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  1. Season 20 Post Mortem Six Fanta: Salutations soda fans! For match day six the Jerkz faced some tougher opponents, and by tougher I mean that they were decked out in some armour because it was the boyz versus some Bretonians and these guys were dressed to impress with their fancy hats and spiked gloves, but our brave boys lined up on the pitch anyway as the Brets won the toss and decided to have us kick the ball to them. And like usual we have a pitch side commentary from White Rock who sat out this drive. Take it away Rock. White Rock: Thanks lady. Those Brets see
  2. I finished Bleak House and it was excellent. The only other novel I read by Dickens was A Tale of Two Cities and I thought it was okay. But Bleak House I thought was great. And while the house wasn't bleak at all, he would hit me with some scenes of how the poor lived that were just really sad, getting me choked up a few times, and then there was one scene that had me actually crying some manly tears because of how devastatingly sad it was. Nabokov's lecture on it was also great and while he praised Dickens for the work he also pointed out where Dickens was weak with his storyt
  3. Season 20 Post Mortem Game Five Fanta: Greetings fans! It was an exciting match for our boyz this week as the Jerkz faced off against an opponent that they've never dealt with before, Halflings! None of them have even seen a halfling before this match, since they're so short they're always blocked by the counter when they come in so they only know them from the sound of their squeaky voices, but our boys were familiar with trees and with an inducement they were facing off against three of them as the other team induced Deeproot Strongbranch to join them on the pitch. With our f
  4. Season 20 Post Mortem Game Four Well Soda Fans, it seems the boys finally did it and broke their losing streak and were able to pull off a stunning tie in the fourth game! Coach Soapy is ecstatic about the fact that the boys actually do understand which end of the pitch is the opponents end zone and they actually can make their way to it and score. But how did our lovely boys manage to pull off such a feat you may wonder? Well wonder no more as we again as RC to fill us in on what went down. RC: Thanks for having me here today Fanta, it was one heck of a match and o
  5. Season 20 Post Mortem Game 3 With our third game completed we discover that while there may be nowhere to go but up, staying at the same level is also an option and with our third loss we find ourselves exactly where we were before. But don't be discouraged! Soapy has assured us that he's 'learned somethink' that last game and he may even try to apply those lessons to his next game. With our analysis we are pleased to announce that we've interviewed RC, who was sadly stuck on the sidelines this last game after his unfortunate injury that was sustained at the hands of the Reiksgu
  6. Season 20 Post Mortem Game 2 With our second game under our belt we find ourselves with nowhere to go but up. The second loss for the Soda Jerkz reminds us that youth and enthusiasm is no match for old age and treachery. While there are many factors that we can contribute to the loss that the team suffered, the game was played in the afternoon, and it's a well established fact that retirees sometimes experience, 'sundowning,' meaning that they get violently confused as the afternoon gets late. There is also the fact that once again the opponents coach outplayed ours. They also
  7. Season 20 Post Mortem Game One Fanta here with your peek into the life of the team. It is with a heavy heart that I report that the Soda Jerkz lost their first game. While the bus ride to our opponents stadium was full of good spirits, it seems it may have been a mistake for them to have a milk shake drinking contest in the locker room right before the game started. Mr. Pibbs offered the following statement: 'It was once said that no plan survives a punch in the face, and that's the truth.' Soapy added, 'It seems the boys needed the experience of playing against opponen
  8. Howdy! I'm a new coach and most of my Blood Bowl experience comes from watching streamers and I have played a few games. So while I know to do certain things, in some cases I'm not sure why I'm doing those things. I've got a few games under my belt and I have a good grasp on the fundamentals of the game, I notice that I need to work on better strategies to get myself out of the situations I sometimes put myself in. Maybe even learning how to not get myself into sticky situations in the first place? I've been playing Orcs but am interested in learning the other teams, I'm just
  9. Season 20 Pre-game 1: Hey Blood Bowl fans, it's me Fanta! The teams newly hired publicist, I'll be your eyes and ears in the locker room and team bus. After that disastrous press conference, corporate decided that it may be better to have just one person be a voice for the team, so that means I'll be writing the columns before and after our games letting you, our superfans who truly love us and show up to our games, an inside peek into the goings on with the team before the games! This will also be informative for the lazy 'fans' who don't want to travel out to watch us play.
  10. The Soda Jerkz These 'fellas,' and I use that term loosely, all worked together for a summer at the local Fiendly's ices cream parlor and soda fountain. One night after work while rough housing in the parking lot, they were playing 'keep away' with the tip money that the goblins had earned, they discovered they worked well as a team they decided to try it on the Blood Bowl Pitch. These boys have a lot heart but not much skill, which is a perfect fit for their new Coach. But what who are they? 1. Barq - Black Orc - Not much is known about this enigmatic orc, n
  11. I'm currently reading Bleak House by Dickens. I'm about 10 percent into it and it's a riot. Just not what I was expecting at all. I only picked it up because I'm reading it in conjunction with Nabokov's Lecutres on Literature so I read each book before I read his lecture segment. The first lecture was on Mansfield Park and it was very enjoyable, both the book and the lecture. I never would have read Austen otherwise because I never saw myself as being into regency romances, or whatever this genre is considered, but half way through I found myself totally invested in the characters.
  12. Howdy! I'm brand new to the game but have been learning and would like to join your league. Coach name: SoapyTheBum Team name: Soda Jerkz Race: Orc
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