better than what our statistic showed. Papyrus Makers (Khemri): 1.) Strengths: Considering the four tomb guardian players with one guard we faced a stronger team but with not insanely strong. Their three key players were the block, tackle, mighty blow, piling on blitzer, the block, tackle, mighty blow blitzer and the +1 AG, block etc. thro-ra. We had to watch for the two dirty player skeletons as well. They even had 3 substitutes to counter their AV7 stat and expulsions. 2.) Weakness: AV7 but they had three substitutes. We had more players with MA6, four instead of two, but that was not a big advantage. Key moments - first half: 1.) We played the first half in sweltering heat. That was not good. I gave them the opportunity to attack. Maybe that was not good either. We could blitz them at the start. This meant only one thing. We attacked the piling on player on the LoS. 2.) However something stupid happened. You never should do it (Conclusion: Miscalculeted defense). We placed one of our nurgle warrior in a way that they could blitz and push him out of the pitch. Not a good start (10 versus 11). 3.) However they came close enough to our team. After moving my players in position we could use the beast to hug their two blitzers and attack one of them with a warrior. Here I made another little mistake. Without the follow up I needed two extra steps instead of one to step next to their catcher. At first it was not the plan but after it revealed itself we just did that. In the end we based a skeleton on the other side as well. 4.) They tried to free their carrier with a skeleton but the foul appearance helped. After that they chose just to hit my nurgle warrior with the carrier without blitz. That was risky. They committed three skeletons to get a two dice hit on my right side nurgle warrior so the carrier was a bit defenseless. 5.) After standing up with a rotter and the beast we planned our next push. We could injure the AV6 dirty player but he regenerated (10 versus 10 for the half). It was not good. We stunned the other skeleton next to the carrier. It was getting better. We stunned another skeleton on our right side after some movements but that meant nothing. With our last, one dice hit we injured the block, tackle, mighty blow blitzer and the khemri team lost it fo the game (10 versus 9 for the half)! 6.) They got into a hard situation. Instead of running (the carrier has AG3) they started to clear their surroundings (Conclusion: Bad ordering). Their first two dice block failed (1/9) so they had to use their re-roll for the turn. They could injure one rotter (9 versus 9 now) but failed the dodge (1/3). 7.) On our third turn we injured their +1MA thro-ra, we needed at least a push to get next to the beast, but he regenerated (9 versus 8 for the half) We picked up the ball after a re-roll and ran to safety. 8.) On their fourth turn with a one dice block they injured the beast and the best beast failed the regeneration They even knocked out my block, sure hands pestigor with a foul (7 versus 8 it was). 9.) This moment we arrived to a real question. Next turn my opponent could hit may back pestigor with two dice and a mighty blow. Could probably blitz my ST5 nurgle warrior with the mighty blow, piling on blitzer (both players had block skill) and probably foul my nurgle warrior or my wrestle rotter. So my plan was to remove two skeletons (a tackle one and the piling on blitzer) and stall. The blocks worked but there was no armor break. I decided to score and feared what would happen after it because of the sweltering heat (Conclusion: Mixed). 10.) With the beast injured we lost two nurgle warriors for this drive (the ST5, block as well). At least my knocked out player came back. They also lost a tomb guardian but they had three other. I did not expect to perform too well in this situation if they could pick up the ball. They had four turns to score (9 nice nurgle players versus 11 khemri ones). The weather changed to nice. Thanks 11.) They injured my wrestle rotter at the start (8 versus 11). This was bad. They fouled my pestigor but we survived without an armor break. 12.) We blitzed one of their dirty player an injured him (8 versus 10 for now). Third regeneration We could sneak through their lines with a pestigor. I did not expect that. 13.) They stunned two of our players and got through the half-line. We blocked two of their players and left a pestigor behind. 14.) They moved in scoring range. 15.) We will check this for sure later but what you should know that after blitzing, and thinking a lot before that, I forgot that to step next to their carrier I had to dodge (1/6 success) with my warrior. Turnover (Conclusion: Miscalculated defense) 16.) My only hope was that they would commit too many risky moves before trying to score. They blitzed with a tomb guardian and knocked out my block pestigor. After a re-rolled extra step they scored 1-1. 17.) My knocked out pestigor came back in an instant (thanks bloodweiser babes however our beer is better). So we got a turn to cause some injuries at the LoS. We injured a skeleton there (an stunned an other) but they had enough substitutes. We started our attack drive with 1-1. It was interesting.
