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  1. Even if there was not much competition in the tier this time around - I love that I got both the 'murderer' and 'murdered' title at the same time.
  2. Ha-haha, throw teammate airlines is better anyway. When nothing depends on you - nothing to be afraid of.
  3. In 6) second half, that dodge was with a break tackle player, I think. So technically a 2+. But it succeeded and I was pondering if I should be dodging 4+ into 3 tackle zones next to the ball carrier, or not. Decided not to. And at the last turn, there was 4th snotpilot in the background of the picture - ready to receive and fly to victory if everything else fails. And even in tentacles, technically he could receive the handoff and go flying. But yeah - those are all 3+ (receive), 4+ (launch), 4+ (land) rolls, or 2 5+ rolls respectively. One 5+ receive and dodge is way better. I'd imagine you use wizard on an ogrobot later, or fireball the formation. Since the snotcage is just a simple dodge 'out of tacklezones', titchies don't make dodge harder. But you did what you did, I was relieved that I don't have to deal with any atmospheric occurrences later. And it was a really unfortunate scatter for us. Overall, a great match for me - I could do some nice pushthroughs, and frenzy worked wonders. With way fewer boneheads than it could have been. And none of my payers 'upgraded' to a rotter.
  4. s02ep2 Projectile combat. After narrowly avoiding loss in previous week, Delta wing's base is besieged once again, by @Borke's Wily Warranted Whatnots. Technologically advanced goblins, not-so-tiny-compared-to-snot-size bastards - brought an artillery piece (mage) to our gates. And a grenadier with "friend or foe" protocol in his bombnades. You only need one statistic to know the match was fun - 3/4 intercepts successful... But does the abnormal outcome of certain rolls help our heroes? Find out after the commercial break! Who's that blood bowl plaer? It's... Varag Ghoul-chewer!
  5. It is midseason, teams are having a little break before the inevitable beatings, or sorry, games.. Why not bingewatch the long-awaited: Season 2 of the snotventures. Starting with: s02ep1 Ready for rematch? As the base per-snot-el comes back from their vacations, sirens sound the alarm! They didn't put their names in contracts for lazy days. And as the green team of orks comes closer, we notice colors of @Bambalachacha 's Goff Gougers. (Flashbacks to episode 3 of the first season). They want revenge for their defeat last time. The one team we fought before - and it's already in the first day! Our flimsy fence falls, robots rev up ready. And the match on our home turf begins.
  6. Quick midseason thoughts: Surprisingly to me, there was not a single match in the first season - where I couldn't have won or tied from the back, if I played just a little bit differently (and maybe had just only +1 better roll on the last turn of the game). One more thing. About 2-3 hours for writing a recap of a single game is a lot... In the future I might need to change how I approach it. I'll try writing a fluff-recap right after the match, with bare minimum under spoiler and then edit in the details of the game under spoiler if/when I feel like. I still got lots of free time and a good bit of what's called 'passion', but most of the time they don't intersect. Heh. That means, Delta wing didn't have a game with disastrous rolls yet. Will I have it in the next season? Animators are working on the new episodes right now. Wait and you'll see... in the next season. Outro music plays with snotpilots walk, sit and enjoy each other's company on the background of stylized ogrobots.
  7. s01ep9 Hammering Iron. On the week following orks' attack on our base, we had a planned training game with Norn Iron, a dark elf team headed by @Antrm. Don't know how, or when we got into contact with them. Just that one day a page, scheduling the match and various details around it was put on my table. Snotpilots were actually looking up to that date, some were excited even - before orks struck, that is. On the day of the event, it felt as if the cloud of seriousness engulfed the base. Grass on our training field was cut, Mechs were scrubbed clean and pilots precharged batteries of their power armors. Everybody was ready to do their best. (And by everybody, I also mean the crowd - some of them brought 'surprises'. I did it in secret to cheer up my guys on the last match of the season) Little did we know, that our opponents prepared even better. (In terms of resistance to injuries). Players were given steroids - muting the pain. And as much as I don't like saying it - it was a good move on the Antrm's part. Injuries are almost inevitable when you are dealing with giant (by snotsize) metal machines. Main pilot does an inaccurate hand swipe and you are already lying in a hospital with shattered rib 4 days later from concussion. Ball flies in the air, match begins!
