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  1. Good to see some of the oldies still around, it's like I never left
  2. Aye, I was around for the first season or so of BB2 I believe, and then real life intervened, so it's been a few years. Cheers Doomy, good to see you're still around! I'm hoping it's a good thing! Aye, BB2 does seem a lot nicer now, so should be fun rolling again!
  3. Alright all! Finally decided, after watching Zunk and Andy on Twitch for a while, that sod it, I should get back into Blood Bowl! I see absolutely nothing has changed in this Mos Eisley-esque hive of scum and villainy! Hope you're all doing well! Anything interesting I should know from last time I was here?
  4. Coach Name: MILLANDSON Team Name: Spectral Solicitors Race: Undead Timezone: UTC/GMT Returning after a long hiatus! Good to be back!
  5. Really though, have a good one everyone! Just hoping the stars align to allow my 3 trains back to England run on time so I can spend Christmas with my grandad (he makes the nicest Christmas dinner! ).
  6. Bah, Humbug! Beat Hobnail to it
  7. Terrible tragedy. I saw it on the weekend, they were still sifting through the debris, considering half the pub is now only a stiff breeze from collapsing. Our local is the Weatherspoons in Cumbernauld though, we should be alright.
  8. Nobody mentions the two Xbox controllers there?
  9. And it's fucking brilliant. Congrats to the person who took the code :P
  10. The first song to start up when I turned on Spotify - sounds like the start of a good evening!
  11. Same thing with me, but on my Samsung Galaxy S3 - was fine one day, the next day it stopped working.
  12. Steam: JordanMillward_1, MILLANDSON, Shimizu Taiki Xbox: Shimizu Taiki
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