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  1. Hey Pidpad,

    Unfortunately, I won't be able to do phase two of OCC2.  I just can't be sure to be available over the next couple of months.


    Sorry for the inconvenience.

  2. Are the files called the same on a mac? I found a replay.bbr and a "replayindex.xml" and another file with the same date stamp that has a .bbrz extension.
  3. ... Off topic... Has anybody played BB2 with a Mac in a league run by Windows. I am unable to find the files I would be require to upload, any help would be appreciated. ...On Topic... I love Wizards!!!
  4. SO... I have a Mac, how will I upload if I play?
  5. If you are part of the council can you vote on your own players?
  6. First one is on me.... almost free.
  7. Worth checking out. https://www.humblebundle.com
  8. Hey Pidpad good attempt this week.
  9. So long my GFI Freak brother.
  10. Endzone TD in MD3 4 and 9= 3 302 yds passing= 45 15 passes= 15+3 First in yards= 3 First in Passes= 3 Grand total of 72pt Two admin games did me in. BTW You should add yds/attempt as a bonus.
  11. Caught the ball in the endzone.... Again!
  12. My Rats still have to play the casualty leader for more my division, who has a shot at the tier title and doesn't need to win the game. So I may yet reroll.
  13. You sad lot. I'm not saying that I'm better than you (but I am) I'm just saying you guys have to try harder to make it interesting for me. I don't even start my best players and my backups are beating you. Could you please step it up a little?
  14. 51+ rule comes in I want a post season catch up game if I concede because I can't field more than two players on the line and I want my opponent to buy and cut cheerleaders to get rid of their extra winnings. I also think that all unicorns should be allowed and that all snotlings should be banned.
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