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  1. Very easy, watch out though. There is currently a bug when someone invades it can cause a desynch. If someone invades another persons planet they need to make sure that the victim sees the person as invading, if not the game will desynch. To solve when the victim sees the ship as just blockaded and not invading click off of invading and then click invade again, until it solves it.
  2. When I smell asphalt I think of Maureen.
  3. I hate ranting door slamming threads so I wont reveal my reasons, they have been spoken in private. Just wanted to say bye to all the great sports I have played here and probably see many of you in other leagues, I'll still be frequenting ventrilo for those of you who catch me there.
  4. Rubbish! Agree with all of that!
  5. Some present Khemri stars that are currently playing in the OCC in season 14.
  6. The strongest team in Blood Bowl. The only other team in Blood Bowl that has 4 or more big guys has more than half the team with Bone Head and the other players are snotlings! And did I mention your 4 big guys don't have loner? Your big guys have a negatrait that scares people off but some things to keep in mind, it doesn't affect any game negatively at all, it doesn't make the player more likely to go off the pitch, or more likely to get an injury. And when they do knock down your strength 5 player and break his 9 AV and roll 10 for an injury then you will Regenerate half the time anyway.
  7. lol that is a big commitment
  8. Haha thanks guys, that's cheered me up you saying that, new article is being polished now, prepare to play Khemri! PS SSC leagues are still being started now
  9. No-one would give me the ball, You don't want a star player getting all the spp!
  10. Yeah and Isaac from Dead Space, pretty blatant really!
  11. The game is released properly tomorrow. It's great fun, if you haven't already check it out. Currently 4 of us have been playing games with it during beta in OCC ventrilo and we have 1 or 2 coming to join our games soon.
  12. Afraid not. We allow teams to take a break at the end of a season, come back a future season and be seeded around where they would have been when they left. If you start a different team in the main league any old teams can never enter the OCC though. If you want to try a team and not risk losing your main team then I recommend the SSC (Snotling Soda Championship) league run on these boards because if you decide to switch you can use the team from the SSC in the main OCC league.
  13. I've got horns, as I tend to make a point at +1 strength.
  14. It was the best pic I could get, it was from my roster but most got killed when I filled in 1 season in the bashiest most mighty blow league I have seen. There seems to be some weird issue where you can look at old games and see some of your players how they used to be but a bit messed up, you have to double click an old game in the match history. It's possible it's to do with when they switched to Legendary? I sent Zeph a message and nothing, I will hound him on other social media!
  15. There are of course going to be some people who don't care how official they are, it might well be how much fun they add to the game or the opposite.
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