  8. s01ep8 That's what War feels like? It's week eight - not a cloud in the sky, and no planned dangerous activities are scheduled for Delta wing personnel. But there's no such thing as resting easily when you are in advanced military base. Radars have shown an ork team approaching from WNW - green alert, on positions! As they approach closer, lookouts are able to recognize Physicz Boyz, led by @VeneEestlane. Green brutes and goblins (which are still about 1,5 times the size of your average snotizen) are shouting something about 'teaching us'. They must be here to avenge for their fellow Goff Gougers - or Actinoid Androids? During the battle - the score for dead snotdiers was opened... Pilot Dreik Xardnut was the one to fall; and pilot Cerill Polpetak injured right leg. But it seems a pilot taken out in action was all that orks needed this time. They left area of the base after the 'match' concluded. (if memory serves well - surprisingly only tying for the 'ribbon' deadliest killer player in our division after all 9 matches have been played, with 3 kills)
  9. Just a few stat-ups and stat-downs and he will be your own pet ogre, har-har!
  10. s01ep7 Iron vs Other elements On week 7 the base was assaulted by @Oregon's mad science experiments... Actinoid Androids, made from alloys with inclusions of transuranium elements. In a form-factor of a dark elf team, they are seriously a sight to behold. . A friendly fellow scientists's challenge; or will our familiar mechs be trampled over in the dirt? Find out in the next episode of dragon ball z Delta wing's archives.
  11. s01ep6 Feeling of Pity. From the encrypted journal of Dexty Kroggins, Delta base director: -The last weeks were Busy. I cautiously prodded for information on a mole - and all signs show that we do have a spy. Haven't been able to pinpoint him exactly yet, but I do have a few suspects. List is too dangerous to entrust even to this encrypted journal. So it'll sit in my brain for now. But now is a good time to get encounter archive back in order. On week 6 we were assigned a mission to deploy deep into elf territory. Positively I have no idea what they needed us to do. Out of all possible creature-based disasters, 'wood elves' have always been the least threatening. They come, they do what they need, then they leave. Without inflicting a terrible amount of snot-ualties. During the time, they were having some "athlympic" (?) event at Panathenaic Stadium. @smifffy01and his Olympic Gold Sprinters were not thrilled to have Ogrobots crush their party... What's more important is - pilots weren't putting up their all that week too. Doubts spread in the barracks among the snotders about 'Is it right or not to interrupt some huge sports event of guys we are not even particularly at war with' - as somebody said after the return. And so, mechpilots weren't doing their best on the field. Sloppiness and lack of discipline this week didn't exactly show the advantages of metal over agile raw skin.
  12. If my calculations are correct, after day 8 now - ogrobots lead the competition for confirmed harms done. We were tied, then Bretstreeters took the lead with a poor halfling and a song in his honor. Then we wrestled the lead back with one juicy targeted bounty. And no news were made after that. The rest are trailing relatively far behind. What I want to say is - the future of the trophy is in your hands right now. Probably. (And in your legs, and in your opponent's hides) Results for my last match are in. Dark elves forgot all their "plusses" at home, despite all the efforts. And I didn't have the inspiration for target calling, knowing it might just be one of those 'singleplayer card game' matches, if you know what I mean. I need to stop being lazy like a jelatinous cube, and finish what i started.
