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  1. Wasn't Exiles the All Star tournament where you had to take at least 1 star and you didn't need 11 players before adding the star(s)? I can see a roster with him working better in that environment [emoji2] Sent from my Xperia Z3 using Tapatalk
  2. The bit you've missed is that Hobs wouldn't take any of the catchers. If you look here - http://exebowl.co.uk/onewebmedia/ExeBowl%202%20-%20Final%20Rosters.pdf - you'll see the rosters for the Exebowl tournament from October. The coaches are in alphabetical order so scroll down to Hobnail and you'll see he had: Thrower 2 x Blitzers 8 x Lineelf 1 RR 1 AC 1 Cl Jordell Freshbreeze. Basically, to fit him in, you gimp the rest of the team.....
  3. I'm going to the UKTC as well. I also considered taking Wood Elves and the advice I was given by BJJHero was : 3 catchers tree 2dancers thrower 4linemen 2 rerolls leader grab tree tackle dancer stripball dancer 5th skill Id dodge a lineman or sidestep a catcher. Not sure if I'm still taking Woodies but if I do then it'll probably be that build
  4. I don't think it's important but I don't play to lose. +1 to that
  5. Last few years mine has gone Step 1: Spend days deliberating over the team you want to take. Decide on one, ponder it's downsides, change your mind, change your mind again, pick the original team. Step 2: Spend days deliberating over the best roster for your chosen team. Go through several iterations after asking everyone you know for advice. Ignore the advice. Take the original roster. Step 3: Agonise over what skills to take. Run through every possible permutation you can think of and play out in your mind how it'll work. Step 4: Finally settle on a team, roster and skills that you are happy playing and one that offers the best balance of fun and eventual success. Step 5: Turn up for the weekend do badly in every game bar one which will be against Goblins and you'll be lucky to get that win. Step 6: Brush the tears from your eyes and throw your team in the bin on the way out after day 2.
  6. Go hard or go home with Orcs 4 BoB's - all Block 4 Blitzers - 1 Leader and 3 Mighty Blow 3 Lineorcs Varag Ghoul-Chewer 0 RR Boom! Bring the pain! I'm off for a lie down, I think I need one.......
  7. I wouldn't mind taking part in a BB2 trial league. I'm not in a full OCC league so have no other games to worry about and a game every two weeks would suit me at the moment.
  8. Playing BB2 yesterday and I got a Blitz result on kick off, moved a few players around and then tried to Blitz with my Troll Slayer. I tried to do it the way you can do it open play by plotting the path and then right clicking on the player I wanted to hit but it wouldn't let me do it. I got a message pop up saying that the Blitz action had to be chosen first. From that point on if I clicked on any other player I could get the pop up appear to let me select Blitz but not on the player I originally tried to Blitz with. It was most frustrating. Apart from that a few misclick issues I've enjoyed it so far.
  9. I think they've said that it's 7 games = 1 career year and the maximum number of years is to be 14 which would be a maximum of 98 games. All the blog says at the moment is that after "some years and the closer he is to the maximum number of years (14), the bigger the chance for him to retire." it'll kick in before 10 career years are reached. I agree with you, it'll still be disruptive to ongoing leagues. I can just see a player having a good game, getting a skill, looking like he'll be useful in the next match and then bloody retiring before the game gets played.
  10. The forced retirement they've talked about where after every 7 games you have to roll to see if your player continues playing, anyone know if that's an optional rule? I don't mind the return of ageing but I'm not sure about having to roll for every player when they complete 7 games. What happens if you get unlucky and lose more than you can afford to replace? Ageing could be a pain but this could seriously affect your team.
  11. I'm going to try and get there this time.
  12. What kind of fun? I've not had a great experience with Necro but I could try them again. What would you do with 1200TV?
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