  7. S22 - Division 4C - MD5 - Summary The match ended with our second loss. After the first half it was quite inevitable and we needed a miracle defensive play to even gather a draw. That day it did not happen but maybe next time Play analysis: - Key moments - second half 8. I thought about analysing the situations before the touchdowns (from the perspective of elves). The only mistake I found was before their second touchdown. This is the crucial step there. The lineman next to my ST5 nurgle warrior should be just one tile away (this would mean one extra step) because this placement lets me push him with two dice and attack their carrier with a two dice blitz. Maybe the finishing move in defense would had been the last elf but the tentacles prohibited that. So after the two dice block. We could attack. Conclusion: Miscalculation 5/6 is better than 15/36. What went well: The MVP went to a nurgle warrior and we gathered our second block warrior! What could be done better: We should report the dirty git points in time. Developement: - Blueberry Buddies (Nurgle Warrior) learned to block. - Tomato Trip (Nurgle Warrior) joined the team. - Strawberry Smash (Nurgle Warrior) died.
  8. Key moments - second half: 1.) Two nurgle players came back from knock out so we started the second half nine against ten. The only problem was that they were attacking. They knocked out a rotter on the LoS with the piling on skill. Eight versus ten it was. This meant their most important blitzer stayed in fouling range. 2.) We fouled him but just a stun 3.) The elves did elf things in their backyard (second successful pass and catch in this half). We could tentacle two of them in the middfield. 4.) We stunned one and I tried to foul their blitzer again. We could remove him from the pitch (apothecary removed the injury but he joined the substitutes)! Eight nice nurgle players was against nine evil elves! I tried to hit another elf with my beast but the best beast became really stupid and failed the loner re-roll... 5.) After another pass they moved the ball to our left side near the half-line. With a failed dodge they knocked out themselves (8 vs 8). 6.) We tried to hold them off. 7.) Defended on the other side as well. 8.) Unfortunately they could put up a defensive screen with a dodge (5/6) and two extra steps play (5/6 and 5/6) (Conclusion: Miscalculated defense). 9.) We could blitz their carrier after a push with a nurgle warrior. The blitz was a success but the scatter was not that good. In the end we tried to protect the ball with another pestigor but the 8/9 dodge failed again as in the first half. 10.) They pushed away our ball protector pestigor with a re-roll, picked up the ball and scored. It was kind of expected. 2-0 for the elves. 11.) We got back a rotter and they had their substitute blitzer back so for our last three turns it was nine versus nine. 12.) They stunned our beast so moving forward became very hard. We tried to move to the right side with an extra step but our nurgle warrior tripped twice. 13.) In the end we failed another two dice block but it meant quite nothing the score stayed 2-0 for the elves and we tried to forgot the game as soon as possible.
  9. S22 - Division 4C - MD5 The fifth match this season was against @Gimlik's high elf team again. We planned to take a revenge on last season's defeat but that did not go well. Silver Lords of Altmer (High Elf): 1.) Strengths: This was a high elf team so we can put here the higher average movement and the 4 agility throughout the roster. They developed two good blitzers, a block, mighty blow, piling on one and a block, mighty blow, tackle one. They had two blodge like linemen (wrestle, dodge) and could induce a wizard and a bloodweiser babe because of the injuries suffered through the season. 2.) Weakness: They started with 3 loner players and had 3 other elves without block or dodge. This also meant they had no bench. The plan was the usual here. Remove as many players as possible so we could counter the AG4 stat. Key moments - first half: 1.) We had to attack first. This was not ideal considering our opponent's inducements. At least we got a touchback after a stun (those evil elves from the crowd threw rocks at us). First turn we could foul a loner lineman. Injury but also an expulsion for our innocent rotter. 10 versus 10 remained on the field. 2.) We started our biblical war on the midfield. After both teams lost a re-roll due to a double skull the war seemed neverending. We knew that their wizard was itching and ready to strike. After the re-roll I really did not want to risk to move another tile with my carrier because it would cost us an extra step. 3.) The wizard was too precise. They injured our block, sure hands pestigor and stunned the beast and the carrier. Moreover they knocked out my pestigor next to the ball with a one dice hit. They removed 2 players in one turn and stunned two for the next turn. It was bad. They missed the pick up though but with three players near the ball it was very unprobable that they would not pick it up next turn. 4.) We tried to confuse them. We had three moveable players to complete our holy quest. 