  13. s01ep5 And the hell will remember. "We are going Where? It must be a bureaucratic error. Or a typo, a whole bunch of typos!" Delta base director was receiving orders for the next destination. A decoded sheet of paper reads: DeVille, and it's coordinates. A place in jungle, infamous for it's smouldering hole in the ground, and demonettes (amazons) that took names alike ancient greek ones. One of the many unnatural disasters that besiege this world. @Diabolurules over DeVille's inhabitants. "They want to undermine the operation. A few more dangerous missions like this and an ogrobot or two will be left a wreck. Ugh! The coordinates match - it's not an error then. Got to be wary of suspicious actions, there might be a mole. But a mission is a mission." Thoughts darted in director's mind. "This will be tough"
  14. s01ep4 Recoil. Mission in the ork-controlled lands was a success all around. Base director allowed pilots to celebrate it with champagne. But you see, champagne is a strong enough beverage for a normally tiny snotman body - that they woke up with a severe hangover the next morning. Alert couldn't have come in more unfortunate time. Delta wing crew was ordered to urgently fly to Warpstone Underworld's location - to thwart plans of a skaven lord, @Thiods. He gathered a band of exceedingly fast rats. Surveillance was inconclusive of their plans. Despite the protests of repairsnots and warnings that we would be flying at our own risk; higherups descended an order for delta wing to dispatch and destroy the skaven scheming. Problems became apparent right from the start. Ground snotpilots, dizzy from yesterday's (well-deserved) celebration - had trouble running around their opponents. And Ogrobots themselves were in not so good shape as well... Undercharged and lacking proper after-mission maintenance, internal repair snots were hard at work trying to move the machines. This unprepairedness resulted in what the post-match reports describe as "hard pushback from the usually brilliant team", "Quality and quantity recoiled to way below average levels". But less optimistic minds were waiting for something like this to happen, since the very first mission. I need to think, whether I want to keep the 2x niggling pilot Xardnut or not. For the memes of course, but he played fairly good in this match. And the whole match writeup is done.
  15. Revel in your leadering of the bounty hunter competition - for now. We'll get you next time, next match, next team.
  16. While it would be interesting - what you'd come up with, I voted against the idea. Because right now, all it takes to play in multiple leagues is - writing a simple message 'I can play from here to there, Except for X time'. It's not complicated for 2,5 leagues, I'd imagine it's not terrible even for 4-5 leagues. If there is some kind of calendar on the side of the forum page, that you mark all your free time in - Some will use it, some will not. It'll detract from the live talk. (even one forum message is still a social interaction, if you know what I mean) And time-fu panda would still be needed anyway. But it's just an opinion of a dude with a lot of free time.
  17. s01ep3 Green, but not too mean. The Second mission of Delta wing would certainly be the big news, that the whole snot world talks about. If it was made public. For now, all the recordings of this engagement are kept on the hard drives of the base, accessible only to snots of the government. Thing is - one of the bloodiest semi-victories the snots have seen, is kept secret. All the base pilots, engineers, manual workers of the ogrobot initiative, up to the last janitor, have a strict DND-0E (Do not disclose, or else!) point in their contracts. It is done to preserve the secret of mechs being built. The world is a dangerous place for snotpeople. It would have been a disaster, even more than the usual ones - if a leader of an underground empire for example would interfere before the ogrobots were fully operational. Somebody will write about the 'golf club massacre' in their memoirs. But seeing as it's snotpeople we are talking about - I find the thought of some of them living all the way to retirement slightly absurd. Nevertheless, the base staff and pilots were greatly inspired by the recent events - when the week 3 assignment arrived. Engineers implemented "Guard" programs to Delta-1 Morningstar and Delta-2 Invincible. The wing now must face the green ork hordes - the scourge of fellow snotpeople around the globe for a long time. "Goff Gougers", as they call themselves, led by chieftain @Bambalachacha have settled in 'Ruckus Park', ransacking it in the process. All preparations complete, transport helicopters pierce the snowing clouds nearby the Ruckus Park.
