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  1. I left... but its like a blackhole, it sucked me back in.
  2. Hi Jade. The OCC is genuinely one of the most pleasant places to play bloodbowl. Its well run and is welcoming. Hope to see you on the pitch.
  3. Its on my steam wish list... If only I had more time.
  4. Its a good thing for me. I like there is no "go to" team build. Although I always thought dark elves and woodelves forced hard choices at 1000
  5. Big changes? Im out of the loop
  6. @Hobnail In my defense, my starting woodelf build has 1 reroll and no apo so its really unforgiving until mid season
  7. Ive played 4 games in MM since coming back and am yet to win...
  8. Ill swing by and see if i can remember my log in. ITs going to be a rough first season I feel
  9. @Bantha It might not be so nice to be back when im down to 4 elves
  10. @AllyRdr ive got so much bad play to come...
  11. Hey Gobas, hope youre well. What do you play now?
  12. "Talk to me when youve beat a 2k Chaos team with 2 catchers, a thrower and a lineman" Good to see you still here. What division are you in? Im gonna suck, may need a season or two to get my head around it again.
  13. thanks@ @Igralius Im sure ill find my feet with tactics after a few games but its more getting used to the ui.
  14. So Ive not played in 3 years and am looking at returning. Is anyone free to play a friendly in matchmaking? Just so i can get used to it again. Im free all day.
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