5.) They knocked out our nurgle warrior who protected the ball and picked it up. Fortunately, they missed a re-rolled dodge to cover the carrier's back. They lost their last re-roll on their fourth turn. So far eight of our hits (including dodge fail) could not cause even a stun while their ten hits (including the fireball) caused three stuns, two knock outs and an injury (just one mighty blow helped the injury dice so far). This was bad and seven nice nurgle players tried to stop ten evil elves. We could knock down their carrier with a blitz but we found ourselves in a terrifying situation. Moving backward would mean they could blitz our carrier without any help so we tried to move forward to connect our team where more elves was waiting for us. We could not move the nurgle warrior next to the carrier because it would had cost another extra step and we used this turn's re-roll for the first one. 6.) They knocked down our carrier and picked up the ball. We needed a 8/9 dodge to hit their carrier again. However we failed it 7.) On their sixth turn they had enough players near my touchdown line to protect their carrier. The cherry on top was another pestigor knock out. This time my dodge pestigor left the field. Another failed dodge on their side but the armor break was missing again. 8.) I could had went next to their carrier with two extra steps but I chose the safer play. If I could had knocked down one of their dodge, wrestle player next to my pestigor I could move freely next to their carrier. We failed the knock down but another "good" thing happened this half. Fifth nurgle warrior death in 14 games. This time we failed the regeneration. Good by Strawberry Smash 9.) They moved the ball to the corner. Against five nurgle player it was quite easy. They failed another dodge but still no armor break. 10.) They used their piling on skill the first time and injured my last pestigor on the field while we finished the half without causing an armor break. At least a wannabe famous elf scored against us.
  10. S22 - Division 4C - MD4 - Summary The match ended in a draw. The cage ordering mistake was hard on our team next time we will be more cautious. Apart from that after the first half I was satisfied with the result and it was okayish based on the team's strengths. Play analysis: - Key moments - first half 9. The biggest question in my gameplay is the decision on the seventh turn. I was very uncomfortable with the going sideways plan so I went to the middle. Actual play: Other possibility: In the actual play my opponent did a hit (8/9), put the ogre in our way (5/6) and blitzed (35/36 non-turnover and 20/36 hit). In the theoritical play they have to make a 1 dice hit to blitz the carrier. However, to block our path it is enough to free the ogre with two 2 dice hit (8/9 to push downward the rotter next to the ogre and 5/6, 35/36 to blitz the pestigor away with the ogre). After that they can attack my front nurgle warrior with a 2 dice block (35/36). This way they form a "2-man" line near the side and have one player basing our pestigor. Conclusion: Probably my plan was a bit better but it is hard to decide. What went well: No injuries despite the piling on player. What could be done better: Sometimes I tend to get too brave with the ordering. We should fix that. Developement: - Lemon Cure (Rotter) learned to wrestle.
  11. Key moments - second half: 1.) My block pestigor came back to the field (beast and dodge pestigor stayed knocked out) while their block, tackle, mighty blow, frenzy, dodge blitzer came back. This was not that good. However, the second half started 11 nurgle players against 9 human ones. I had hoped if I could have removed some players then the match still could be won. After they sent two players deep in our field my only option was to hit them while holding my defensive line. Expecially because one player was the evil piling on one. First round we double stunned the piling on player, not good. 2.) They stunned our half-line pestigor and tried to save their catcher from the dodge trap. Armor break for him, because of the failed dodge, but just another stun. Still not good. We had to reposition some player to our left side because they brought the ball there. Before finishing our last moves we fouled the lying blitzer without stun. The AV5 did not break. They moved to our other side, we repositioned ourselves and fouled the lying catcher. AV6 broke but just another stun and an expulsion... At this point they breached our defense. I had two options, an 50% dodge to attack the carrier, or a clear attack on the lonely protector and step next to the carrier. I chose the second. Meanwhile we gathered another stun (fifth this half)... 3.) They scored on their 13th turn. 0 - 1 to the human team. 4.) Nobody came back from the knocked out players so the last drive started 10 nice nurgle players against 9 human ones. Both teams gained a turn after the kick-off. At least, I was happy about it Moreover we knocked out their piling on player with our blitz! We made a little calculation mistake here because the pestigor stayed in a 2 extra step range for the side catcher. Fortunatley, the extra step failed. So after some repositioning and moving we fouled the catcher. The armor held again. 5.) We moved forward near the sideline. Another downed human, another foul without success. 6.) They tried to from a screen but the last player missed a dodge so we had to break through this formation. After putting some players in place I realized that we had to score this turn. We scored with two extra steps 1 - 1 7.) The knocked out players came back. They had one turn to score but they did not want to do that so we had a draw.
