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  1. We could do with another few signups to get another division going.
  2. Everything up to here is added to the relevant spreadsheet. Seeding in progress.
  3. There's not very many who have defended their title, so it's a feat to strive for.
  4. Please, use the decision thread in your division as per the instructions.
  5. Spreadsheet and coach status updated to here.
  6. Spreadsheet updated to here. Everyone should now have been given Coach status for the forum and should be able to see more stuff.
  7. New or returning team?
  8. First some important things: It is assumed you'll be able to play at what's normally considered European friendly times (so, evenings UTC+1 winter/ UTC +2 summer) and/or weekends. The team needs to be a fresh one (unless you've already had a team in the competition and are returning from a break) It can't be a "mixed team". They're quite frankly not balanced at all. Your players will die. Repeatedly. I know mine have. To be guaranteed a spot you need to sign up by January 20th (14:00 UTC) (divisions still have to be 10 teams though so take that guarantee with a pinch of salt). The thread will be kept open longer but after the cut-off date you will be on the reserve list (still, divisions of 10 so there might be room). If you already play in the league please use the decision thread in your group instead of this thread. If you've previously sat out for a season but would like to return, please make a post here and do include team name and race and mention if it is indeed a returning team. Divisions will be posted on January 25th and if you are in a division you are expected to sign up ingame by January 28th (20:00 UTC). OCC Season 24 starts February 2nd Please use the following format: Coach name (ingame): Team name: Race: By signing up you confirm that you've read the rules. If you are a returning coach, please do mention that and if it's a new team or not. . I know which teams are eligible to return and where they go, but it helps and some people like to name new teams the same thing. If it's a returning team it would help if you could mention last season and tier. One more thing: Please do not edit your post, if you change your mind make a new post.
  9. Said thread is coming in a few minutes. Just in here to lock it and mention that anyone not yet in should use the new thread instead.
  10. Decision threads and signup thread posted: December 27th Md8 starts: January 5th Md9 starts: January 12th Md9 ends: January 18th (midnight UTC) Decision threads closes: January 19th (14:00-ish, UTC) Signups "close": January 20th (14:00-ish UTC) [However, should there be enough extra signups before next season we will create more divisions] Divisions posted: January 25th (could be earlier and ideally not later) Signups ingame close: January 28th (20:00 UTC) - If you are not signed in to your division by this point you risk being replaced. If you know you can't signup in time, do mention that in the decision or signup thread (the one that applies to you) Season 24 starts: February 2nd
  11. Unfortunately for you I am quite hard to bribe. I would say impossible, but I guess everyone has their price.
  12. Another reason is that by permanently retiring the old team the choice roar re-roll or not becomes meaningful. From a competitive view we want to limit the amount of team changes as bonus promotions makes a mess of the league structure
  13. Do you have any idea how much that would mess with seeding every single season? Suddenly you can't guarantee that someone in the top 3 would get promoted if a bunch of people return to their team in a higher tier. Also, you can't play against yourself (you can't have two teams in the same division ingame).
  14. You already have a team in 4A. We are counting on you using that and it would be great if you could get that signed up as quickly as possible.
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