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  1. I have a str 4, blodge, guard blitzer that just leveled up. What to choose? Side step? Leap? Tackle? I only have on tackle player - another blitzer, developed with strip ball, tackle, leap Two undeveloped blitzers ! undeveloped WE (two just died) An limemen, a handfull with blodget, one with guard. AA
  2. Apart from the D1 at at a crucial moments as a low point, we shan't complain. While your big fuzzy bear did KO and niggle the knee of another player, we absolutely adore your big white. In fact, there was a team vote after the match and we have decided to adopt him as a team mascot after the match. Panthers are overrated, and hope that you are willing to sell. We will be good to him! AA
  3. Coach name (Arwens Arrows): Team name: Arwens Avengers Race: DE
  4. Returning coach, returning team: Coach Name: Arwens Arrows Team Name: Elves of Elendil Race:WE
  5. Gratz - Well done and Well deserved!!!
  6. Coach name (in-game BB2): Arwens Arrows Team: WE Team name:Elves of Elendil WC Confirm that you fulfill the age requirements of the BB2 World Cup 2018: 18 ++
  7. Returning Team (Season 4) Coach name: Arwens Arrows Team Name: Elves of Elendil Race: WE
  8. Just to ensure that Rymd doesn't appreciate the effort to have a prizepool, I will have a go at Steamworld Heist. Grrrrrr (atz) Francach AA
  9. Have to admit I miss it too - worked hard to get a nice row of show offs
  10. Match 1: Swan Song Match 2: ItSmellsLikeTeamSpirit Match 3: OrcyPython&theUnholyGrail Match 4: Tabula Rasa Madhatters Match 5: draw 0 Gold: Gps 4,460
  11. Match 1: Tabula Rasa Madhatters - Chaos Dwarf - straume Match 2: Dark and Edgy Team - Undead - Patros Match 3: Draw Match 4: Swan Song - Wood Elf - Chora-Cra Match 5:OrcyPython&theUnholyGrail - Vampire - Bantha
  12. Just played Hobnail in Nagg, while he was mulittasking on this He invited me to comment, but after reading through the thread I think I will keep it at saying that Hobb should probably stop multitasking while playing P.S. None of us quit or disconnected...
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