  12. S22 - Division 4C - MD4 The fourth match this season was against a human team. They could induce one bloodweiser babe because we filled up our ranks to 13 players. The Cardiff Titans (Human): 1.) Strengths: They had 5 block, dodge players, two guards, had a fully developed killer (block, mighty blow, tackle, piling on) and another hard hitter with frenzy (block, tackle, dodge, mighty blow, frenzy). Their movement is way better than ours (two 8 movement catchers and four 7 movement blitzers). All in all I expected frustrating turns and different kind of hardships. 2.) Weakness: They could not roll strength up so they would rely on the guard players and they lacked a bench (only 11 players in the roster) so removing them could turn the tide to our advantage like last week against the elves. Key moments - first half: 1.) We had to start and attack. This was not that good considering the bloodweiser babe. We could grab the ball near the half-line. The only problem was they survived 4 hits (three AV8 and one AV6). 2.) They boneheaded the blitz and put players in front of our lines so next turn we moved forward. At least our fifth hit caused an injury (the sixth caused a stun but that does not matter here). We prepared for a surf on our right side (that's a player with niggling injury and blodge). 3.) At the end of their second turn they started their bad dodge play (they failed the first 1/2 dodge and after that the third 2/3 dodge). Our third turn was quick, a double one re-rolled into a double two...turnover. 4.) They returned the favor with a double one on the ogre (that ogre has block) and the loner re-roll failed. We got a chance to break through. The hit stunned their rightmost player (after eight AV8 and one AV6). We needed only one extra step (with a re-roll) to finish the cage before moving in. We just failed that... (Conclusion: Bad ordering). 5.) With a guard and a re-rolled armor break they knocked out our dodge pestigor 6.) At least we knocked out another human player (10 nurgle players against 9 human ones) and had a plan to clear the ball's surroundings. We put the ball to a safeish place. 7.) They knocked out another pestigor in an instance and stunned our front nurgle warrior after 3 dodges We moved forward and tried to get in scoring range. 8.) They stunned the beast with their next hit and the re-rolled armour break knocked him out. 4 hits with 3 removals in 3 turns... To make things even harder they pulled of an extra step (5/6), two dodge play (1/2, 2/3 with auto re-roll) to form a screen on the side-line. 9.) We knocked out another human player and went left. We will check later if this was the good decision. 10.) They blocked our path towards the touchdown line and even stunned our carrier (they used their last re-roll for the hit...). It was clear that we had to pull a pass play because the only standing pestigor had to make one extra step to score at the start of the turn. However we failed the pass... On their last turn they failed an extra step and stunned a player but it still did not matter. The score was 0 - 0 and it was their turn to attack.
