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  1. I fricking hate the tactically niave spanish waiter, I am still hoping Brendan will be proven to be a bone fried ( :lol: ) genius very shortly.
  2. It is a good game. Very poor ending
  3. And to spam one more time - dont vote here! :lol:
  4. Yeah yeah I am a spam master, I know! However, I have a project going, I have a goat who needs a new skill. The GODS HAVE DECIDED MY FELLOW COACHES SHOULD DECIDE WHAT THAT SKILL IS! He rolled double 3's, so a nice play ground for your insanity! http://www.orca-cola.com/beta/index.php?/topic/9960-the-cult-of-dice-goat/#entry155549 Happy discussion/voting - I am sure you will give him something fitting!
  5. Have been enjoying this game immensely on norrmal. Was a little tough in the early stages as I was learning how to play the thing and kept alerting the entire map to my presence so had a couple of deaths, but have since worked it out and havent had a death for long while. I am at the stage of the final battle which I have on hold while I level up a third PSI support (just waiting for him to get deep pockets perk). Found 2 more rookies with the gift so couild have a squad with 5 of them in, but cannot be assed to wait while they skill up Need to get killing the end boss!
  6. Had an excellent ending also. The fruits of my nasty labours were seeing the young empress become an evil little bitch and that boat driving bloke make the final level a bit more difficult by letting the real bad guys know I was coming Didnt bother me, you just summonded more meat for the grinder boat man - tried to kill the boat guy, immune to my efforts. DOUBLE GIT
  7. :lol: yes went bad and have been off the radar sulking for a week or so (okay, damaging a hamstring also didnt help :( ) - will get to work on the sig shortly.
  8. :lol: so a cornish pasty and the cornish flag? :lol: Been working on a presentation for work over the weekend - job interview tomorrow - will get cracking on the sig attempt tomorrow if I get the promotion. I will be wallowing in self pity if I dont get it, in which case stick your sig requests up your well f*cked asses! There are more friggin important things in this world! :lol: Matt, it would help to get me some images you would like to see incorporated into the sig. Saves me working on trial and error. Because I am essentially lazy is not a consideration in this.
  9. You sure you want to migrate to fummbl in light of the ongoing JAVA security vulnerabilities? Cyanide version is buggy and a little annoying (alright a lot annoying), but JAVA can f*ck you! </scandalous half truths and drama queen-isms>
  10. I see, quite like the concept. Could do it in the standard non animated style as suggested or break out the animated gif tools and attempt a sig with a standard all stars based main element, but with switching race specific images etc. does make a slightly bigger file, but can look great. Would you want to use the all stars txt style from the original human sig? Could update it a little. Any race specific images you would like to incorporate make the job easier as well as what races you would want included
  11. Is it a new team or revamping one of the others?
  12. I am off work in a fortnight and will need something to amuse me. Might be a dumb question to you zelots but is this game worthwhile? I like turn based, I like killing aliens, sounds win-win. I somehow never played the original games.... Just killed everything that moved in dishonoured so that is gonna need a rest before I try and stealth end the game. (turn based history: civ ii, might and magic games, space crusade (c64), lords of magic (c64) - nothing turn based for years outside of Bb)
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