  18. Now, you may be wondering - why the second episode is called "Rip and Tear until the whistle blows"? Come and click the spoiler. It has the picture of Crowdog09's team roster after the match. Before the match, it was missing one Chaos Warrior. And here's a breakdown of the match. In the future I'll probably be making them smaller. But now - let's have a read about a team getting shredded by the cogs of machinery where they clearly shouldn't have belonged. (And how I only got a draw out of it) It is finished. I certainly wish Crowdog09 better luck next match. He's a proffesional, I think this setback won't make him drop the team in the middle of a season. (at least I hope, there's predictions at stake, I'm not even mentioning this place rules of good sportsmanship)
  19. s01ep2 Rip and Tear until the whistle blows! The battletest of the first week was deemed a success. There is still a few wrinkles to iron out, but snotpilots went to the barracks without a scratch. And more importantly - there is no need for extensive ogrobot maintenance. The 6 mechs were ready to roll. The next obvious step - is to combat test in the field. There is a small place on the maps nearby the Delta Base, called The Golf Club. It was recently taken over by a group of Chaos worshipers, under the leadership of their cult master, @crowdog09. Reconnaissance tells that members of The Can Masters cult have grown in size and muscle, many have grown horns. They may have discovered some chemical compound that raises their physical abilities. It's carried in aluminum cans. Whatever is happening there, it must be stopped before it grows into being a problem. Preferably while retrieving samples. (Transport montage) The 6 Ogrobots are being strapped under the transport helicopters with metal cables. They will carry mechs to the match field. Ogrobot pilots themselves and internal repairsnots are already in another helicopter, following the "Big Six". Additional ground personnel and emergency repair machinery is carried by the 8th helicopter. Arriving at the destination, the pilot helicopter overtakes transporters and lands. The "Big Six" helicopters ground the ogrobots, leg pneumatics dampen the impact. In 40 seconds the internal crew are already climbing inside the mechs with their 'hiea-hiya!'s. While the additional personnel are unloading the stretchers for snotpilots and spare armor plates and welders - for the mechs. In 3 minutes all preparations are complete. Helicopters fly off for refuel. While it's certainly not the first transportation operation - Alpha and Beta wings were the ones to write the protocol; Delta base director would be nodding in appreciation if he was at the place. During the unloading, The Can Masters have gathered themselves on the opposite side of the field. We aren't about the silent sneaky approach. No longer are. Our scientists prepared the sample collecting canister in the shape of a ball. The starting whistle blows, and the "ball" is kicked in the direction of The Golf Club.
  20. Is that an allusion of "I have to work hard, sometimes with hard setbacks, but persistence wil prevail" of Getting Over It?
  21. So yeah, here's the match breakdown. Any inputs, Hakuren? (I'm interested why you gave the attack to ogrobots, and your first turn for example) Phew, that's a lot of writing. Sorry, forum.
  22. s01ep1 What a day to be alive! It is sunday. The lookouts have sighted a reanimated group of skeletons and various species of horrors, led by a necromancer @Hakuren on the horizon. They are headed towards Delta wing base for a scheduled "How could any man pass up the opportunity to hunt some Gnoblars on a fine Sunday". But this time the government has brought a surprise. 6 metal-plated, charged up, enormous surprises. From the underground hangar rise 6 platforms with Ogrobots. Truly, a multinational endeavor - the mechs that are as tall as a normal 15-floor building fit for snotpeople, were built and transported in secret across the world. Today is the time for them to shine. Literally, as sun rays reflect off of their polished armor plating, steel servomotors and hydraulic drives. With loud stomping, ogrobots step off their elevators and head towards the necromantic team, as they shamble, stump and run on all fours their way over our flimsy perimeter fence... The snotbase director grins from behind his window, overseeing the first opportunity to battle-test his entrusted personnel. On the other side of the field, the Necromancer smiles at the thought of splattered snotpeople that will strengthen his experimental crew, he calls: Lunar Aficionados. Teams are set ready, coin is tossed in the air, the whistle blows.
  23. The multiverse is Enormous. In one of it's corners, that can be described as "between the couch cushions" - exists a planet of snotpeople. For as long as history itself, they have been terrorized by green hordes, animated monstrosities, natural and unnatural disasters and even fungus takeovers. 'No more!' they said one year. And the United sNotions started the Ogrobot initiative. Four mech Wings were created, One on each continent. Ogrobots were built and outstanding snotdividuals were found to pilot them. Of course, there wasn't enough mechs for everyone. Somebody has to do the ground job. But no amount of 'Blood Bowl' training program has prepared them for Kaiju invasion. (B-wh-a-a-a-p!) Disclaimer:
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