  13. S22 - Division 4C - MD3 - Summary We grabbed our first victory this season on match day 3. I expected my team to be in the mid of this division at the end. Now we are closer to our goal. Play analysis: - Key moments - first half 4. This moment isn't illustrated in details because the possible outcomes are vast. This was the starting setup for their second turn. What is important here that the beast is down and only one rotter interferes with the elf line (two other elves has protectors on my side of the field but they can be moved back easily with a dodge). Hitting the rotter, this is the dirty player one, is okay (instead of 3 35/36 dodge), the only problem with it that after the hit at least one key player stays next to the beast. However it created a dodge, 1 dice, 2 dice, 2 dice crowd surf which did not happen because the wardancer first 1 dice hit was a simple block and wasn't re-rolled. So this part is quite reasonable. They finished their turn like this. I think my only concern is that after the failed surf attempt the wardancer still had 2 movements (and two extra steps) so sending him deep was not a good idea (the hit happened 1 tile away from his current position). He got a decoy score threat there and they knocked down my wrestle rotter but that was all the protection. A follow up would have helped from the elf who knocked down my wrestle rotter, blocking his path towards the dancer. In the end, we got the opportunity to blitz and foul one of their key players on our third turn. Conclusion: Going too deep unprotected. - Key moments - first half 6. The second foul attempt had a toll on their team because the beast could stand up in our second turn. In details, they turn 2 action chain required 4 players next to the beast (Key moments - first half 4th event), one block, one blitz block helper, one foul helper and that elf who made the foul (roles defined by their main action so the block and block helper helped in the foul as well). So somehow they had to move four players away from the beast in their 3rd turn. They had to move their guard player in block range, use a 1 dice block (another elf stayed on this side of the field) to hit a rotter, move an elf next to the beast (3rd elf), hit the beast (4th elf) just to ran away with two players (one is the wardancer who is blitzing below). An 1/2, 2/3, 5/6 dodge finished their screen (we could not hurt their wardancer easily) but they sacraficed their front player this way (by sacraficing I mean moving him backwards). In the end the we could foul one of their key players in our 3rd turn. Conclusion: In their first few turns I think they overcommitted players to remove the beast. At first, it looked okay but after loosing their first wardancer it was risky to sacrafice their MA9, sprint, sidestep, guard catcher as well. He survived but the 2 armor rolls (hit and foul in our 3rd turn) could had been catastrophic. What went well: The wizard was a great help combined with our wrestle rotter. Unfortunatly, I lost the rotter in the first half but that is how niggling works. At least, he did not get the MVP. What could be done better: It was okay this time. Developement: - Usual Random Hops (Pestigor) learned to block. - Papaya Pick (Rotter) joined the team. - Extra Coffee Flavour (Rotter) [Lvl 2; Wrestle; Niggling injury] died.
  14. Key moments - second half: 1.) Nobody woke up from his concussion so 9 nurgle players stood against 7 elves with only one important catcher. We attacked so it was crucial to score and to score as late as possible. 2.) They kicked the ball on our right side and we had an opportunity for a catch there (high kick). It was good, our dodge pestigor caught the ball. We knocked out an elf in our first round (however we needed a re-roll for that) so six remained on the field. 3.) The tree almost rooted again but was saved by a re-roll The "they screen we move" game had started. 4.) We fouled the tree and got a stun out of it. Better than nothing. 5.) They made their first cage dive, two red dice attack with the catcher. It failed. The beast hugged the catcher and we got away as far as we could from the tree. We lost a re-roll in the process, just one remained. 6.) The tree rooted and even failed the stand up (five moveable wood elf player was on the pitch) This way they wasted the blitrz and even their catcher stayed where he was (nice tentacles). 7.) Next turn we used our last re-roll to free one side of the cage. It was getting tense and interesting! However, we could not free all sides of the cage because we would had to risk a one dice block at the end. The important thing was we stunned an elf and 4 of their players (including the tree and the stunned one) was down. Next turn the tree stood up but was still rooted. They put an elf next to our carrier. Unfortunately our block player was on the other side. We had to trust in an 8/9 to free the ball. We managed to switch sides. 8.) They blitzed one of our pestigors and they re-rolled the skulls into a both down. This was a lucky one. Turnover for them at the start! 9.) The plan was to go next to the catcher with the beast. Ooops...really stupid We surrounded them as much as we could and even tried a dodge again which failed but did not matter that much. 10.) Their last resort was to put the usual catcher next to our carrier. They managed to accomplish that (1/2; 5/6 dodge). 11.) Without a re-roll we had to dodge or do a blockless hit. We chose the latter because we could arrange a three dice one. We missed the armor break on the catcher once again. On our 15th turn (they would have 2 more) it was clear we had to score so we did just that. 2 - 0 for the nurgles! 12.) The frenzy wardancer came back so they had two MA9 pieces on the field, one with sidestep and sprint. I did not thought they would try two one-turner but that just what happened here. Nice try @Iltanir, nice try They managed to put the catcher in scoring range (with 3 extra steps) but the catch failed. Now they had one turn to score and even that was in danger. We hugged the catcher with the beast, blitzed the wardancer and stunned him even secured the ball as much as we could with one extra step. The score stayed at 2 - 0 for our side this time!
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